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Rules for posting in the General Chat forum

  • The General Chat forum is a very general forum. This doesn't mean you can post *anything* in here. You should post in here if your topic doesn't belong to any of the other forums. Before you post something, always make sure it will be posted in the most suited category.
  • Secondly, use the search function if you are not sure if your topic hasn't been posted yet. We do not like duplicate threads!
  • Don't reply to a topic if you don't have something worthwhile to add to it. Also read this thread for a little more guidance with your posts.
  • No warez/serials/cracks are to be posted or requested, if they are, the post will be deleted and poster might be banned if it happens again. For more rules of what your posts may or may not contain, read the Forum Rules
  • Finally, there are the rss feeds. You can get more information about them in here, thanks to foggy.
  • If you can't find a topic that you started, it has most likely been moved into an appropriate forum (in some cases, the shadow of the original post isn't retained in this forum), or to the Spam can, if any of the Moderators recognized it as spam.
    If you are confident that your post wasn't spam, and if you can't find it here, please use the Search function to search for it. If you still can't find it, it's SPAM.
    Please avoiding posting everything in the General forum. There are various sub-forums that can be used. The General forum is only to be used for those topics that don't fit in anywhere else.
As of now, all posts relating to the following topics will be considered spam and locked and deleted accordingly.

1. All subjects pertaining to "My/Your Favorite"

2. Any Polls That Have Been Posted Before, Or Are Irrelevant Attempts At Spam

3. Any Questions on Gender/Location/Job/Hobbies

4. Favorite Movies/Books/Music - Post them in the appropriate forum.

5. Something or Something Posts. Basically, any post comparing something to something else, or asking which of the two is better.
Examples - CD-R or DVD-R?

6. All subjects corresponding to "What do you think of [X] ?", "What is your ....-est [X]?", "Do you like [X]?", "What is the ...-est [X]?"

7. All subjects containing the word "IF" are doomed to have a lot of spam replies. With "IF" you can make up endless sorts of situations which "could" happen. Please refrain from posting IF-topics, they will only be allowed IF they have a point.

In short, we don't like topics that give people the possibility of posting an endless amount of one-line replies.

This list will be updated as needed by the appropriate staff members.
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