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What audio setup does everyone have?

I have an soundblaster audigy 2 zs platinumum. With logitech x-530 speakers.
This sound card is awsome, but the speakers don't have the clearest clarity.
I am a musician so for recording guitar etc i have a behringer mixer plugged into the mic2/line channel. I'd reccomend this soundcard to anyone interested in gaming or recording music.
No fancy stuff, a set of Sony Headphones. I record acoustic guitar and bass through line-in and it does a pretty decent job. Motherboard audio. For now, atleast Wink
I used to have a Creative Live, but it died and sucked anyways. My motherboard's onboard sound is actually better than it was.

I run either my Logitech headset or 5.1 X-530s off my onboard sound. It works great for my uses.
I've just bought a new soundcard, Hercules gamesurround Fortissimo 4, because I didn't like the motherboard's onboard sound...

I have a 2.1 setup, Ozaki dotodot500, that I'm not using very much.
When I bought them it was mostly because they look nice with my TFT.. Razz

For games and music(when I don't want to disturb anyone) I'm using my Sennheiser HD555.
Love the sound in them!

And for movies (and music) I use my surroundreceiver connected via the optical output.
Just the built-in sound card on my Powerbook, plus one of three speakers (the built-in ones, pretty decent actually, my set of generic Dell 2:1 powered speakers with sub, or my iPod Nano's earbuds. Cool)
Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speakers.
I use a panasonic stero system that needed around a dozen adapters in order to connect to a computer. Sounds good, though.
*edit: I've counted the adapters: 3 splitters, 4 mini-to-AV adapters, eight F to F AV adapters. For a total of 15.
I got the Creative SB Audigy 2 Gamer and the Pro.. I would love to get the X-Fi but need to wait on cash. I got a logictech headset which works just fine, and for the main system I have 'on loan' some very nice 5.1 Monsoon. And when I have to give them back I got a nice but older 2.1 SB 50 Watt system, that I loan out while I got the 5.1, lol. I'm too lazy to look up the specs and numbers Surprised
Psynthax wrote:
I use Terratec Phase28 professional audio soundcard with Cubase SX1.

I have the cheaper Phase22, excellent card. Wired up to a mixer and my Hi-Fi. I do most of my listening on Sennheiser wireless headphones, Quake 4 on a 100w stereo can annoy the neighbours Wink.

I don't have a problem running two sound progs at once though, I often use the duplex function of the card to record internet radio with wavelab and I can listen to mp3's while playing Quake.
Well i have a labtec arena 685 5.1 Speaker System and a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy that Supports 5.1 surrond sound

and it actually rocks the mirrors on the windows and the wooden floor on our house when i set it to the maximum volume and bass and the sound does not get distorted.. it might be because of the sound card that i bought prior to my internal sound card
I use SB Live! 1024 Player (my first and only SoundCart since '99) and for me it is OK Smile Better than alternative on board AC97 Razz
I use iZotope Ozone plug-in for winamp and the sound is verry nice Smile
Samsung SMS-5100 Smile + Headphones PHILIPS SBC HP140 Smile
I use to use an Sound Blast Audigy for laptops, but then I found this cute little stereo with a usb port. I connect it to my computer via usb and it acts as a marvelous soud machine. Paid 150 for it, very happy. It's from JVC, called USB DAC something. But it really is amazing.

I use a Creative X-fi Fatal1ty, and it's paired up with a set of Logitech x-640 5.1 speakers. Not the best there is, but they keep the sound to a loud and acceptable level. Also, I use iTunes for actually playing the music.
i have onboard realtek ac'97 stereo sound, not your standard audiophile card but good enough (wouldn't mind an audigy 4 platinum or x-fi tho)

speakers are creative itrigue 3400 2.1
Sadly a Realtek AC'97, The Original Sound Card that came with my second PC, Lets just say my Creative one failed me and wasn't in the mood to replace it since it isn't a priority.
I'm using the built-in soundcard that's on this PC (Dell OptiPlex GX240) with Altec Lansing ADA-745 speakers, I love them. This is good enough for me. Very Happy

More details on my speakers here :

The only thing that I don't like about my speakers are that I have to crawl under my desk and flip the power switch on in back of the subwoofer. I've gotten a bit clever over the past couple years and use my foot to do it lol.

- Mike.
i use onboard Realtek HD Audio with creative t3000 2.1 speakers, and to play online i use labtec gaming fx:1 headphones
I have the onboard Nvidia 6 channel audio "card" that came with my DFI board. I am using Kinyo 2.1 speakers right now that i got at CVS (thats a local drug store for those outside of the states). Right now it works fine for my needs, but i have been playing with the idea of getting a creative Audigy 2 or X-FI for some time now, and then i would get some of the logitec 6.1 speakers...only thing is that i dont know how well they will fit in my dorm setup...
I have a Creative Audigy 2 ZS and a Pioneer S V840A--W set
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