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Google launching 4 new apps.

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At its second annual press conference today, Google announced 4 amazing new features to help and improve the Google search experience.

Google Co-op
Lets people and organizations label web pages and create specialized links related to their unique expertise. Whether it's information about a hobby, a profession, or an unusual interest, everyone can contribute to making Google search more relevant and useful for the entire community.

Google Desktop 4
Google Dekstop gives you another way to improve search, by personalizing your desktop. New "Google Gadgets" deliver an array of information--ranging from games and media players to weather updates and news--straight to your desktop.

Google Notebook (launching next week)
Is a personal browser tool that lets you clip text, images, and links from the pages you're searching, save clippings to an online notebook, and then share notebooks with others.

Google Trends
Google Trends builds on the idea behind the Google Zeitgeist, allowing you to sort through several years of Google search queries from around the world to get a general idea of everything from user preferences on ice-cream flavors to the relative popularity of politicians in their respective cities or countries.

Source: Google Blog
Google reallt does a great job with all those applications. I'm waiting for the Google Notebook Cool
Not very interested in any one of them..
i personally love google and eveything they do...i really dont care abt teh "security concerns" that everyone brings up

that said, i really like where google is heading with all this....eventually google will be the central resource for EVERYTHING, and i really like that better than having one different site for everything web-hosted.

now just to wait for that elusive googleOS
You never know what Google is upto!

May be an OS. Who can say ?
manumiglani wrote:
You never know what Google is upto!

May be an OS. Who can say ?

yeah i agree they(GOOGLE) are doing really a great job.

and the coming up are looking good.

i liked the GOOGLE earth pretty much.

i think no one has something like that before.

keep up GOOGLE and all the BEST FOR IT Razz
The Google notebook sounds interesting. They've got some pretty cool stuff going on, and it is definitely my favorite search engine. Love the satellite function on google maps!
think no one has something like that before.

Now, you have a open source alternative to Google Earth.

I think its an indication that government is ready to take on google.
I love google programmes. I use Gmail, Picasa and Google Earth, they're so niffty and handy! Can't wait for the up coming ones!!!
Yeah I love Google too and its my favourite site to browse.....I also love the apps brought out by google and its affiliates esp. picasa and the frndz community Orkut.....never pass a day without orkuting other than frihosting...haha
I think google has a lot of nice applications but none of these seem to really interest me.
I don't know why google not to make a page like It is very useful for manage personal information. I know google already has a personal page ( but it just miss somthing personal information like calendar and contat.

I like google's technic but yahoo's design is more considerate.

If integrated this two giant. It will be perfect.

However, if this two giant really combined. I think the user is the lost one due to less choice and competition.

Hope google will catch up yahoo's considerate and yahoo catch up google's technic. Than it will finally benefit to the user.
Im very interested to see what sort of goodies and productive helpers come of this. Im already a fan of the google desktop enterprise program as well as several other programs and services offered by google. I wish the best for this company.
Wow, google has done it again!

The last APP they released was the "Google Web-Accellerator", this thing made my internet almost 10x as fast!

Some website dont allow google web-accelerator though, you should try it if you havent XD

I never believed in web-accelerators but that day, i had to do some school research and my internet was so damn slow. After a few minutes of thinking, i downloaded this and it was even faster than before!

Right now, Google web-accellerator has saved me 3.5 days! (This shows below or beside the Google web-accelerator icon)

Imma download these!
whoa listening about this web accelerator for the first time.. hav to give it a try. Anyway google rocks with all it's apps.
I like Google Desktop 4 , it is very useful for me...
Google Notebook looks cool... Cool
Google spends a lot of time on these applications and its always a pleasure when a new one come out. From Google Earth to Google Notebook they are starting to take over the internet Razz

Hey! Can anyone give me the download links of those softwares or a direct page which guides me through the various download links. I am really curious to try them out. After all, its Google. Wink
Ohhhh...Guess What Google Have Also Got A Map Aplication Up And Running Too. Here

I Like That Its Like Google Earth But On the Internet. I Also Like Google Videos As You Can Upload Your Videos Free With No Cost. Thats Good Too

also a new, free google-app. You can build 3D-stuff, for example your own house. When it's finished, you can place it in google earth!
anurag_bhd wrote:
Hey! Can anyone give me the download links of those softwares or a direct page which guides me through the various download links. I am really curious to try them out. After all, its Google. Wink
my favorite is google sketchup... 3-D editing is super fun!
The apps sound like they have potential, but I don' think I'll be using any of them.
I will test em, thx Wink
Google trends look are very representative. Let's take some example:
wimax vs.802.16e. Both words refer to new broadband wireless technology. Most Internet users know it as wimax, instead people involved in development of technology refers to it as 802.16e.
We can see growing interest from potential customers (wimax) and almost stable line of queries from developers (802.16e). Sorting by regions will present potential markets of WiMAX and countries were techonology manufacturers are resident.
Well Google has lauched another great App called

Well here you can schedule all your meetings

There is even a facility of attatching mail info with dates.
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