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Painting is my all time love in life. I started this since i was a kid. I used to love pencil sketches. Well i still love it the most.

I used to spend my time with pencils and white papers. I also remember an incident when there was a drawing competition in the school. I had noting with me. I asked some pencil colors and tore a quarter page from a friend's copy. I borrowed a science text book from a kid and started my work...

i drew a tiger hunting an antelope. hmm not so good but fine.
Interestingly i won the competition.

But these days, its hard to find time for ur hobbies. so i hardly manage to get sometime for painting or sketching.
these days i like water color ... m not so good at it but i try and create some artwork.
I havent tried any professional work yet.

And would love to start the oil painting.

Anyone out there with similar feelings?
i am currently an art student so i know quite well what you are saying. i am glad to see you exploring mediums, but as a note: don't get discouraged by watercolour... it is one of the hardest painting mediums out there. a tip: work from highlights to the shadows (or darker areas) and use the paper as your white areas. when it comes to oils.. go from dark to light.

peace god,

painting is an hobby,it is an holds good to everything....
painting is a very good hobby...if we develop that we get not only joy but also our mind will be calm...everybody likes to do this,but few in hundreds will be having a very good interest about a days this has become like a proffession....
painting is cool. i don't do it, but my friend does, and the artworks she does are amazing! i mean, she puts so much passion to her work, and i admire that. i think painting proves a lot of skill because not only do you have to have good hand-eye coordination, you have to mentally picture what your painting is going to look like, and you have to have a good sense to what colors you use and how you mix them to make the right colors.

it's cool how people can put feelings onto paper! XP
If you can draw or do that artsy stuff, then you are truly blessed. I've been trying for years and could never get the hang of it. Nevertheless, I still like to see cool drawings done by my friends. Of course, I try a little bit, but it seems I am doomed to only be drawing stick figures and 3D boxes Wink

I have been working with watercolours for quite a while now, though I never actually created full artworks with it. I usually used them for washing large areas of same colour in my mixed media's. As for that time I was only familiar with watercolours, I used to think that painting is too hard and it's not for me. But once occasionally I got a set of tempera paints, and my attitude to painting changed. It's very different from watercolours, it allows to use multiple layers and hide mistakes... now I'm working on getting more familiar with painting, and then return to watercolors with some actual experience. Wink
The only thing I regret is that I didn't go to an art school and now can't take up art professionally. However, I think this hobby will be a very important part of my life. Cool
I love too painting, but not that much like drawing Very Happy
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