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Cyber Nations

I've recently stumbled over a fun text game called CyberNations. It's an online political/military nation simulation game where you build your country from its beginning, and advance up to nuclear weapons. It's not for the trigger happy, head blasting gamer, so if you're into this kind of gaming, take a look and register. You can place your nation anywhere in the world (on google maps) and wage war with others within 1500 miles of your own.

Join alliances and be shielded from attacking countries. Receive vital aid and trade agreements from your colleagues. I joined one two days ago and, thank God I did, I was attacked by a rogue nation only to see him declare immediate peace upon knowing my alliance.

I will keep my nation name a secret since I'm still a weak country, but if you're willing to try, and part of team orange, I can give you advice on how to start your nation's destiny to success. Just pm me. Cool

Give it a try if you're into this kind of stuff. Most of you will probably not though, but to those that are, I'm glad I gave them the info. Wink
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