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I'm Hungry- DO YOU COOK?

Do any of you have a hobby that involves cooking?

I love to cook, but unfortunately I'm not very good at it.
Part of it, I believe, is involved with not having enough ingredients in end. I only have tuna, eggs, ketchup, etc. Sad

Also, if any of you guys know any simple recipes that require little ingredients, do post on. Thanks!
I have a job that involves cooking...
Hm, an easy recipie?

You need:
Cheese (preferably not something wierd tasting like feta or american)
hot sauce
Optional: any meat, peppers

lay the tortillas flat on a griddle or frying pan with med-hi heat. Put the cheese and a little hot sauce on half of it. Put your optional ingredients on top of the cheese. Fold the tortillas in half along the previously defined line. Wait for cheese to melt. Take off of heat, cut in slices like a pizza.

As long as you keep cheese and tortillas around, you'll always have something to fix, no matter what else you have.
ok i can only make noodles, sandwich and tea, coffee
Whenever I see lots of cooking supplies like spices and all, I feel as if I could cook wonders if I put my heart into it Confused Yet I can't cook much other than pasta (as in spaghetti) =)
My Experience in learning to cook

1. Parents have forced me to cook since i was 10, so right now i can pretty much cook anything

But heres the GREATEST/EASIEST food ever

Corn Chips



Sour Cream

Left ever meat (optional)

Put them all together (well except sour cream) and microwave


The slackmans Nachos
i love cooking, theres nothing more satisfying than a table of satisfied friends and family, try a nice omlette, simple but effective Very Happy
I can make some kick ASS Danish/Scandinavian food.

Aebleskiver - Pancake balls made with buttermilk. (Best with powdered sugur and maple syrup.)

Boeuf - like hamburger patties

Frikadeller - Meat balls, but with oats, ground beef and pork

Medisterpolse - Danish sausage..and to DIE FOR.

If you guys ever see a European cafe, go in there and look for that stuff. It will rule your world.
Im more into asian cooking. My favourite is crab rice with honey chicken and special soup.
Im also a big fan of curry mee.
I seldomly cook, since cooking seems difficult for me. I think cooking may be more common in foreign countries than Kong Kong. In Hong Kong, it 's very easy for me to buy, to call food. There are lots of fast-food shops with various choices. Many of them open for twenty four hours, therefore, I can make a phone and call the food I want whenever I feel hungury.
I m not a regular cook... but whenever i cook, its a good news for the entire crew...

i cook all[almost] kind of household dishes.

not so much of the fancy ones.

i love to cook, but only sometimes.

I will also be expecting some recipes here.. if you ppl have.
CrookedBlaze wrote:
I can make some kick *** Danish/Scandinavian food.

Aebleskiver - Pancake balls made with buttermilk. (Best with powdered sugur and maple syrup.)

Is that deep fried or just cooked like a pancake?

My Quesedillas (modified everytime!)

Mix up salsa, shredded cheese and chopped onions and any cooked meat (or soyburger) in a bowl. Melt a little butter in a skillet and then place a tortilla in the skillet (med to high). Add a bit of mixture to one half and fold the tortilla over. Let it cook a bit and then flip it over. Flip it every now and then until it looks so good you can't wait any longer. Smile

I don't measure the ingredients, just depends on how much I have and how I feel that night. Of course, use any spices that sound good. I use pepper and adobo but whatever you like.

And I am never afraid of tossing in habenero peppers, 'shrooms, a little canned corn, whatever sounds good. I can get pretty crazy in the kitchen, but I try to control my urges when others have to eat it also! Laughing
HoboPelican wrote:
Melt a little butter in a skillet and then place a tortilla in the skillet (med to high). Add a bit of mixture to one half and fold the tortilla over. Let it cook a bit and then flip it over. Flip it every now and then until it looks so good you can't wait any longer. Smile

That's about what I do, as well, except I used extra-virgin olive oil instead of butter and use two tortillas as a "sandwich" instead of a single, folded tortilla.

The locals, here in Honduras, don't use anything other than flour tortillas and quesillo (which is similar to mozzarella) - not even any butter or oil, but they cook it on a "pan" (if you want to call it that) that is nothing more than a flat, round piece of metal with a metal handle that comes up at an angle. It's good, but I still prefer my Americanized version with the salsa, meat, and whatever else I choose.
Yes I cook a lot of curries. My favourite curry in the world is a Thai duck curry but I don't have easy access to duck meat, so I generally cook Thai chicken curries instead.

I also cook a lot of southern indian curries. Beautiful stuff. Usually consisting of garlic, onion, ginger, cloves, coriander, cumin, that kind of thing. I think with hot foods you start to get addicted and then you can't go back to non-spicy foods afterwards. Wink
bonestorm74 wrote:
Yes I cook a lot of curries. My favourite curry in the world is a Thai duck curry...
Duck is one of my favourites! Would you mind sharing your recipe? Also, once I get done with some real-world work, I'll be setting up a "Worldwide Recipe Box" website for exchanging international recipes, so I could include it there, as well, with your permission.
I love to cook! Except that we rarely have anything to cook. I typically make asian food, since that stuff is almost always fast. Here's two quick ones.


-1 pack of ramen, any flavor
-Teriyaki sauce
-Sesame oil (optional)
-1/2 onion
-Any meat

Take a typical brick of ramen, and cook the whole package, with flavoring as you usually would. As it's cooking, in a skillet dry fry some onions until they're brown, along with any meat of your choice (I like chicken).

When both are done, drain the ramen of ALL the broth, and mix in teriyaki sauce to your taste, then add a SMALL amount of sesame oil. Mix in the onions and meat, top it off with some pepper, and you have an amazing noodle dish.

Now, since you have a skillet that's only been used for onions, here's something else to use it for.

Fried Rice! (Serves 2-4)

-2 cups white rice
-2 1/2 cups water
-Vegetable oil (enough to coat the bottom of the skillet)
-approx. 2 cups mixed vegetables (take the lima beans out)
-3 eggs
-Teriyaki sauce

Personally, I microwave the rice in the bowl I'll be eating/serving out of, but you can cook it on the stove if you want. Combine the rice and all the water into your "cooking device" and cook it however you normally cook rice. For me it takes about 10-15 minutes in the nuker.

When the rice is done (yes, wait til it's done, because it gives the remaining water in the rice time to evaporate), put the frozen vegetables in the oil, and fry until they're thawed and fairly well cooked. As the oil is heating, you can scramble the 3 eggs before adding them to the vegetables, for, you know, better tasting eggs.

Pour in the eggs, and continue to mix and stir it up until the eggs are completely scrambled.

This is the hard part if you don't have a LARGE skillet. Now you add all the rice to it, and mix it up until it's all evenly mixed. THEN you mix in the teriyaki sauce until it reaches a nice even light to dark brown color. The darker the color, the more flavored it'll be.

You can then use soy sauce in place of salt if you want more flavor.

Yea, it's REALLY greasy and oily, but it's sooooo good. And soooo bad for my (lack of a) galbladder. >.>
quixotic wrote:
Sesame oil (optional)

Sounds good, but how can you call sesame oil optional? It's essential! Smile
Traveller wrote:
quixotic wrote:
Sesame oil (optional)

Sounds good, but how can you call sesame oil optional? It's essential! Smile
Well, some people don't like it, and it's not exactly necessary for it to still taste good, so I thought I'd call it optional. XP
I hate myself about my vision of this topic. I like almost all of the food accessible to me, but last year (after I moved to the new apartment) I did't cook even eggs!?

I'm really lazy... I eat sandwiches at home, once or two times a week I eat cooked food at parents home or in restoraunts, or with my friend. That's all. Possibly I would get result to my health one day, but I really can't force myself to cook.
i don't like too much
but i like to watch a cook

it is a real art! and very useful
I love to bake, cooking is fun if it's with a skillet, but baking, to me, is a lot of fun. The chemistry involved is an enjoyable passtime. I also like to make chocolates from cacao power and all the ingrediants, shipping those out to everyone on my christmas list is an annual treat!

I tried twice...on Fried rice

My first attempt was fabulous, even my dog won't want to eat them...

The second attempt, it gets least I can finish them myself

still waiting for the chance for my third attempt~
Yesterday, I roasted some pork in hoisin sauce. Today, I baked a pumpkin pie for a friend who doesn't cook. Since one store, here, had a much-lower-than-usual price on cream cheese, I'll be making a cheesecake next week. In a couple of weeks, I'll be inviting some friends over for some beef bulgogi.
I like cooking but I have to honestly say that frying frightens me a little since the oil tends to 'jump' to my arms or face. XD
Cooking is my hobby too. I love it, and believe is good at it.
I love to cook but unfortunately, I don't know how. I only knew how to bake.Baking is easier compared to cooking because in baking you don't have to experience the difficulty of frying! I hate the cooking oil when frying! Wink
yeah i love to cook..i've taken two cooking introductory and one baking..and am enrolled in a cullinary class next's a double class so it's the equivilent of two years.
I can make a mean pot of macaroni and cheese.

I can also make coffee... and hot pockets.
i try so hard but i'm just plain not a good cook lol. i can make spaghetti, cupcakes from scratch, and attempt a fried chicken, but i'm still digging through cookbooks to find stuff that's practical and easy to make. plus it's hard to live in the south and cook healthy Wink everything has to be fried (course, i don't have a frydaddy or anything to fry in) or cooked with lots of grease or sugar... or at least the stuff that looks yummy Wink it doesn't help that i'm a picky eater... i made a sugar snap pea and carrot vegetable that was marinated in lime for thanksgiving and it came out well (according to everyone that ate it) but i couldn't eat it lol.
Traveller wrote:
....Today, I baked a pumpkin pie for a friend who doesn't cook. ... friends over for some beef bulgogi.

Hmmm, I love pumpkin pie! I finally wheedled my mom's recipe out of her (even my sisters don't have it yet!). I've made 3 in the last month and my wife is starting to worry! Laughing It is much more spicy than most peoples, but I grew up with it, so that is how it is "supposed" to be to me. I never even wanted whipped cream on it until my wife made REAL whipped cream...Heavy whipping cream, honey and brandy. OMG, it is heavenly!

But what is bulgogi?
HoboPelican wrote:
But what is bulgogi?

Bulgogi is a wonderful, Korean dish for beef, or sometimes for pork. Rather than my trying to describe it, just look at this recipe. That is the one I use.

A few years ago, I made some of this for an internationally themed, missions-conference dinner for my church. Then, as I was standing, talking with a friend, someone tapped me on the shoulder, nodded toward a Korean couple who were visiting, and told me they wanted to know who had made the bulgogi. They complimented me on how authentic it was and how good it tasted, so I guess that means I chose the right recipe! LOL!
cocobirdi wrote:
... it's hard to live in the south and cook healthy Wink everything has to be fried (course, i don't have a frydaddy or anything to fry in) or cooked with lots of grease or sugar...

NOT TRUE! If you master the art of barbeque, you will be a master Southern chef without deep frying, and all the fat calories and horrible mess to clean up that goes with it. Just grill everything. Even veggies. Onions and mushrooms and corn on the cob, oh my! Heck, you can even make pizza on the grill, here's how:

1 lb ready-made pizza dough
2 tbsp olive oil
whatever toppings, cheese, and sauce you prefer

Heat grill to medium-high (coals are barely glowing and have a fairly thick coat of ash, about 30 min) and oil grill rack.

Meanwhile, roll or squoosh out dough to a 12" x 15" rectangle. Brush top with olive oil. When coals are ready, put it oiled side down on grill rack. Cover and grill about 3 min, or until bottom is a little browned. If there's big air bubbles, poke them down. Brush the top with olive oil and turn over. Put the toppings on (quickly!) and then close the grill and cook another 3 minutes or until the cheese is all melted.

Barbeque is fun. What other cooking method do you know where you spend most of the time sitting in a lawn chair drinking beer?
Cedar Speeder
So, the first post mentioned tuna as an ingredient. Here's a quick recipe which has proved itself time and time again. And it takes just as long as Kraft Dinner.

--Tuna Pasta--
bag of penne
classico tomato sauce
can of tuna
cheese (grated)
peppers, broccoli (optional)

First, start the pasta going. Real pasta is pretty much just as easy as Kraft Dinner. Put it in water (it'll say how much on the package), and add the pasta once it's boiling.

While it's boiling, open up the can of tuna, take the tomato sauce out of the cupboard, and grate the cheese. Peppers and broccoli are good too*, but if you are looking for really easy, the classico sauce usually provides a good amount of flavour on its own.

About 10 minutes later, the pasta will be done, so drain out the water (just like KD) and add in the sauce and tuna. Stir it up on the stove for a minute to warm up all the sauce then plop it onto a couple plates. Then add cheese.

Takes 10-15 minutes, and you'll be eating like a King.

*Steaming broccoli and peppers are the way to go. It's fast and you don't really get any dishes that dirty. I just use a pot with an inch of water, with a strainer sitting on top filled with the veggies, element on high. (You can buy a steamer if you want too.)
So yes, I'm a pretty good cook and I really enjoy it when I have time to be creative. I grew up in Texas so I have an affinity for Mexican food. I make a mean chimichanga. LOL

It seems that all I have time for anymore is 'feeding the troops' so I would like to thank rice-a-roni for all their help. Actually one of my favorite quickie meals is made like this:

1 box creamy 4 cheese rice-a-roni
2 chicken breasts-boneless
1/2 bag frozen broccoli
1 garlic clove,minced or pressed
1/2 thinly sliced onion
2 T butter

Slice the chicken in strips or chunks,it can still be partially frozen, throw chicken and garlic in a skillet sprayed with olive oil no stick spray. Cook over med stirring till chicken turns white. Just before it's white throw in the onion. Remove from pan and follow the rice-a-roni directions on the box. After you brown the rice throw the chicken/onoin/garlic back in and add water and sauce mix as directed. cover and cook about 10 minutes, add frozen broccoli. Cover and cook about 15 more minutes or till water is absorbed. *I always add seasonings, italian, seasoned salt, pepper when I add the chicken

Try it!

If you would like my chimichanga recipe let me know. It is a lot more involved and since I never measure I would really have to think about it.
I know what it's like to be barely able to make mac & cheese and then move out on your own. You'll learn to cook easy enough just slowly work your way to bigger/better things one dish at a time. Once I learn how to cook something new EVERY single time I'm like wow that was so simple I coulda been making this ages ago if I had only tried.

If there's anything I've learned it's that a quality frying pan is a necessity. It's literally impossible to cook anything on a cheap pan that makes anything stick & burn no matter what you do. And one thing that's made life hella easier for me is get a rice cooker (they're cost very little). Minute rice is bunk and tastes as though you're eating air. Real rice is better for you and with a rice cooker all you do is throw it in with water and push a button to get perfect rice every time. If you don't like soya sauce or whatever on top I like to make a can of cream of mushroom soup and just pour that overtop. =less than 10mins and good stuff
Thank goodness indeed for rice cookers. I can't seem to cook rice by time, it always ends up either uncooked or burnt. T_T My most exciting experience with rice, though, was when we went camping at the Boy Scouts. We had to cook the rice in: bamboo poles over a self-made fire. Gawd, it was awful. My stomach would be grumbling the whole time. Still, it was loads of fun! Very Happy
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