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Get 100 frih$ HERE (sig needed asap)

I want one that says TeenZine it must have but not limitet to
Using Play station font with the z like the Z on my logo
Must say in small (but readable) sponser of frih lotto
And the word lotto has to be in a lotto font.
It must follow Frihosts Tos
Must be realy realy great IM displaying it on about 4 fourms.
Must be able to make small changes as needed.
Good luck and I may raise the frih$ latter if I realy like it
I judge next week some time mabe sooner if im in love with some of your work.
for the people who want to enter:

TeenZine wrote:
..And the word lotto has to be in a lotto font..

if TeenZine means like in my sig,
the LOTTO font was Flashback version 3
and the Frihost part was Pristina

oh, and the ps2 font is minimalhard

Here's my crack at it,

I like it a little Boring on the texter and also can TeenZine be in Green thanks . Bye thae way im a boy no violet

Ill update and do another one but thats what you wanted b 4
Ray Salamon

That's my entry... just for info, it's very editable, as I have each segment of text and background in it's own layer.

Er... I made a Viva-La-S****. Hope you like it. Have a nice day.

Eh. Spent more time on my sig then this one. Hehe.
Heres mine:

I sort of rushed on it so if you want anything more, don't hesitate to ask. I can also change anything in it to any colour visible to the human eye so if you want a specific colour, make a little block of it and post it.
Hope you like it.
Ok here is my contrubution, just a little something threw together. I hope youlike it. I work as a designer. Can you poet a deadline for this contest. Here is the image, PM if you have any changes:
Did any one read my post above it says posponed since i lost all my frih$ when some one hacked in.
how do you capture someones logo like that.

(when I first came here I saw Frihosters do amazing things)
I designed that logo. I didn't capture the image I created it in photoshop. So I don't know what you mean by capture. I work as a graphic artist and this took me like 10 minutes to create. TeenZine sorry to hear about that, how could someone do that. Did they find out who did it? How many FRIH$ did you have?
For God's sake chizeled and rtsweb, put the right spelling in the banners

We all know about teenzine and his typos.

It is spelled "Sponsors" and not "Sponsers" Evil or Very Mad
He lost his FRIH$.
"Contest" has been postponed.
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