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Google Works under Linux

A while ago, Google made public that its ulta-powerful search posibilities are due to it works under a Linux plataform, Google could publish its version of Linux which code works almost fully under Ubuntu distribution

The Google version of linux is called Goobuntu, which probabilly will be on and up to download in the next year, also google will remove their Windows applications and make them only for linux plataforms.

Google says that it will defeat microsoft plans of monopolyzing the NET with their MSN, everyone thinks that MSN means messenger but no..... MSN means Microsoft Network, so Google, and their fundators, who belive in the free and open source software, are going to make a couple new tools and make them to be very attractive to the Ms users so some people start comming to the Free software, i think this is very good, i'm a free software user,

if anyone want to try linux, just ask me, i can give installation instruccions and thing

Ty for reading

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hmmm lets say this, i'm mexican, i speak spanish, but if anyone could understand english, look up in the new file of
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EDIT: Well, I did a quick search on the internet, Goobuntu was only a rumour. In the follwing article posted January 2006, google dismissed Goobuntu to be released to the public, though it is used privately by google itself.
Goobuntu ?

Laughing Hah! its a joke.

I do not think google is ready for its os right now. It will take atleast 5 years for google to launch its own os if google wants to.
In the follwing article posted January 2006, google dismissed Goobuntu to be released to the public

yes, january 2006, the rumour was that goobuntu was going to come as a public distribution in 2006, but theres the possibility that goobuntu comes in 2007, after all, google bought craigslist in 90'000,000 and it is going to be a paid service to be able to support this distribution
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I don't believe they will release it, as it is only a speculation that google denies will be released to the public in several articles, one I believe was slashdotted.
Its an interesting idea for sure. If google ever did come out with an operating system that is as easy to use as windows, if not easier. Had the stability of linux, and was free, i don't think many people would turn it down. First off its free, who can resist good, free software. Second, its from google, a trusted and widely known company with a fairly good reputation. Lastly, google has an amazing network to advertise on with their google AdSense program running on almost every single website on the net these days, so advertising the new operating system would be about as easy as giving it to every person with a computer.

The only downside to this approach would be funding for support and continued research and developement. Google in the long run will either need to come up with another amazing income source, like they did with AdSense, or they will need to charge for either the OS or possibly for support that goes along with the OS. Maybe they could offer it for free and charge for services such as tech support and the like. In any case, this sounds like a good idea, and if they do decide to go public, I dont forsee microsoft holding a whole lot of the market share on computer operating systems. Microsoft may still hold on to a good share of the market for the first few quarters of the release, but as support and publicity gain momentum, we are sure to see this change in the long run.
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