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Adobe Preimiere pro and 3ds max

Good eve, folks

I hope this is the right forum for this post...
Is there any recommanded books for beginners in Adobe Premirere Pro and 3ds max?
How did you learn those programs?

Thx for your help
For Premiere Pro the Jacob Rosenberg book is pretty good. The Adobe 'classroom in a book' series are not all that great, but ok. A lot of learning Premiere or any video edting program, is learning to actually edit, get a sense of timing and construction. As you start to do that, you start looking for the tools that will help you trim or key or whatever. In the meantime... besides the book route, Adobe has online tutorials and there are other tutorials on Creative Cow online community. Have a good time!
Go to adobes website and get their own turials they are the best !
I think you can search google for some 3ds max tutorial
or join some graphic designing or game designing community..
this is what I think....
Hey. I have both peices of software (admittedly 3ds max on demo but still). If you are familiar with editing software in general (I know you said you were a beginner but you must have used some form of other editing software - I'm hoping Laughing) it's best to just have a crack at it. It's not hard to use at all and the help files that come with the program should suffice if you run into any problems with advanced features.

With 3ds max. I've used this program and I don't advise using it AT ALL. An easier option is to use a program called Modo and a renderer of some kind (Lightwave has been suggested to me but not tested yet). Modo has a much easier GUI (I'm talking much, much easier) but unfortunatly doesn't have a built in renderer.

Hope this helps!
Just a thought on Joss's statement about 3D /Studio Max. (I use Cinema 4D myself). It does take time to learn any of these programs and be really good.

I don't know the program Joss is referring to, but generally I've found through experience that the advantage of an 'easier' program is that you can get used to working in 3D space, and (assuming that Modo uses standard terminology and procedures), you can familiarize yourself with how modeling, textures, lighting, etc. effect eachother without also having to learn the cumbersome procedures of some of the other packages.

The flip side is that the more commercial programs almost always offer more features, and if you ever need to graduate to one of the bigger, more 'professional' packages-with rendering, materials, lights, IK rigging, particle emitters, hair or lip sync otions, etc., then you will have to learn that program all over again.

Either way, as far as modelling goes, learn 3 basics and you will be off to a good start with any app. The terms may slightly vary but almost all 3d programs start off with "Primitives", "Polygons" and "Nurbs".

Primitves are 3D cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc. whose dimensions you can adjust to get close to the end shape you are trying to create. Polygons are the 'flat' rectangular and triangular slices the skin of the 3D shapes are made out of. They allow for more detailed shape mainpulation. You can pull or push either the whole poly or the points at its corners(vertices).

As to's like taking a 2 dimensional lines and sweeping them through space, leaving a trail of like lines, that then unite to form a 3D object. My explanations are a little lame, but if you can get a handle on those 3 concepts, you will be able to model in just about any 3D program. Again, good luck!
I agree with VidE: any decent program will get you going. I have used 3DS for years in post production environment, even before it became the Max. I tried to use Modo, but since I learned my 3D on Max, there was no turning back...

Max has ALL the features you need for 3D-production, it integrates nicely with CAD-programs, has a wide user-base and if you work diligently on the GUI for a few months, youll reap the rewards.

The downside: to buy it and keep up with the upgrades, you really need to have some private dough or a sound business. Premiere is not hot on the user interface: if you have a possibility to have dual workstations, go for Final Cut Pro (Mac). Your PC will be rendering half the time, anyway, if you do any complex 3D at all...
I use Premiere Pro a lot. I learned it by using the online heklp files in conjunction with experimenting with techniques & FX on short clips, then moved up to full-blown videos.
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