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I don't know how to post my website on FriHost?

What do I need to do in (MY network places) to make it avalable for me to post my website. I am using publisher 2003 and I click Upload to the web and then it asks for me to type something in (My Documents). I tried (Adding a Network Place) using ( but I kept getting an error message. Please help me! Sad
This is what I do to upload my site

1. Download FTP client FileZilla at

2. Install and open it. Connect to your account by entering your direct admin user and password which were given to you

3. go to public_html directory and upload all the different files you want to.

4. Make sure you have atleast one page titled index.html or index.php

5. Come back if you have doubts
I tried using FileZilla but it dosn't recogize Publisher and I am unable to upload anything.

Could somebody with publisher help tell me what I should type in the (My Documents) folder to be able to access my internet web hosting folder.
Google returned this result which seems good Smile
There is also a ftp on your computer (assuming you are using windows xp) that if you go to my documents and type in it should take you there. It is a really good ftp i think Very Happy
Ghost900 wrote:
(Adding a Network Place) using (

It's most likely either or .

Hope this helps.
Bondings wrote:
Ghost900 wrote:
(Adding a Network Place) using (

It's most likely either or .

Hope this helps.

I tried using the in (My Network Places) and it calls it invalid. Crying or Very sad

My Brother and I had a paintball buissness and we had a website and he can't get it to work.
Well i think your public_html folder is missing from your account first of all. If your ftp account isn't working on your computer did you try another computer? I don't know why this would be but you may just have to request an account reset to get it working.
I did try it on another computer and the same thing happened.
then try for a account reset. That is all i can tell you. See if bondings wants to get into it. and see what he can do.
You have to use the following info to make create a network place sucessfully:


Internet or Network Address:

Make sure that you un-tick "Log on Anonymously" and type in your username.

When it has been created open up the network and enter username and password.

Again, let me repeat the the FTP URL should be - do not forget the "ftp://" bit
Thanks so much for helping respond so I could figure it out.

Thank you scorpio, mathiaus, Blaster, Bondings, and wumingsden.

And Last but Not least Thanks so much Very Happy FriHost Very Happy for giving me this free website.

I have never used a FTP for posting my website and now I have so thanks for teaching me how Exclamation
Goodl luck with your hosting, and I've just replied to your PM -locked-
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