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Sevilla win the UEFA Cup

Sevilla won the UEFA Cup 2005/2006 with a 4-0 win over Middlesbrough. Even though the scoreline doesnt suggest that but the game was in the balance midway through the 2nd half but 2 quick-fire strikes from Maresca sealed the match.

I cant believe that they won by such a big margin, I mean 4-0 is a very big victory margin. Middlesbrough amazing route to the final was ended yesterday. So much for McClaren, his final game with 'Boro ended in a defeat.

Match Stats

Middlesbrough 0-4 Sevilla
Scorers: '27 Luis Fabiano , '78,'84 Maresca , '89 Kanouté

Find the full match report here.
Well, I don't know what you think about it but from my point of view the game was mostly dominated by Sevilla during almost all the time.

While Middlesbrough was only throwing long balls forward from the defense desperately trying to find Hasselbaink or Viduka, which is nearly impossible against such a solid defense, Sevilla was playing short and nicely, passing the ball continuosly, triangulating and outplaying Middlesbrough most of the time. Although Boro wasn't bad in defense at first and had some chances in the first half, but then in the second one there was only one team on the pitch.

Middlesbrough only had one clear occasion, which was saved by Palop, and another shot that went out by ver little I think. The rest of of attempts where either free kicks or corner kicks without much danger. Sevilla in fact did lots and lots of attacks, dominated midfield and even played nice...

Middlesbrough was only getting better and being dangerous before Sevilla made the 2nd goal, which was the key of the match in my opinion. It seemed that boro was rising and had something to do, but then the goal came and it seemed like they lost their direction (and the ball), and that was the cause of such an exagerated result in the end, because 4-0 sure is a bit excessive and was caused by lack of concentration and morale in the end.

Although Middlesbrough did really well to get into the final I think Sevilla is a deserved champion, they played much better and, to be honest, it was kind of what I expected. Since the day they qualified for the final I really had the impression they would have no problems to win. They are at a really nice level this year.
Sevilla played very very good
Very Happy
Sevilla played better so they won the cup...But we should notice that Middlesrough was great at the Semi and Quarter Finals...
Sevilla deserved to win....anyway Middlesbrough amazing comeback win streak would have to come to a stop and unfortunately for them, it came in the final. Hard Luck for McClaren.

Lets see what he does to the England team....
Middlesbrough was terrible this season in England. They didn't deserve to win any tournaments. They were lucky to get as far as they did in UEFA.
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