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OCZ PowerStream 520W PSU

Specifications and Features

I admit, I’m a geek, dork, well what ever you want to call me. I get giddy and fixate on new hardware like a stoner to Twinkies. I like to think I have good reason, but most of the time it's nothing more than my obsession with electrons. This time around OCZ has provided me something worth my fanaticism. For your erotic … geek pleasure I present the OCZ PowerStream 520. OCZ made a name for themselves in the memory market by creating top quality products. It looks like they aim to do the same in the power supply market. OCZ has been releasing products that help modders, overclockers, and (flinch) “enthusiasts” tweak their computers for absolute performance. While their memory built the OCZ name its products like the DDR Booster that gave the electron crazed (me) something to drool over. The PowerStream 520 makes it to my short list of power supplies I would recommend to friends, but I do not want to spoil the ending so we will save final judgment until, well, the end duh. On to what makes this power supply stand out.
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