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Do you dream? How to stop.?

Most of us do, accually, all of us do, it is a matter of weahter you remember them or not. I dream every night, all nigth and remember them all! It is starting to drive me crazy. When I wake up I feel like I have not been to sleep but to another world and lived a second life. I can't take it anymore. I refuse to take sleeping pills or drugs, it dose not matter what I eat before bed or drink or watch on TV, I have tryed waiting till I was excaused and going to be early, getting only a few hours or 10 hours, it dose not matter, I dream and sometimes have a hard time waking from them. I will wake up, get up go pee, or something, go back to sleep and continue from where I left off. When I was younger I did all I could to develop my abilities in my dreams, like seeing in color and sence of smell, ( I hear is very rare in dreams) and controling them, now all I want to do is go to sleep and NOT have one! I am almost pushed to the point of seeing a doctor about it.

Anyone else have this problem? HELP

Hehe that's not always a bad thing. I get the occasional "good" dream and wake up from it at a part that I dont want to! But no I dont really dream, I mean, remember my dreams rather.
Your solution: only sleep through 2 out of every 3 nights. I do that because I have a terribly hard time getting to sleep, and it helps if I am very sleepy. If you did that it might make you so sleepy that you get a dreamless sleep.
Don't get me started on some of the weird dreams that I've had over the years.

If I've heard correctly from my science teacher, you only dream when you go into deep sleep, which normally happens within a few hours. When you do not reach deep sleep, you do not dream.

I hardly ever dream, since I sleep very little at night. Most of the time I go to bed around midnight and get up at around 7:00AM and don't dream.

Here's some ones that I've had over the years (all of them in which are bad, and not good)...

- In one of them I was on a wooden raft going down a river. Then came a waterfall. I fell off the waterfall, and I woke up on the floor instead of on my bed.
- Another weird and I would guess negative dream is that one time I dreamt that the world operated backwards. People would rise from the grave in business suits, get younger and younger over the years (and oddly, stupider, where they would have to go back to school to regain their knowledge), and got so small that they disappeared when they reach the age of 0.
- In another one of them, I dreamt that I was in the middle of nowhere in my bed. I woke up, and seen this huge gash on my arm. I looked at it and a worm came out. Scared the living daylights out of me.
- I dreamt the night before I took my drivers test at the DMV that a red sports car was chasing me and wanted to kill me. Very bad night before I went into the DMV. Oddly enough, I passed the test with flying colors.
- Just the other week, I dreamt that my dad's car (in which he's letting me drive, since I do not own a car right now), a Chevy Cavalier, got ripped off when I had it in my posession. I dunno where the heck I was or what I was doing, but that was a very frigtening night for me to endure since I didn't want it to be true.

Take note that these are all of the ones that I remember, and I do not dream often in my sleep.

If you didn't know, Judy Garland (she played Dorothy in the 1930's Wizard Of Oz) overdosed on sleeping pills and died. Don't mark the trend after what she done by taking a ton of them to stop dreaming.

- Mike.
hehehe sure i got some crazy dreams like that, unfortunately i dont remember them

theres only one that i DO remember and that was like 12 years ago...a gargantuan mole.beaver type of animal was outside my house and was eating everything up and i kept running from window to window and he kept following me.... thats all i remember though...dunno if i got eaten up in the end

i actually saw this show on discovery once abt some guy who had a recurring dream except he never saw the end of it, and then one day when he did, he died in his dream..... it was a big thing for him coz he finally saw the end of his dream for once, but unfortunately for him next time he slept, he didnt wake up

kinda freaky
it dose not matter what I eat

I haven't this problem but many spiritual teacher talking about bad dreams. All of them think that dreams come out from bad food in evening time. It will be very usefull to stop eat anything after 5 pm (water is OK). I think doctor cannot or little bit can help you. Maybe you can put some cap on your head in the night time and close sahasrata (the seventh chakra on the top of the head).

Actually you dream every night...the problem is the majority of people don't remember what they have dreamed about.
When i was a kid I could remember the majority of my dreams and i could control them the way i wanted...nowadays it's rare for me to remember something that i have dreamed about.
However, i've read somewhere that with training it is possible to increse the intensity of your dreams and the regularity of how many dream can you remember...
I rarely dream anymore as im usually far too sleepy to be able to dream, but when i do i almost always wake up at an intresting bit.
I used to dream a lot more when i was younger.
When i do dream, i dont usually remember much or anything about it.
Once I actually created a entire FPS game in my dream..

Unfortunately my animation skills are as lousy as Bush is in running a government..

There have been several dreams that have scared the living daylights out of me, and some dreams which I forget about 5 mins after I wake up
Code of Ruin
To my knowledge everyone dreams. You can't just stop dreaming not dreaming would seriously disturb your bodily functions. You can learn to control dreams. You can teach yourself to wake up when you don't like a dream, many people can do this and as far as I know everyone can learn.
Mr Smith
I went to sleep, dreamt about winning lotto, and then going to sleep. I then woke up (in real life), imagining I had just gone to sleep, and this was still the dream.

I couldn't find the lotto ticket and started crying... rofl... family had no idea what I was on :s
izcool wrote:
Don't get me started on some of the weird dreams that I've had over the years.

If I've heard correctly from my science teacher, you only dream when you go into deep sleep, which normally happens within a few hours. When you do not reach deep sleep, you do not dream.
hehe our science teacher got on about dreams at one point... and somehow we talked about it all class... like if you dream and wake up then go back to sleep and you continue the same dream... he said "but how do you know if you actually woke up,, what if you were still sleeping and thought that u did that" also... he said that they have people that do tests for scientists and whatnot,,, in dreaming... they hook them up to this machine and when they start dreaming theyre brain waves change or sumthing and they wake them up cuz they dont want them to dream cuz they were doing tests to see if people with no dreams had problems apart from people who do dream
if you pay much attention on something happen on day
you may dream
but I haven't dreamed for days
I want to have a dream the days
but I'm so tied
the usual things help....

have a set sleeping time to get u into a routine!

relax at least 30mins to an hour before the time for sleepy poos

otherwise ur mind is too active....

sure we've all been there.. played a game n got stuck on a level n u play it over n over n then think shit its 4 in the mornin must sleep... then all u can think / dream about is how the hell ur gonna complete the level!

so make sure u do somin relaxing, read, watch tv... and have nothing with caffine or heavy sugars before sleeping!
If I've heard correctly from my science teacher, you only dream when you go into deep sleep, which normally happens within a few hours. When you do not reach deep sleep, you do not dream.

I think this is not right. Dream is comming when you are not in deep sleep because your mind is still working and send to you some pictures. In deep sleep you are in state of samadhi (out of mind) and only in that case you can get real relaksation.

Sleep on your chest. This is what I do. I often get nightmares for some reason where I couldn't speak, nor move and I try to shout and nothing actually happens.

Well, people say that sleeping on your back is a factor for dreams to occur.
It is amazing how resourceful Google can be with just the word "dreams". Rolling Eyes
"We hope that Dream Moods will help you make sense of your dreams and achieve a better understanding of them."

The Dreams Foundation
Subpages on:
-Dreams & their waking life applications
-How to improve dream recall
-Bad dreams or nightmares? Lucky you!
-Put an end to nightmare re-runs
-Dream integration: dream interpretation & beyond
-An experiment: Learn dream incubation
-Lucid dreaming lucid dreaming star
-Go lucid! Techniques to boost dream consciousness
-Dreams of the future & warning dreams
-The science of sleep and dreams

The Quantitative Study of Dreams
"This Web site contains everything needed to conduct scientific studies of dream meaning using a system of content analysis."
Ray Gravin
My dream life is the only thing that makes my life seem fullfilling right now. I do have the occational bad dream. I have dreams that make me increadably lonley sometimes too. For the most part though my dream life is very fullfilling. I think Im a bit to facinated by my dreams right now though. All I want to do anymore is sleep.... nothing else seems to matter.
i rarely have a dream on night normal sleep. i just sleep and get up in the morning without any dream at all. but if i sleep in the day i usually have a lot off weird dreams, but it's not a problem for me.

but the bad things when i sleep is when i awake from my sleep but can't get up. it's looks like something is contolling my body so i cant move or even open my eyes. i think it's caused by evil ghost annoying me. i just pray i my heart and it's gone in several attempts to awake. i heard on tv that it's caused by bad ghost (not human, human never be ghost) and some people dead caused by it. never awake from sleep.

beware Smile
I doubt you can stop having dreams, but you can help your mind forget about them. When you get ready for bed, clear you mind and try not to think of anything for a while. That might lessen the amount of dreams you have which decreases the likelyhood of you remembering. Also, you can wake-up in the mornings and not dwell on last night, but put yourself directly into motion and doing somethings so you won't idle away.
ya. i got dream. every night. donno why always can dreaming. i will wake up after got somebody wake me up. hehe.
I spent a good many years perfecting the abilities to control my dreams, to see in color, taste, smell, feel, I never thought it would come back to haunt me! I am not having bad dreams persay, just way to damb many of them, not eating after 5pm is not an option for me, I have tryed everthing you all have suggested many times and nothing works, nothing makes them not happen. A person dreams in REM sleep, Rapid Eye Movement, I can stop it from continuing if I am scared but mostly they are not scary. What got me started in wanting to control my dreams was a re-occuring nightmare i was having about 13 yrs ago, a person dressed all in black was chasing me, throught the woods, streets, houses, everwhere, I would be in a normal dream and there he would be, like he was watching me in my dream and would start chasing me, it started to really disrupt my day time life, I was scared to go to sleep at night. A freind told me to learn to control my dream so I could not run and confront him instead, the scary thing was, I would wake up and know his name, " Gunther", No, I was not watching any tv with any charactors with than name, I worked 2 jobs and did not own a tv. I told Gunther he had not power over me any more and I was done running from him. Then my friend told me to give Gunther some form in the waking world and then destroy it( like a ceramic dog or something) I named my goldfish Gunther, ( mainly cuaes I thought he was full of it) my gold fish died, less than a week after i told the dream Gunther he had no more control, I buried him at sea, a gull ate him before he even hit the water. No more scarey Gunther dreams.

I sometimes have the same problem with you.

How can i improve it. anyone can tell us the best cure method.

Thanks at first.
i feel sorry for you man Crying or Very sad
Almost everyone dream...
recently i've read in a book that an average man dreams for 20 mins in his 100 mins of sleep...
but we dont remember them and you do...
thats the problem...
I dont remmber myself Dreaming..

However i think that dreaming makes us fresh
LMSdesign, looks like you won't get mcuh help for your problem here, this post turned into one where everyone tells everyone else how and what they dream about Very Happy
I suggest you DO see a doctor. Nothing you'd lose, much you will gain. I really wouldn't know, but it seems like a psychiatry or some branch close to that might help you with this case. Best of luck to you.
Thanks god!!

I get dreams and forget them when i wake up. Good for me.
go see a doctor, or just relax, they might go away if you stop worrying about them.
Everybody dreams. It is a way of the brain dealing with the information it has taken in. There are basically two levels of sleep that one undergoes in a night. There is the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) portion of sleep, this occurs briefly at the start and end of a nights sleep, and is a shallow sleep. This is when we dream. There is then the deep sleep where we are in a relaxation mode and we don't dream.

Hope some of that is useful.

I don't really think we can stop anyone not to dream. It's nature's gift or say God's way of creation and it's the nature of man that he dreams. I don't think any method to stop will work out.

So, in short It is not possible to stop.
I was told that human has dreamed every night.
But I feel that I dream sometimes. maybe, even I dreamed every night , just reconized a few dreams of them.
Anyway, when I was young, I used to dream nightares. There was no good things. So I was scared whenever I dreamed at that time. I don't know why?

Now, I still dreamed nightmare but not often like my childhood.
Most of my dreams are good. So I don't want to escape from my dreams.. ^^

I'm wondering why I don't remember my dream exactly. sometime I was very confused after my dreams. I was seldom confused it was real or dream...^^
well i wanted to tell you that if you smoke marijuana u dream less or not anymore but since ur no fan of drugs pills ect i think this is not a solution for you try to control waking up and say to ur self before u go sleep i will not dream and wake up refreshed and had a good night sleep repeat this tillnu do is my advice for me also try to visualize that ur sleeping without dreaming before u giong to do so hope that helps if u train it Wink Arrow let us plz know what happened and if u solved this pr see ya and i hope u sleep well dreamless Wink Arrow
If you wake up at the night, You would have to consult a doctor so that you averigue the problem, because this can be a case of depression, and the insomnio is frecuent.. Read something of depression and watches if you have some characteristics....
i don't know, but most of the times i dream, they've been really nice dreams, like my girlfriend and I getting married, or going out on a date with some hot celebrity, being famous and all.
But when i do have nightmares, it really creeps me out, but hey, I always hope i dream of something nice every night before i sleep, lol Laughing
i dont sleep dream most of the time, i only dream if my mind is hyperactive or excited during the day.
Perhaps your life is too adventurous - try having a boring day so taht you have nothing to dream about.
I can't imagine why anyone would want to STOP dreaming. Our dreams our bodies way of catching up with the events that occured during the day but they also enlighten and inspire us. I you are getting bad sleep you could possibly try sleeping aids but they might actually cause more vivid and frequent dreams and they are highly addictive.
I also think that when you dream you go into an entirely different world using your brain so I personally think you should not try to stop dreaming although research has shown that you remember your dreams when somebody wakes you or something wakes you but if you just wake up naturally like me without an alarm clock or small sister jumping on your bed than you are not likely to remember a damn thing.The last time I remembered a dream was like a year ago but my case is different.I wish that I could remember most of my dreams but only the nice ones involving pretty women and alot of money and alchohol.
P.S Did you know that you actually get drunk when you dream that you were drinking excessively with your friends.You even talk funny and you will probably even pee on your bed if you are those type of people who pee when drunk. Twisted Evil
Actually remembering your dreams might not be a bad thing. I mean, I KNOW I dream every night, but the moment I wake up it all goes away, and it drives me crazy because sometimes in my dreams I come up with solutions to the current problems in my life, but I could never remember it!!
Well, as far as i know, i dont dream anymore, at least i dont remember having any dreams. Occaisonaly i have a 'good' dream...but...yeah..
better drink a little wine before sleep, might help~
Th3St1ck wrote:
Well, as far as i know, i dont dream anymore, at least i dont remember having any dreams. Occaisonaly i have a 'good' dream...but...yeah..

That is normal...
essentialmedia wrote:
I can't imagine why anyone would want to STOP dreaming.

I think that problem is not in dreams. Real problem come out when dreams start mixed with your real world (what is also one type of dream). because you cannot recognize where stop dreams and where start real world.

You have ruled out much of the most practical advice in your intial post, but if this is effecting your sleep and your quality of life, see a good doctor and make sure he or she listens to you as you explain the exact nature of the problem.
This could well be related to depression or anxiety, but wither it is or not, it is likely something simple that lends itself to a swift solution. Sleeping, and quality of sleep, are serious issues because they affect overall health more then most people realize.
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