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Who here likes Tennis?

Does anyone here play tennis? I haven't seen any posts about tennis in the forums (I admit, though, I haven't really looked very much)...If you do like tennis, though, what are your thoughts on Pete Sampras returning to play? I don't know how he'll do...but I guess his life must've been getting boring being retired young and having a lot of money.
I love tennis, I play it as a hobby not for getting a profession out of it, but as good fitness along with Tae Kwon Do.

euxapi wrote:
Does anyone here play tennis?what are your thoughts on Pete Sampras returning to play?

What Question Sampras is returning, he is one of my favourites, he has a great serve, just so good! He has made many, many aces with it! Laughing Pete is a great player and I also like such as Lleyton Hewitt, Andre Agassi, Guilermo Coria, the Williams systers, Justine Henin Hardenne etc.

What do you think about the Finnish player Jarkko Nieminen Question Confused

Tennis is fun!
Me... I not only like this very much, I play this 3-4 times in a week..

And I expect to the Roland Garros that coming soon..
I love it as well, although i had not played it for a few months.
When I started to play tennis, almost 15 years ago, my hero was Michael Chang.
He beated Ivan Lendl at French Open final in 1989(not sure).
I watched his play many times on TV and tried to use the same racket.
Although my tennis had not been improved, I still play it as hobby.
It's coming a good season in UK, I will try to ask my friend to play this week end! Very Happy
I love tennis. I've playing tennis for years now. When I began playing, the king was called Bjorn Borg. He was my favourite player. My other favourites were Vitas Gerulaitis (Borg's friend), Jimmy Connors and John Mac Enroe. From may to september I didn't anything else than play tennis and watch TV : Roland Garros and all the competitions before and after. My favourite player in 2006 is Raphael Nadal. I think he's going to become a real top player.
Summer is coming and it will soon be time for Wimbledon tennis tournament!

Thats a really great tournament! Wink
I love the grass courts! Wink Laughing
As I am Swiss I wanted just to say that as it comes to tennis, there is one name that will dominate whatever men's tournament you want: ROGER FEDERER!!!!!!
I believe he is totally awesome, smart and a great athlete! I wish him many more success and I always love to hear the Swiss National Anthem!!!!!!!! By the way, who will he have to defeat in the next final?! Any suggestions?
i really like watching tennis Very Happy
i like nadal , henan ,
I play tennis, next year i'm joining a team. Right now i have a private coach
I got my raquet signed at the US Open by Roger Federer
I like tennis - my son plays for his club and is very good. He beats me all the time and he's only 11 - LOL

Anyway - tennis is great
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