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Cricket forum

This is my site though a little incomplete due to the lack of members.I have launched it a week ago its a forum where you can get anything you want about cricket ,please see it and if you like it become a member

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hmmmm........ Don't use alll that free web stuff. For instance, that banner wuz made with a banner generator, i know this cuz I've used it before. holds your site in frames, thus not be search engine friendly, sign up at and click regirstry, choose the extension you want (like and then point it to the frihost name server (if your hosted on frihost). Then go into drect admin, then click at a domain, add the same domain you just registared, walla, it a REAL domain, that YOU own! For the banner, consider getting adobe photoshopt, then go to and click web-design, then look up banners or headers.

EDIT: If you dont have a frihost account, get one, they rock! Then put up your own forums, so you dont have to worry about or w/e's ads.
{name here}
You may not have the money for photoshop at a whopping $600, so you may want the free image editor the GIMP, which has much of the functionality of photoshop, though the seperate windows make the interface much more clunky than Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Pixel, or Paintshop Pro.
I made my own banner using photoshop how does it look now
Please leave your comments on the banner I have made
The banner is pretty good, I just suggest that you center it on the website.
Ok will do that
You ripped a screenshot directly off EA SPORTS Cricket {whatever year}?

try to make it more realistic and advertise your website and submit to various directories
I Kingvarun,
As you asked i have added your a link to your site on mine.
But you really do need to attract more people mate.
Maybe work together with a club in your neighbourhood to put their results and news on you site.
That way you will attract to start with the 11 players of that team Smile

But keep up the good work. We all know how tough it is to attract visitors.
your banner is very nice and cool...
i would suggest you update your site to get more visitors as i can see i was very willing to know the score of today's india - westindies match but their is nothing available on that .

Plus you can cover world cup adding a forum and then in that forum you can place images of grounds on which world cup matches will be played and stuff related to that it will for sure increase your site value.
why not join or visit
dhoni's Discussion forum, updated frequently.

The link is in my sig
Why don't you people start gathering data about Cricket and make an online wikipedia like thing for Cricket.
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