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Any suggest how to play guitar?

hi, everybody,

nice to have your advice, how i can play a guitar.
I try to learn it several times, but everytime with frustrating failure in the end. I think my fingers are too stupid to move quickly.

do you guys have any suggestions?

thanks a lot for helping.
taje few first lessons with a teacher and continue from there with book, internet and cd...
if you have the money take lessons...if not look for free lessons online or something and then just practice will take time...i taught myself to play bass but it took alot of time and it was at time very frustrating...try to leanr how to read actual music too instead of just using tabs
Take lessons and get the basics down right. If you're havin probs with ur fingers try building strength in them so you can play bar chords which are pretty nasty to play. And practise scales too.
I guess the problem is not in your fingers but in your mind. You can't give up too fast as this won't lead actually to anything. I took up learning guitar only by myself - downloading some basic music theory stuff (that helped me a lot when I started a real music school Very Happy), chords and tabs. You don't have to search for a teacher, as it may make you consider your learning as a sad duty..

You should start from your favourite song, even if it's not that simple as you'll have more motivation to learn it. (I started from Nothing Else Matters, my bro with Stairway to Heaven, and this really works like hell Wink ) You can download more and more tabs and search for quite simple songs to play (I recommend guitar pro tabs, as they contain the example how should it exactly sound. )

At the same time you should learn at least the basic theory of scales, tonations and chords (this really helps when you want to find chords matching to a song you like). There's a lot of stuff about that online, but if you want I can give you some info about that (as I have a lot of stuff that kind in my music school)

Everything needs time, so zour abilities will improve gradually . I have a friend who plays almost like Steve Harris, but he says "I can't really play, I'm learning only 5 years.".

And remember: don't give up, start from learning your favourite songs, and skip the solos at the begining. If you like punk - that's good news for you - most of the punk songs are based on only 3 chords, so they are really easy to play. Wink

Good luck Very Happy!
Ray Salamon
So, you want to learn to play guitar?
Well, I just joined this forum today, but you're in luck. I've been a semi-professional musician for over 9 years now. I've taught well over 60 people how to play instruments from string bass, to piano, to guitar - and so on.
Lets start this off by saying that every person is different; what works for one person may or may not work for another. I found this out after only a few weeks of teaching people how to play.
To start off with, ask yourself "Why do you want to play guitar?". Sit down and really think about it. Not to bash right off the bat, but if you're thinking about the rock-star dream, well, as Aersomith said, "Dream On". Sure, it's nice to have that sort of goal (I guess even I still do), but also realize those chances are indeed very slim.
Once you've tackled that question, and know that you indeed want to learn out of a want to learn (sounds odd, I know) and not just for other frivurlous reasons, you can move on. Move on to where?
Let me say a few things here. First, you're not going to learn how to play guitar well over a few days, a few weeks, or even a couple of months. It takes an astounding amount of time to catch on and be able to just play. Of course, you can go get the tabs for your favorite songs, but that isn't teaching you how to play - that's teaching you where to put your fingers at a certain count. Yes, there is a difference, it's huge, and it's noticeable. Very noticeable.
So, how do you learn to play guitar. Sounds like we're back to the beginning. Well, to start off with, acquire your axe. Sounds like you already have, or have access to one anyway. Either will work fine.
Now, spend a few days getting comfortable with it. Learn the parts to it; headstock, tuners, nut, fretboard, neck, pickups, bridge, jack, strapholders, and strings (obviously). Get to know your instrument, how it feels, where the frets are (in general). Get comfortable strumming and picking the strings. If you're ambitious, go ahead and learn the notes on the neck. That is all the further I would reccomend you go with "Do it yourself" guitaring, though. Yes, lessons cost money, and lessons take time but you got to do it. You may or may not know it, but even the best guitarists, then and now, have teachers/adviors for their playing!
After you do all of that though, you are ready to find yourself a teacher. This is always ALWAYS a tricky task. If you know anyone in your area who has had a teacher, ask them who they went to. Ask them a lot of questions about their teacher. Some will be (in general, don't quote me) like $15 an hour, then others will be $30 a half hour. BUT you don't have to go daily, or even weekly. I had plenty of students in my time schedule one hour lessons bi-weekly. The only thing about that is it takes dedication , and you must practice a lot between lessons. And don't think we don't know if you haven't Wink.
Once you find your teacher though, he'll become your best friend, and fast. The more time you spend with him, the better guitarist you'll be. Eventually you may exhaust his resource as a teacher, but that doesn't mean you know it all. Playing any instrument is a life-long endeavor. There is always something new that you can learn, put in your "musical toolbox" for later and so on.
The MOST important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN while learning!! I cannot stress that enough. I've had students in the past who you could tell were being pressed into playing an instrument. It's frustrating for the student, for the teacher, and well, for pratically everyone involved. If you feel like you're not getting anywhere with your teaching, try to find a song you don't know how to play, that is difficult to play, and teach yourself it.
I've rambeled on for some time now, but I've really just begun... there's much more advice you can be given on this topic. And, of course, people may disagree with what I've said entirely. Music is music, and no one is 100% correct. There are basics (music theory), but beyond that, music is you. It's what's in your head, your heart, your spirit. It's love, it's lust, it's hate, it's being high, it's being low. It is everything, it can be nothing.
Take these words and think about them all. If you need any help, feel free to ask me at any time.

Get lessons. Tell the teacher to teach you songs as well, if not then notes and scales will get boring.

Other than that, practice, practice, practice. If you want to get REALLY good, play at least 4 hours a day. I know it sounds obsessive, but it worked for me.
thank ray, mariska and all. i think i will continue to practise the basic cords and find some songs to begin with. really grateful for your suggestions, which are so encouraging.
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