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Stanley cup anyone?

Who Will Win the cup (Second round Edition)
Ottawa Senators
 0%  [ 0 ]
Carolina Hurricanes
 15%  [ 2 ]
New Jersey Devils
 15%  [ 2 ]
Buffalo Sabres
 23%  [ 3 ]
San Jose Sharks
 0%  [ 0 ]
Anaheim Mighty Ducks
 23%  [ 3 ]
Colorado Avalanche
 7%  [ 1 ]
Edmonton Oilers
 15%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 13

After the round 1 failures and successes I would like to know how you think the Stanley Cup will play out.

In ealier posts I said it was going to be Philly ... nope .. forgot the minor fact that they do not got a goalie, ditto with the Red Wings. I don't hang much on Legacy's head ... well at least not as much as the Heart of the Wings in general.. Where was Datsyk? Shannahan? Captain Yzerman out-played them both and he's been hurt for a couple of years.

Also this is the first time in my recent memory where all one conference was upsets and the other conference was favorites. Intriguing stuff.

I gotta go with the Canes now ... Stall is way too powerful and Cam Ward coming from nowhere has come in to simply dominate when called upon. This depth in the Goalie position a major factor in winning a cup.
Canadian Bacon
To say there are many good teams left is an understatement. The team I want to win the Stanely cup is Ottawa. But Aneheim has a really good team and they are playing really well. It's gonna be a thrilling race to the end.
devils duh. I wish the flyers where playing. I dont' really follow hockey though so i odnt' know.
Well, I am a Philly fan too, such easy loss to Buffalo was a big disappointment to me Sad . And who will win now? The one that has the best goaltender and best defence, as usual. So I say Anahaim. Bryzgalov rocks, 7 goals in 8 games and saves .967 are really great. He reminds me Giguere in the 2003 playoffs. Where is Anahaim taking those goaltenders from? Mad If not Anahaim then my tips are San Jose or Edmonton. Not really tough teams in Eastern Conference this year Rolling Eyes .
Im going to have to say, Edmonton, but there more or less "Who I would like to see win" not who has the best of chance. To bad Toronto was out so quick. Crying or Very sad
i was going to go with the devils but now that they are down 3-1 i think its safe to say there not coming back. i like the way the buffalo sabres have been playing. Ryan Miller is the real deal and so is Kotalik. Did anyone see when campell laid out umberger in round 1 against philly?
he was in the hospital for a few days
Canadian Bacon
Yea I saw that hit campbell put on umberger, that was insane. Of the teams left, I still got to give Anehiem the top spot in the west, and in the east I would have to say Carolina will take it. Devils are down 3-1. And I think Carolina is better then Buffalo. In any case it will be fun to watch. GO EDMONTON!! (only Canadian team left)
I agree with Canadian Bacon. I'm rooting for Edmonton, but figure that Anaheim and Carolina will be in the finals. I was pretty bummed that Calgary couldn't pull it off. I'm a big fan of Mikka Kiprusof and I have some buddies in Calgary too. Furthermore a series of Alberta teams would have had my interest.

This new hockey is awesome. There's still the big hits, but everything is a little cleaner and the game is way more wide open. I wish Philly would still be in it and early on I was rooting for Montreal.

Give me a Carolina and Edmonton final and I'll be very happy.

I am a big colorado fan... buttttt..... Since they are now out... Carolina All the way.

Too Bad they couldn't show the devils the broom... but i am sure they will rape it all up in game 5.
Mighty Ducks shows as that teh are really "mighty". nobody think that mighty ducks will playin coference final and have a chance to play next for stanley cup. I hope that they will bring the tittle to Anaheim. GO DUCKS !!! Go Niedermayer (Scott) and Selanne!!!
It's been one insane playoff run this year. I mean, the 4 lowest seeded teams in the west advance, and the top 4 in the east have advanced. And after that, the second round just got a bit more insane with the first few high scoring games. I think in that first Ottawa/Buffalo game, there was something like 13 goals scored.

I was kinda dissapointed that Calgary had to go in the first round, but I think that was partly coach Sutter's doing, because everything was so screwed up. They were playing way to much dump and chase hockey, and it's hard to do anything that way.

Well, I guess it would be nice for the cup to come to Canada, so go Oilers. Surprised
alright, so what does everyone think the finals are going to be?

i'm positive its going to be anaheim vs. the sabres, and the sabres will bring it home. i'd love to have a title in california, but i dont think this is our year.
Anaheim might well indeed win if they keep it up but I still guess that everything is still up in the air. This has been a really good season, well worth the lockout (well almost I guess!!), and there has already been tons of upsets so I guess we will just have to wait and see!
Personaly, I would bet on the Oilers. They have a great chance of taking home the Stanly Cup
Well, I really have no idea who will win the SC now, since both Bryzgalov and Ward are getting worse and worse Confused . NHL is really unpredictable. Im reading every year the pre-season evaluations of teams by experts, saying this team would make it far in the play-offs and that team has no chance. And then the season makes them completely wrong. And it is same with regular season and play off. Play offs are usually ruled by the most unpredictable teams, just as this year Shocked . What is the regular season for then? Laughing
Im from western New York and the big games we played were baseball, basketball and football. But from what I see of Hockey it may well be the truest sport of them all.

I pretty much only watch the playoffs, and I remember when Buffalo played Dallas for the cup a few years back.

The deciding goal was scored in overtime and I can remember the Dallas player standing with 1 foot in the crease when he scored the game winner. They used replay in Hockey so the refs reviewed the play and I was just waiting for them to dis allow the goal. It was CLEAR the player was in the crease when he scored the deciding goal in the Stanley Cup.

Suffice to say, I am still waiting...
They player is allowed to score if he's in the crease. I think it is just a mtter of did he kick it or w/e. But the main point is Dallas won. Even though i wanted buffalo.

So Edmonton is in the finals. Carolina is against Buffalo in game seven on thursday. I hope the sabres win. But the tough goaltending from Cam Ward and Buffalo's potent offense is sure to be a challenge for both teams. If Buffalo should win, its offense will be tested by edmonton's defense and superior goaltending from Dwayne Roloson. Anyone ele agree or differ? I tthink Edmonton's powerfull defense and brilliant offense will pay off for the Oilers as they will win the Stanley cup.
I'm still goin for the canes. I can't pull my prediction. I think the depth of their goaltending staff is still a major part of their success. Gerber goes down Ward comes up. Ward goes gown Gerber goes up. Someting that other teames (except SJ & OTT) couldn't do this year.
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