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Heroes of might and magic V

Well, one of the most expected games of this year will soon be out. The launch date for Europe is 19th may and 23th i believe is the date for USA. Will it surpass the precedents? Heroes IV was considered by many way inferior to heroes 3 (not by me though, but by many of my friends and aquaintences). Will heroes V be able to wash out that reputation?
For all those who don't know it yet, 3DO s no more, and the development of the game was taken over by Ubisoft.
So, what can we expect from it? Well, it keeps most of the heroes 4 design, the graphics are improved but it looks too much like warcraft 3 frozen throne, some improvements were made to the battle system. Also the town upgrades became more complicated and more real Now you have a level for your town. For instance village hall can be built with town lvl 1, but town hall can only be built when the town has lvl 3, which means you have to build another 2 lvl 1 structure to be able to build town hall. Heroes can now reach more advanced levels (on second stage from the first campaign you can be lvl 17 - 1Cool.
All and all, the game is more complex, and more fun to play with. I'm sure all of the heroes fans out there will agree with me. Let's make this the official heroes 5 topic, so post all your opinions about the game here.
I'll wait unti the price drops on this game, but I'm sure to get it when it does!

I liked the 2nd episode the best. #3 wasn't too bad, but I did not like heroes #4 at all. I hope this one is closer to the 2nd or 3rd version!!
i love these series and 4 is my favourite
Well, it does look more like 4 then 3, this mainly because now you have heroes, which add a rpg feeling to the game. This was also briefly introduced in heroes 3 wog, but was more developed in 4. In 5 the heroe will have more attributes.
The graphics are nice, but the turn based battle system sucks. It looks good of course races, more better multiplay and etc.
darkttt wrote:
The graphics are nice, but the turn based battle system sucks. It looks good of course races, more better multiplay and etc.

well, actually the turn based battle system has been improved, now for example when you exeecute a wait, it doesn't put the character in the back of the list, but rather in a random position on the battle position. Heroes 5 rules Very Happy
I used to play Heroes 3 and it rocks. It is the only one game that i can play with my friends by using just one computer. I played Heroes 4 as well and the game is getting complicated. Gonna try on Heroes 5 later. Very Happy
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