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For Those Of You Who Like To Upload Music To The Net

I know of alot of websites where u can upload to 80mbs max 30mbs max 100mbs max 30mbs max 30mbs max 50mbs max 50mbs max 1 gb max 1.5 gb max

Google Video Uploader lets you upload your video files for inclusion in Google Video Search. You can upload several types of video files through the Uploader: .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .ra, .ram, .mov, .wmv, .asf. Files that you upload must be uniquely named in your account. If you upload a file with the same filename as a file you previously uploaded, your old file will be overwritten. After you upload your files through the Uploader, you'll need to submit your video information in order to successfully complete the upload process.
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Unlimited Rapidshare Downloads

Using the Rapidshare server, one may download only a specified amount of files per hour. However, because downloads are tracked by an IP address, one may change their IP address, thus downloading as often as one would like. In most cases, an IP address is assigned directly by one's ISP. Here are the steps necessary in changing the IP address:

1. Clean up your cookies; remove them based on instructions from the browser being used. This is done in the case that one or more cookies may belong to Rapidshare.
2. On Command Prompt type the following:
* ipconfig /flushdns (Press Enter)
* ipconfig /release (Press Enter)
* ipconfig /renew (Press Enter)
* exit (Press Enter)
3. As a second option, one may save these commands in a .bat file. Then, run it everytime one need to use the Rapidshare server.
4. Remember to clean up all Rapidshare cookies in your temp Internet Files folder upon redoing the commands or rerunning the .bat file

This should solve the problem; the browser should be ready to download as many files as you want from their server.

Notes about how the commands work:

* ipconfig /flushdns - Purges the DNS resolver cache
* ipconfig /release - Releases all matching connections
* ipconfig /renew - Renews all adapters
* exit - Exits
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