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Describe your typical day at work

To get something new circulating in FriHost's forums, I decided to come up with this question that should appeal to almost all of us who are a part of the labor force.

Describe your typical day at work. Be as detailed as you'd like, whatever you think would cover everything that's important in your day.

I think I'll start off, since I'm the starter of this thread. (I think this is going to be a bit lengthy but interesting).

To let you all know beforehand, I work as a cashier at a car wash in Chicago (some might know this already, since I think I've mentioned it on here before) on Saturdays and Sundays.

My day normally starts off (at work) where I sit in the car in the parking lot for the manager to show up to unlock the gate to the back parking lot. That's where all of the employees are to park, since the rest of the lot is for the customers to detail and wash their cars. (The carwash I work at has a tunnel, U-do-it bays, one touchless automatic, vacuums, shampooers, and such). When he does get there, he unlocks the building and I walk over the short wall of windows (since the customers look in at the tunnel to see their car being washed, this is near the exit where I operate all day long) where I grab my timecard and punch myself in.

On my keyring, I have a key to the office to unlock it (since it stays locked all the time, it's a new policy that's being adapted. If the office door is unlocked at any time and if the boss is there to catch it, the person who left it unlocked must pay a $1.00 into an envelope posted on the desk). When I get in the office, I normally punch the * key on the Datatrax computer on the back wall since the manager for the previous day is normally lazy and doesn't do it. That clears out the message saying that the previous day's printout is done and when it's pressed, the message gets cleared and shows the time and car count of the day and for the previous hour. I turn on the 3 survailance cameras monitors on the 2 desks and walk over to the register. I normally have to fix the printer for the credit card machine as the cashier for the previous day is normally unable to get the idea that the thing needs dusting off (since it sheds a lot of dust when the paper goes through) and needs to be readjusted to the blank paper that has pre-printed lines for fields. Then I turn on the register. Below the counter, I bundle together a bunch of tickets (exterior and regular tickets) to bring to the back, since they're normally low on them when I get there. I do the driver in the back a favor by doing that.

When I get back from that, I look in the store to see what needs restocking on some of the shelves (or needs to be rearranged to look more orderly). The only things that I have much control over is what's upstairs (not much) and sunglasses. I don't normally put much out in the morning, but organizing is one key thing to make a place look good.

After that, I go back into the office and walk out the trash from both of the trash cans that are in there (one for the cashier and the other for the manager's desk). Normally, the cashier from the previous day leaves several copies of "The Red Eye" (a local free newspaper in Chicago, printed by the Chicago Tribune) lying there, where I normally like to read it. After reading it, I toss em.

When the day actually starts with customers rolling in, I can be there going in ultra-fast-mode if there's a ton of people in line and when it's a nice day out. At other times (like when it's raining or snowing), I sit in the office either watching TV or playing games on their computer.

At each hour, I must count how many tickets have been brought to me by the customers (in which I brought to the driver at the beginning of the day). That number I have to record on a log sheet that sits on a clipboard besides me all day long. It's so that I know how good or bad the business is doing in the day. The most that I've ever done in a day was around 500 cars (on a Saturday). The place is open from 7AM - 6PM on Saturdays and 7AM - 4PM on Sundays. That number is matched up with the printout on the Datatrax computer to see if they match up. If they don't match up, then they go off of my number, since sometimes the computer sends in "virtual" cars through the wash when you least expect it. (The Datatrax computer is a system that turns equipment in the tunnel on and off, and sends up a roller to act like a car is going through).

Mostly I ring up customers on the cash register by reading what's on the ticket that I get presented when they come to pay. Sometimes they have disagreements and most of the time I get it all worked out. I punch through credit cards and whatnot all throughout the day.

I get a lunch around noon, for like an hour or less (however fast I eat), where the manager does the cashiering while I sit at the desk and eat.

Sometimes I tell the manager some complaints that people get (he's in the office at random times in the day) or what needs to be reparied. He does what he has to and I get back to my business.

At the end of the day I punch through the E-O-D's on the three machines (register, credit card machine, and Datatrax computer) and calculate all of the totals at the end of the day. I pack up my gear, punch out, and leave to either my dad's house, MicroCenter, or one of the Thrift stores in the local area.

So, this is my post all day long. I do have that stool to sit on (can be thankful since I see people at other places without a stool), but it's not very good. There are 2 office chairs at 2 desks that are in there, normally I sit at one of them when it does get slow.

The above is only around 50% of what I normally do in the day. Since I seen that it was getting a bit long, I left out the "nitty gritty", the fine details on everything. Hopefully that covers it. (Wow, that actually took me an hour to type up).

- Mike.
I walk into office, i get weird stares, but continue anyway. I go to my desk, and notice someone elses crap is all over the place, get upset and push them aside. Then my boss usually makes walk arounds and smiles at everyone, but he always gives me a weird look.
Then I set at the computer for the next five hours doing what feels like nothing.
At the end of the day I leave, then curse myself. I just remember that I don't have a job, and I just wasted an entire day working for free. Damn.
Vrythramax we go...first off let me state for all those playing the home game, I am a contract employee of AT&T. In my job I have the ability of tele-commuting to work on some days...but not all. A normal day at the office starts off with a Security Briefing covering the last 18 hours that I was not present covering everything from scams, past due billing, downed lines, future work orders, and an assorted menu of items that coffee barely keeps me awake for, then continues into another round-robin of software installations, "my computer doesn't work" complaints, and various questions that range from "what does HTTP stand for?" to "why doesn't our upstream provider give us consistant bandwidth?" (we are our upstream provider)...then at last I get to go home and the wife tells me I have to go back out to the store because we need something and she didn't want to bother me at work.

When all is finally done, my daughter will climb up onto my lap and fall asleep...and the world seems right again.
OMG, izcool sorry to say this man but you really are a soda addict...the proof is even in a picture of your workplace, you have a soda can right by your "desk" Razz

EDIT: Sorry for the off-topic...
Work for me is getting out of bed before 11am. I just don't believe in it
Of course that was a joke and we all have to work to earn a living, its a shame that work can ruin a perfectly good day though. Don't you think?
So I'm workless... so it's difficult to answer... lol

But I think if I was working I'll be just like now... knocking on my keyboards, because I want to be a websitedesigner Razz

But without a "diplome", in Belgium, no matter you are good or not... you've not hope to be took in a society.
Holy_Knight wrote:
So I'm workless... so it's difficult to answer... lol

But I think if I was working I'll be just like now... knocking on my keyboards, because I want to be a websitedesigner Razz

But without a "diplome", in Belgium, no matter you are good or not... you've not hope to be took in a society.

this is the Internet, who says you must work for a company in your native country? I have held several positions where I don't live in that host companies country. Advertise yourself and be good at what you may find the results surprising Smile
My day at work:

Up at 630 am
Sleep some more.
Now 9:00am
Get in the car
Drive to work (15 min)
Take a nap on couch at work (15-30 min) while watchin a 50' plasma
Then go look like im doing something, help a customer.
Sign out (now 6pm)
Go home (15 min)
Get on comp and do side work (8 hours)
Go to bed

I do this Monday, Wednesday,and Friday.

I also get paid $9/hr. So about $750/mo.
Fix random computer problems... Thats about it. Other than that, maybe take a nap, play Freecell, play pranks on coworkers. Wink Good times for $12/hour...hopefully more soon. Ya never know.
I am not working, coz going to school...
But its not to easy to get up at 6.30 am every day Cool
unfortunatly I don't receive an hourly wage, I am contracted for a set amount and I get half up front and the other half upon completion....this may change very soon though.
I'll reply when I get hired.
I work as concierge and a front desk agent at a hotel in a very touristy town.

Monday: Up at 6AM, shower, no breakfast, at work by 7AM. For the next five hours, handle checkouts, questions, reservations, do bookwork (matching reservations, checkouts, bank statements, etc). At noon, go out for a half an hour lunch break at one of the various overpriced restaurants / burger joints around here, and then come back until 3 PM for more of the same. After work, go home, sleep for another another hour or two and spend the rest of the day doing housework, homework or on the computer.

Tuesday: Wake up around 10 AM for school. Head out to the university to spend a half hour looking for parking, and then I'm in class until 10 PM.

Wednesday: Sometimes I get this day off, and then I spend it online or more commonly running around town doing errands. Other times, I work either 7AM - 3PM or 3 PM - 11 PM and do more of the same.

Thursday: Back to school!

Friday: Work, 7-3 PM

Saturday: Work, 12-8 PM

Sunday: Work, 3-11 PM
carlokes wrote:
OMG, izcool sorry to say this man but you really are a soda addict...the proof is even in a picture of your workplace, you have a soda can right by your "desk" Razz

EDIT: Sorry for the off-topic...

ROFL for pointing that out. Never seen that until you mentioned it. Look at another one of the following photos for more. Wink

Since it looks like people are interested in seeing what the rest of my workspace is like (the one above is my post for the entire day, well, almost), this is what the rest of the office looks like where I work.

It looks dull, dirty, and very cluttered. What can you expect for a carwash ? And no, that computer on the backwall didn't cost the company a lot of money - it's a used system. We have a ton of em in storage from other tearouts. Buying them new would cost a fortune (looking at that detail page). The floor is yellowed (it was once white) and it became that way because they used some cleaner on it and it turned it that way. Ugh.

Front entrance.

U-Do-It Bays. (Car that I drive is in the bottom right hand corner).

Near the exit.

Looking back from the above photo of the counter.

Part of the two desks (what's in that one chair ?! Shocked)

- Mike.
Scotty Too Hotty
well lets see my work day varies on a daily basis due to the type of job i do. I dont work 9-5 Mon - fri, but i do work a lot. I work in a business environment in a Call Center where i am an Inbound Customer service Head Coach/Team Manager for a Company called ClientLogic. WE are one of the biggest outsourcers in the world with over 50 sites (employing more than 50000 people) (just FYI).

So i walk into work, and i site down at my desk read my endless supply of email in outlook. I login to VPN and i check into the network on what is going on for the day. So this is the only constant in my day.

My Job Titles at work which makes my day change so frequently are:

Head Coach/Team Manager
Back-Up Site Support (Info Tech)
SME (Subject Matter Expert)
Certified Trainer
As well as Head of Customer quality
Location IntraNet web Master

so like i said my day is constantly changing. It is a little annoying. I have Many different job titles which basically change depending on what i am doing for the time.

So i do things like train classes of new hires and tenured reps. I also keep track of all the supervisors under me. I keep the Quality Form/DataBase/Recording Software running. I Am on call for the IT guy as his back-up/ And i also ensure that the Intranet webiste for our location are up and running properly.

So my day is never the same changes as the day goes on and dependingon what time i am in at.
I've got school instead of work. Some days are better than others due to lessons I like being on. I've got GCSE's coming up and work hard... I'm about "Above average" on the general workload but not exactly brilliant. I've given up doing PE now, I just either don't turn up or just mess about. This is mainly because we are not getting any grades for it (I didn't do GCSE PE!) but we still have to do it. Our PE department isn't the nicest and I just decide to annoy them on purpose.
once again when I was at school
I came here to share my filling everyday
while now I get a job
and don't hace enough time here
what a pity
Not only do I have to to it as good as every day, but here I go telling you about it... Rolling Eyes

Well, getting on a bus or a train just before 12.00 to get across all of town.
That's about an hour of my day sailing away in the blue or some newspaper.
Well at work I spend 5/6 of the first hour drinking coffee. Then it's of to the
small children, cleaning their toilets and classrooms. That's what I do, cleaning.
With that done it's time to spend about 15 minutes eating and smoking.
Preferablly with my loved one in the phone, for she keeps me going Boo hoo!

Then the major hallway with a machine, and a couple of more places.
Eating again at 18.00 and often doesn't start again till 19.30. Then it's about
one hours work left, to put in the time-frame to 22.00, if we don't sneak
away early, wich we usually do. About 45 minutes...

Well, it's a job, it pays full-time, and is supposed to be that. I don't find the
work itself boring, cleaning is rather easy and great to dream away while
doing. Though the waiting, the working with people at an whole other level
then myself, and the too little work but still beeing bound to time...
Think Think Think

That's what makes it hard spending 12 hours away from the family,
when you so easilly see that what your doing could be done in half
the time... But then again, I shouldn't be complaining, for I need the
money from a full-time job.

Thus it would be a hell of a lot better if it was in day-time and a bit
closer to home Pray
My typical day at work (Old Navy) I get there, check where all the clothes is placed, because they change everything every week and I only work once a week.... Of course this part I don't get paid for, I just do before my shift to prep myself... Then I go in the back, put my stuff away. put on my name tag and check myself in the mirror about a hundred times... Then I go and put on my walkie which ruins my hair and hurts my ear, but it's okay... I have to do a walkie-check and when someone says you're good... I'm good... lol then I can clock-in... Then I go on the floor, I'm a sales assosciate, but my shifts usually fall on dead days.... Rutinely, I run a wrack of clothing from Fits, then clean up the tables because they get really messy, I go through all the clothes, make sure they're colour coded and in order of sizes... That usually takes me a while... When a customer needs something then I drop everything and help them out... if they need extra sizes I go get it, if the size they want isn't on the floor, I have to climb the ladder to check upstock, which is not only a pain, it's scary too.... The question I probably get asked the most is where is your fitting room, which is funny because when I point out the giant arrow hanging from the ceiling that reads fitting rooms, they get pretty embarassed! But yeah, that's mostly it, I can't really fully describe it just because it's different everyday depending on what the costumers want me to do... but I usually get a half hour lunch in there, which is really short but feels long because it's boring... My feet always hurt like hell, but I get through it... when the day's done I go back in the back clock-out, take off my name tag and my walkie, get my paycheck... then I get my stuff, then usually do a bit of shopping, spend my entire pay check on clothes... then go to leave... before I get to leave, however, they do a bag and coat check... the worst part of my day is the bus, because I can't drive yet, I have to use public transportation... it's so ghetto here, I have to take the bus 2 hours before I am schedualed to work, and depending on how late I work, I can wait up to 3 hours to get back home... but anyway, yeah, that's a day in my work life... lol
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