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Help on point system


I am not understanding the point system here. The points keep going down and even become negative sometime. Is points deducted on regularly basis? Should we maintain points at some level always? Is our hosting account dependent on this?

Let's quote a two items of our faq, I hope that will help you.
Q: What are the 'Points'?
The Points are used to determine how active you are. You shouldn't worry about them, unless they become negative. The hosting accounts of users with negative Points may be removed. You can't trade or exchange Points.

Q: What does "being active on our forums" exactly mean?
We understand by "being active", that you visit our forums regularly and post something from time to time. A common mistake made by some users is that we appreciate quantity over quality. Quality posts tend to give a healthy orientation to the discussion and make our forums a place where people like posting. Posts without a clear use are thus not allowed.
Your 'activeness' is measured by Points. Negative Points mean that you are not active enough. You will get 2 warnings before your account may be cancelled. After a cancellation due to inactivity you may always request a new account when you're back.
The calculation of the Points is made that way that every user who posts regularly will never reach negative Points. Once you reach the maximum number of posts, it may take several months before an account cancellation is even considered; so there is no need to worry about your account unless you plan to never come back.

To summarize: you lose one Point a day, you can gain up to 2.5 Points per post which means that you have to post at least 12 posts a month to maintain your hosting account.

I hope you realize that we need to have some revenue to pay for the huge costs we have for hosting all the websites. We get money back by an active forum and that is why being active on our forums is needed to maintain your hosting account.
That reply was fast! Thanks.
kv wrote:
That reply was fast! Thanks.

Yes, I think bondings is on the red bull or caffine today Mr. Green .
Maka wrote:
Yes, I think bondings is on the red bull or caffine today Mr. Green .

LOL. Dancing I just have more spare time to spend in here. It will probably be that way the whole summer: one day I'll be able to work the whole day on this site, the other day I won't be able to be online.

I'm going to try to put a sticky with forum rules in every forum and, if possible, clean up some spam in there. After that I'll try to change the header of the forum, but only a bit. And then finally, I'll be able to start on the request mod. Very Happy
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