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**New Arrangement on Ads**

Hey guys, i know some of you were saying how the ads seemed all bunched up. I repositioned the ads to make the site look neater in my opinion. The only problem i have right now is the blank space in the top left corner. If someone could post some suggestions, i'm stumped right now and need to know what to put there or what to move around.

Thanks, my site is
I am not aware of your previous design..

But these would be my comments

1. Change the color of the google search boc background to black.

This option is available in google itself when you are customizing the search box

2. About the left top corner, put the ads there. Putting them where they are is quite un-visible.
Because you dont have much content in the lower portions of the page, people would only look and click on the links present in the middle of the page and not bother much about ads in the lower left corner..

3. The background image above the links(having 3 sportsmen) is not very catchy in my opinion. If possible put up a more professional banner.
Also reduce the dimensions(height) of the banner

4. The place where you made a post(introduction stuff), the red heading is not appealing. If possible change to a more stylish font or some color which suits the page better.
Red stands out too much and is not pleasant to look at

5. Try adding the banner ads in between your posts instead of the the very top. You will get more clicks then

I think that pretty much wraps up my short speech.

Good Luck Very Happy
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