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Harry Potter and the ? (the 7th HP Book)

I'm Sarat. I am absolutely crazy about Harry Potter. I tried to find out all I could about the 7th and final Harry Potter book from the internet which I thought I will share with other pottermaniacs. I am also giving some information which I got from a magazine. It has even got a section called Pottermania! Read what I have given very carefully and if you have got any other ideas, please PM me or reply to this post if you have got the time.

Try this link first - - it has got some exciting news.



From wikipedia -

(Some of you will already know what is given here - but read it all the same.)

What is known about Book 7

From book 6
Assuming Harry returns to Hogwarts, he will be in his 7th year. It is not known if he will return to the school, nor if the school will reopen. Indications at the end of Book 6 were that he would not return to Hogwarts.
Harry will go back to the Dursleys one last time before his 17th birthday. He plans to visit Godric's Hollow and also to attend Bill and Fleur's wedding in July.
Harry will turn seventeen during the book, and therefore will be of age in the wizarding world and old enough to obtain a license to Apparate. Neville Longbottom will likewise be of age at the same time. Ron and Hermione are already 17.
As a major unanswered question from book 6, this book will likely identify the mysterious R.A.B.

From JKR
JKR wrote the last chapter of the book some time ago, to give her an ending to work up to. The last word of the seventh book, according to Rowling, is currently "scar", but she has also said it may change, along with the entire last chapter she has previously written. This last chapter contains details of what happens to each surviving character.
"This is the thing that I was very dubious about showing you... (T)his is the final chapter of book seven. This is really where I wrap everything up, it's the epilogue. And I basically say what happens to everyone after they leave school - those who survive - because there are deaths - more deaths coming. It was a way of saying to myself, "Well you will get it, you will get to book seven one day. And then you'll need this!" So I'd just like to remind all the children I know who come around my house and start sneaking into cupboards that it's not there anymore - I don't keep it at home anymore for very, very, very obvious reasons. So there it is." J. K. Rowling [1]
We will learn something very important about Lily in book seven:
"Now, the - the important thing about Harry's mother - the really, really significant thing - you're going to find out in two - in two parts. You'll find out a lot more about her in book five, or you'll find out something very significant about her in book five, and you'll find out something incredibly important about her in book seven." J. K. Rowling [2]

Lupin will also play a huge role in the story.


From the magazine which I told you about -

JKR has revealed that it(7th book) will be the longest and largest book in the series.

Professor Trelawney prophesied that "Neither will live while the other survives", so it seems that either of them will die in this book. However Rowling said on her website that : "Myself and Madam Trelawney worded that prophecy very carefully."

Book seven is likely to hit the stores on 07.07.07 i.e 7th July 2007.


Possible book titles:

Harry Potter and the Alchemist's Cell
Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat
Harry Potter and the Chariots of Light
Harry Potter and the Fortress of Shadows
Harry Potter and Fate Weaves Its Spell
Harry Potter and Cast Into the Future
Harry Potter and the Runes of Fate
Harry Potter and the Sword of Destiny
Harry Potter and the Secret Servant
Harry Potter and the Lost Prophecy
Harry Potter and the Scroll of Knowledge
Harry Potter and the Snare of the Serpent


Other Rumours

1. Estimated release: sometime in 2006-07

2. The final word of the final chapter is "scar" or "scars".

3. Rowling has said in a recent interview that we will be told what James and Lily Potter did when they were alive and how they became so wealthy. She also said that there are going to be more deaths in the coming books.

4. Harry will be 17

5. J.K Rowling has hinted Harry's death but she also has said she has written the last chapter of book 7. The prophecy says that in order for Voldemort to die, Harry would have to kill him, or vice versa.

6. In Harry Potter 6 or 7, J. K. Rowling has hinted that the Chamber of Secrets will be in these books.

7. Hermoine will become Headmistress of Hogwart's in the future. Ron will be an Auror.

8. In the 7th book Harry might find a mysterious power to defeat Voldemort.

9. Book will most likely be long.

10. Harry's eyes play an essential role in the book

11. One of Harry's classmates become a teacher

12. In book 7, the 'big thing' we'll find out about Lily is something to do with the way she went from hating James, to marrying him. Otherwise, there really wasn't any reason for JKR to make Lily hate James in the first place.

13. Harry becomes an unregistered animagus like his father, possibly a stag or phoenix

14. Harry will become one of the greatest wizards who ever lived.

15. Fred and George will be captured by Voldemort and and he tells Harry that he wil only spare one of their lives (for a reasons unknown) as soon as Harry chooses George to die... Georges body becomes a new item that will help Harry kill Voldemort.

16. There will be Quidditch World Cup qualification matches during the year although Final game falls out of 7th book's timeframe.


The info given above are the ones which I got from various sites, so some may repeat, and some may contradict each other. And some may sound stupid to you, but never mind.


And finally, I know this is a VERY long post, but I am poor when you consider the Frih$ and points I have got, so I thought of giving a really long post like this. But this doesn't mean that what I have given on the top. I am a pottermaniac. So read the whole thing over carefully, OK?
gh0stface wrote:
Pleases use the quote function if you are going to copy and paste from another source. Failure to do so may result in severe and/or harsh consequences. Although, I am glad at least you credited your source Smile

Hi everyone,
I have got a new idea about the coming HP Book.
That is the witch that Tom Riddle murdered, the witch called Hepizbah Smith or something like that. Well he stole the Hufflepuff cup from there, didn't he? And he put the blame on the elf. And isn't there someone called Zacharius Smith in the Hufflepuff house? Both are Smiths, see? Hepizbah Smith and Zacharius Smith. And Dumbledore said Hepizbah's relatives had searched her house. And if Harry can contact Zacharius and ask him about where his relatives searched , maybe he can track that Horcrux down.
And another reason for this theory is that Hepizbah had Hufflepuff's cup and isn't Zacharius a hufflepuff? Or is he in Ravenclaw? Maybe I didn't read the book well. I dunno, it is just a theory, and maybe there are a lot of Smiths around.
Anyway, comment on my new and amazing (and maybe stupid) theory.
I have no idea what she's going to call it but I have a feeling Harry will die. Yeah. With Voldermort. Likely taking down Voldermort.
No way, Harry will live and own Voldemort, thats the way all books go Wink . I have a feeling that Dumbledore isnt dead but he just faked it. In the scene when he dies it is completly different from normal AK. Normally you just die, but Dumbledore as blasted off the tower... Who knows if we will see him again! Only JK.

Also a random fact, Mugglenet saved her enough time to right another half chapter! 1 day sooner release date ! (I wish)
There are no characters specifically mentioned in the books who have exactly R.A.B. as initials, apart from those identified by Hermione. There are some characters whose names are incomplete, with their given or middle names unknown, or whose initials might be correct if they preferred to use a middle name as if it were their given name, or if they changed their surname (perhaps by marriage).

Regulus Black

The character who has the greatest support as a candidate to be R.A.B. is Regulus Black, the younger brother of Sirius Black. Previously mentioned in the interview quoted above, Melissa suggested to Rowling that R.A.B. could stand for Regulus A. Black. The following conversation ensued:

Rowling: "Well, I think that would be, um, a fine guess.".
Melissa: "Forgive me if I'm remembering incorrectly, but was Regulus the one who was murdered by Voldemort?"
Rowling: "Well Sirius said he wouldn't have been because he wasn't important enough, remember?"
Melissa: "But that doesn’t have to be true, if [R.A.B.] is writing Voldemort a personal note."
Rowling: "That doesn't necessarily show that Voldemort killed him, personally, but Sirius himself suspected that Regulus got in a little too deep. Like Draco. He was attracted to it, but the reality of what it meant was way too much to handle."

Many believe these comments to be indirect confirmation that R.A.B. is Regulus Black.

Rowling had already been asked about Regulus prior to the publication of The Half-Blood Prince, during World Book Day online chat, March 4, 2004. Rowling answering the question: "Will we be hearing anything from Sirius Black's brother, Regulus, in future books?" said: "Well, he's dead, so he's pretty quiet these days."
Regulus is mentioned three times in The Half-Blood Prince, by Albus Dumbledore, by Horace Slughorn, and then by Remus Lupin, early in the book. In comparison, his brother Sirius was mentioned by Hagrid in the opening chapter of the first book, with no further mention until The Prisoner of Azkaban, where he was the title character alongside Harry.

Regulus was a Death Eater who tried to disassociate himself from Voldemort. He was killed on Voldemort's orders (Sirius notes that Regulus was too unimportant to warrant Voldemort doing this himself). The note left by R.A.B. addresses Voldemort as The Dark Lord, and Death Eaters are one of the only groups who customarily refer to him thus.

Regulus' middle initial is unknown (it does not appear on the family tree tapestry at 12 Grimmauld Place, the Black family home and headquarters of The Order of the Phoenix). However it is possible he may have been given the middle name Alphard (after his uncle), or Arcturus (after his grandfather), as those names do appear on the Black Family Tree. The family tree was derived from a hand-drawn sketch of the tree made by J.K. Rowling herself, and from information extracted from the novels and various interviews.

The object which had replaced the real Horcrux was a locket. Dumbledore believed the real Horcrux to also be a locket, once the property of Salazar Slytherin. Chapter Six of The Order of the Phoenix mentions a heavy, unopenable locket in a glass case at number 12 Grimmauld Place. The locket was amongst property discarded by Sirius Black as he undertook a total cleaning of the house. There was no mention of it having a Slytherin seal, which the real Slytherin locket is known to have. The locket may have been taken either by the house elf Kreacher, who was trying to save Black family artifacts from the house cleaning, or stolen by Mundungus Fletcher, who was keen to exploit the financial potential of any neglected goods. Mundungus is later spotted with a suitcase full of possessions taken from the house, and in the company of the barman from the Hog's Head. J. K. Rowling confirmed the barman is Dumbledore's brother Aberforth. Aberforth was seen drawing his cloak about his throat, as if concealing something, as he walked away from the scene. It is possible that he now has the locket. Mundungus was later arrested and taken to Azkaban prison.
Thanks everyone one for replying to my post, and thanks ghostface for pointing out that I must use the quote function. I didn't know it. And continue to post if you have got any ideas.
When harry potter came out i think i was about 12-13 cant remember but all i remeber was that EVERYONE around me was reading i just didnt fall into this trend, and my parents were nagging me to start reading it... but i stuck to my philosophy....wait for the movie.... and its worked hahaha people told me im crazy look at them now. When the most recent one came out a bunch of kids got the ending off the internet and walked around the school telling every single person they saw to piss them off.
9/10 NME
Harry Potter And The Cliched Plot
angelussum wrote:
I have no idea what she's going to call it but I have a feeling Harry will die. Yeah. With Voldermort. Likely taking down Voldermort.

i totally agree with you. i think that some bizarre thing will happen and both will die, and in the future harry will be seen as a hero and liberator and all that. if not, voldemort will die and harry will marry luna and live happily ever after. the other couples will be ron and hermione, neville and ginny.
concidering the day of release of the book, it would be great if it is on 7/7/7 because it's my birthday. anyway, rowling is taking longer to write the books with the time (i don't blame her for that) and if she said it's the lingest, i wouldn't be that optimistic.
and finaly, how it would be named, it's useless to try to guess because it's always something unexpected and that has to do with something that wasn't spoken before that book.... i just hope that she'll manage to make a great ending to the series.
Maybe Harry is Godric Gryffindor's Heir as Voldemort is Salazar Slytherin's Heir. Ü
Alpha Dude
I think the other person, (besides Voldemort) to die in the last book will be Snape. I mean, if you think about it, there could be a situation where ol' Volde is about to kill Harry, and out of nowhere Snape makes a sacrifice, leaving Harry to kill Voldemort!
I dont think anyone could ever guess what the title of the 7th book is going to be , only JKR knows, and shes not going to say until sometime next year what it is.
And, it book 7 i think Voldemort is going to die....harry is going to live.
All the other people who i think are going to die are: Cool
- Draco
- Lupin
- Snape
- Pettigrew
- Percy Weasley
- + lots of the evil stupid death eaters!! Very Happy
JKR did mentioned on one of a particular newspaper that he will kill some important characters so that in the end of the book, and when JK is dead, other authors will not be able to update and contnue the series of Harry Potter. I'm afraid Harry will be dead in the end of book seven... Crying or Very sad
Dumbledore has to die, it's like in chess when you offer your queen for a pion so he can become queen but in a better position.
Roald wrote:
Dumbledore has to die, it's like in chess when you offer your queen for a pion so he can become queen but in a better position.

Dumbledore died in the 6th book...
I know, my fault, wrong use of time.
The author of this topic should add in the title ///SPOILERS AHEAD\\\
You know.....

I think Dumbledore is dead because
1) The AK hit him
2) The Potriat of him is on the head's pillace

I think he is not dead because some of the text suggests that.....

eg: from the strange angle he might be sleeping...
What i heard was similar to that article, but instead, the word 'scar' is in the title.


My theory about the death of Dumbledore is that the Dumbledore in the 6th book is really an imposter using a PolyJuice Potion. My reasoning for this theory is that Dumbledore in the 6th book seemed to get very conceited and think very highly of himself which he is not normally accustomed to doing. The person using the PolyJuice potion is either a DeathEater trying to worm his way into the school to kill Harry or it might be someone on Dumbledore's side acting as a stand-in because they knew Dumbledore was destined to killed.

Thank you for listening to a crazy person's ramble.
(dont read if you havnt read book 6)

Dumbledore is dead, JK is not gunna pull the old "it wasnt actually him" con. she made sure he was dead. she had his body found which means that he couldnt have escaped. and she had him save harry which is something very dumbledorey. i think people just need to face facts. dumbledore is gone and its good that he is. it means that harry is alone on his fight, he is a ronin (someone who has lost their master) which makes for a much better read.
I went on JK. Rowlings website and it said that its going to be called the Pyramids of Furmat. Im crazy about Harry Potter too. Altough ive only read until the 5th book. Its really owsome how everything is related to each other. My best book was the 4th.
i do not believe that dumbledore is dead
call me crazy, but that is what i am believing at the moment
(its like "Dallas" all over again!!!)
check out the website
well at least i think that was the URL
i really thought that my friend was tripping on something when he told me about this, but it actually brings up some valid clues
check it out
Ooh I absolutely LOVE Harry potter, but i must admit im getting the nagging feelling he WILL die. Truly you cant predict what jk wil call her book, but i have a feeling Ron wiil die too...
Duno why, but i feel that she has to be a tad sadistic to kill off one of his closest frends considering his life histrory...
As for Snape and Dumbledore.. the story isnt so black and white for me. I refuse to believe dumbledore was begging snape. Snape, well we'll never know with him till then will we???

onydchic wrote:
I refuse to believe dumbledore was begging snape.

I believe that Dumbledore was saving Draco Malfoy. That boy is on the fast track to a very dark path; if he had killed Dumbledore he would have been all but lost. In my opinion, Dumbledore was not saying "please don't kill me", but "I will die tonight and I'd really rather that you're the one to do it."

Honestly, we can speculate about Book 7 until we've exhausted even the most unlikely avenues. The only way we'll know the truth is to read the darn thing. Until then, we'll have to satisfy ourselves with re-read after re-read of the books, the scanning of various online essays and the reviewing (and, in the case of some, penning) of unreasonable and unrealistic fanfiction.
elincinerador wrote:
....harry will marry luna and live happily ever after. the other couples will be ron and hermione, neville and ginny. ....

I have to disagree here..
At the end of book 6 Ginny and Harry were a couple.
He sorta well did break it off so that just in case "He who should not be named" could not use her against him.
He also stated that he wished he would have realized his feelings sooner so that they could have had more time together.

So I do believe that if Harry stays alive he shall end up with Ginny.
Agreed that Ron and Hermonie will be together.
As far as Looney Luna and Neville go..
They never really had any romance parts in any of the other books.
Nikkori wrote:
Maybe Harry is Godric Gryffindor's Heir as Voldemort is Salazar Slytherin's Heir. Ü

Really though this has nothing to do with any thing in side any of the books really.. I mean it doesnt have any thing to do with any thing.. There is nothing mentioned of there needing or being a heir to GG only to SS.. SO...... Yes there is mention that only a true Gryffindor could pull that sword out of the hat.. in the chamber of secrets but that is because Harry was pondering whether or not he should have been placed in Slytherin because he couldnt help but notice simalar things between himself and Tom Riddle AKA Lord Voldermort.(Heir to SS)
For those of you who were devastated when dubledore got killed check out for those of you who want to find out about harry potter and book 7 check out
I have some thoughts and predictions for book 7 (don't we all)

Fair warning there are book 6 spoilers coming up...

Dumbledore is dead. He knows the importance of stopping Voldemort and values that higher than his life, with one action (him dieing) he accomplishes more than his life could have.

1 - Snape is now going to be 100% trusted again, no way can he be doubted by any of the death eaters.

2 - Harry now has the determination to see this through to it's conclusion. Not only that but, he has now seen the sacrifices that might need to be made for him to succeed.

3 - He has saved Draco from himself, by stopping Draco doing it he has given Harry a potential ally. I honestly believe D's death will affect Draco.

And my predictions for characters.

Snape will die. He will be killed saving Harry's life, I see it being the final act that allows Harry to kill vold. Showing that even someone that isn't a friend will die to give him a chance to kill Vold will move him to do it.

Harry Lives. Becomes the next Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Hermione Lives. First female minister of magic.

Nevile - Becomes an Auror (maybe High Auror...)

Ron - Becomes a world famous quiddich player.

People who die. I'm not sure on this to be honest, I don;t think any of the 4 above will die. IMO One of the extra fatalilities (at least 1) will be Ginny, Hagrid or Rons Family (these are the only ppl Harry really cares about now)

I'm looking forward to the last book, my mates aren;t looking forward to my smug grin Smile
would u guys think me crazy if i were to suggest snape might destroy the last horcrux? Twisted Evil
and malfoy helps him Question
i love voldys character, and really dont want him to die Crying or Very sad is no one with me?
and harry will die(he has to Twisted Evil ). wonder who will kill him? may be ron or ginny under imperius?
draco wud definitely help harry, if harry accepts it.
another thing - neville. cud he be the one??? may be voldy takes out harry, while neville kills voldy? um, may be not Embarassed
i also had a wierd feeling abt dumbledore Surprised
hope she hurries with the buk, this woman Very Happy
I think Harry will live. And he will become one of the greatest wizard who ever lived.

And he will replace Voldermort to become the DARK WIZARD MASTER, and causes chaos around the world.

And his childhood friends, Hermione and Ron need to stop him.

(I guess I watched too much Star Wars Razz , and somehow its reflected the situation in Naruto (the conflict between Tsunade, Orochimaru and Jiraiya)
Tbh I would love it if it turned out to be Neville that the prophecy has been about, it would give me a different respect for the books and author.

Well, here's hoping.
If it is true that Hermione will become the Headmistress of Hogwarts and Ron will be one of the most powerful Auror ever exist, I believe Harry will kill Voldermort and replace him as the new Dark Lord, and the battle continues between the friends. JK Rowling then will continue to write.
What I don't understand is that Harry tells Ginny, at the end of book 6, that he doesn't want her to be his girlfriend anymore because Voldomort and his 'deatheaters' and could hurt him by hurting Ginny.

On the other hand he says that he wants to search the truth/Voldomort in company by Hermion and Ron ?! His best friends !
Voldomort can hurt him (Harry) too by hurting, even killing his best friends. What is the diference ?
well, i am pretty sure that Harry will survive because that is what all the books have. Harry always manages to survive. It becomes predicatbale after a while. Oh, and voldemor will most likely die. Plus, what j.k rowling suppoedly said is mst likely false because she has never done this no matter how much one of her books was anticipated. What has she finished writing the book! I didn't know that. If so then why has she left the due date so long. Is it to cause anticipation. Come on Jo give us a clue!
SeekerSorrow wrote:
What I don't understand is that Harry tells Ginny, at the end of book 6, that he doesn't want her to be his girlfriend anymore because Voldomort and his 'deatheaters' and could hurt him by hurting Ginny.

On the other hand he says that he wants to search the truth/Voldomort in company by Hermion and Ron ?! His best friends !
Voldomort can hurt him (Harry) too by hurting, even killing his best friends. What is the diference ?

wll, isnt it possible that he just doesnt care about them all that much? and according to the rumours going around, he might be having a reason to hate them, hence replacing voldemort as the dark lord Twisted Evil
Becky wrote:
I dont think anyone could ever guess what the title of the 7th book is going to be , only JKR knows, and shes not going to say until sometime next year what it is.
And, it book 7 i think Voldemort is going to die....harry is going to live.
All the other people who i think are going to die are: Cool
- Draco
- Lupin
- Snape
- Pettigrew
- Percy Weasley
- + lots of the evil stupid death eaters!! Very Happy

I'm expecting Jo to give us a Christmas present again this year, like she did 2 years ago (has it really been that long?!) with the annoucement of the title of HBP. I strongly suspect that there is going to be a serious showdown between Voldemort and Harry, in which Harry comes very close to death (duh!). Snape had a debt to James, and Pettigrew has a debt to Harry. These two Death Eaters will be extremely close to Voldemort and wll have no choice but to repay their debt. I'm expecting them to die to save Harry. This will also serve to exonerate Snape. At the same time, I completely expect Harry to kill Voldemort single-handedly. Ya know, with the prophecy and the need for Harry to be the hero. Smile
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