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Oasis - still good?

Oasis are my favourite band. I grew up listening to their music and really enjoy going back and playing all their early stuff. I love theyre new album and think they rule! Anyone else a big oasis fan?
Oasis are really good but I like U2 more! Theirs songs are just fabulous!
jules wrote:
Oasis are my favourite band. I grew up listening to their music and really enjoy going back and playing all their early stuff. I love theyre new album and think they rule! Anyone else a big oasis fan?

The early stuff is ace. Definitely Maybe was fantastic and then the follow-up what's the story (morning glory) was and still is an album that is beyond praise.
10 years ago, were ever you were (in a pub or pre match at a game), if a song from what's the story came on everyone would stop what they were doing and sing-along.

The albums since then have been good, and some of the singles from them have been exceptional (stop crying your heart out & stop crying your heart out, spring to mind) but I don't think anything they'll do or anyone else will match the first two albums,

When was it Bonehead left? was he still in the band when Be Here Now was released?
Haven't heard their new songs, but I love their old stuff. They've got some old music in the past. Will definitely have to check out that new album you've mentioned.
oasis is awesome...there new song Lyla is amazing...i listened to it so much over the summer when it first came out on the radio
BAh of course they are still good since when did they become anything less
Dj Redrum
yea there still good but they will never be as good as what they were before.... still good to see them still around though.
I like them..., the song "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" is absolutely amazing, on The O.C. they use a lot of their songs, but with cover bands... I like it, they have good songs. I haven't heard any new songs from them though in a long time.
Actually I'm quite new in listening English songs... And I only heard 2 songs by Oasis

"Stop Crying Your Heart Out"

And I think they're great
Oasis are amazing,

i like the new album, butyou can never beat Whats The Story Morning Glory and Defenitly Maybe to be honest.

the songs are abosultly amaizng on them albums.

Cast No Shadows a favouirte
9/10 NME
The new album is alright, but they hit their peak with the debut and it's been downhill ever since. You can only keep making the same sort of music for a period of time before it becomes incredibly stale (see also: The Stereophonics)
oasis is one of the greatest bands.... their best song is definetly songbird.. and i'll reply your question: Oasis - still good? yes, it is
Yeah Oasis are still good.... They aren't my favourite band but i still love their old songs Wink
Pablo Diablo
Oasis are garbage. They were great 3 or 4 albums ago, but its seems they've dried up all their ideas, every song on the last few albums, except for a few gems of course, feel completely generic and uninspired. I am very disapointed with Oasis.
jules wrote:
Oasis are my favourite band. I grew up listening to their music and really enjoy going back and playing all their early stuff. I love theyre new album and think they rule! Anyone else a big oasis fan?

good analogy in trainspotting when sick boy and renton are in the park- get old cant hack it anymore (elvis pressley, charlie nicholas, lou reed)
I don't like at all the latest songs they released. They have became far too commercial, I mean their songs haven't got this "thing" they had before, you know, the feelings.
I keep listening to them, I'm waiting for THE song Very Happy
10 years ago oasis saved the UK from self destruction, perhaps even saved the world.

let me explain...

when i was about 13/14 things in my city were going down the pan all kids wanted to do was go around smashing windows and fighting one another but then suddenly about the time in between def mab an (WTS) everyone came together, everyone wanted to be liam and noel, everyone wanted to play guitar, everyone wanted own every oasis single, everyone knew the words to every B-side, everyone bought the NME, everyone bought the melody maker, everybody went to guitar shops during the holidays. to me it has so far been the most exciting time in my life.

i mean we are not just talking about kids here either, oasis crossed all boundaries even the age one. dont look back in anger at a pensioners club and half of them will hum along because they know it.

there hasnt been a band since, and i doubt there will be a band that will ever do it again. which i find really upsetting.

there were oasis jokes, oasis were on the front of all the papers, on the news, playing the biggest gigs.

now my town is going the way it was before oasis came along. the generation below me dont have anything to bring them together. they all segregate and i cant see anything coming to save them.

i went to see them lsat summer, it was one of the first times ive seen them in years. they played morning glory at the bit "WELL..! whats the story...." i was screaming my guts out and then i realised that tears were nearly streaming down my face...60,000 people were screaming that same word at the same time thinking about a time when everyone was driving about with their car windows down pumping out morning glory. its the most upset/amazed/happy ive ever been.

noel is a clever boy.
Definitely Maybe was just voted best album of all England. Yeah, i like them.
early oasis is indeed great.
if you have doubts, listen "columbia" that's their best song, one of the best songs ever made.
i think oasis are great, especially "thte importance of being idol" i think its got a great tune

Very Happy
Oasis is definitely still cool. They have an album (What's the Story (Morning Glory)) That's widely accepted as an exceptional album. Plus, the singles from that album (Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova) are excellent songs that did well on the charts and now are still well played songs.

Oasis has one of those vibes that everyone likes at one time or another. And the only reason why anyone dislikes Wonderwall is because it was overplayed. But even those people, after a while of not hearing it, like hearing it again because they're reminded of why they liked it in the first place.
OASIS! Man thats just too great a band! Wonderwall is my all time favs and there's hardly a day passes when I don't listen to that great song.

Oasis is awesome!
wonderwall is one of my favourites ever as well i think
Totally agree with the 3rd post. Thought their early stuff was fantastic, but they got boring for me when Liam disappeared up his own bottom.
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