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This is my site which I started recently. Check it out and tell me what you think and tell me your suggestions to improve the site.

(Sorry if I am the Simon Cowell of Frihost Twisted Evil )

Number one problem for me is the navigation buttons. There is not enough contrast between the button color and the button label to read what the button is (almost 'mystery meat' navigation). I'm prety sure you can do animated buttons using only CSS (your method requires javascript to be enabled).

if you want to offer a banner exchange, either say to copy the banner to your web site, or change the image link to point to your site...

<a href=""><img src="mypbanner.gif" alt="MYPNet" border="0" ></a>

This will fail unless the person also moves the banner image to their site.

Add quick screenshots to the games. Screenshots get more attention than text any day. Also, consider compression. We like to discourage people from downloading and running executables.

Your site's style is simple, but still developing. Keep working with it. Smile
thanks for the comments benjad

I found them useful, I'm going to fix that banner link right now and when you quoted the link I also realized i forgot to change the url to the sitesled one which I want to use now.

Also I'll take into to consideration changing the text on my buttons and

i already planned on getting screenshots (along wiht more games) soon, just haven't had the chance lately
its a pretty good site, but the navigation buttons are not that great. The color isnt that good and they seem to small. See if you can make them bigger Smile
anyone else have suggestions or comments?
I would suggest making your website more C.R.A.P. (not to be confused with the smelly stuff.)

Contrast. You need more contrast between the color and background color.

Repetition. Try repeating the texture in your header image. The navigation buttons doesn't fit at all into the website design. The header image's text colour seems out of place. Repeating a constant idea, shape, colour, or texture can do wonders. But don't overdo it!

Alignment. Align your center body to your header. There are ways out there to strech an image to a certian percentenge to match that of the body, or you can just opt for a fixed width design instead of your current liquid design. Alignment is a crucial if you want your design to look remotely professional.

Proximity. Group similar items together. I would suggest having more padding between the text and the section titles. Make the section titles bigger and make them stand out better. You have proximity down nicely with your navigation buttons, though.

CRAP is an age old method that has been around for... Well, ages. It's been a great help to me. Hopefully this will help you.
Well, you site lacks a bit of everything sorry to say. I can see what your at. Try making your site more graphical. More content is needed, but not too much that people won't to read your site. If you are helping others then I suggest you have a forums up so they can post the questions. Maybe you can put a blog up. Add interesting news, any kind would be fine. If you have games that you created, then have a whole more description and screenshots to attract your visitors, else they might think it's boring. Don't use html, use PHP scripts for many things like counters, time, date, w/e that will make you site more attracting. Have banners as well. Hope this helps!
thanks for the suggestions and comments I appreciate it. I have already started working on making some of those things better and I made new buttons which are much easier to see. If anyone else has suggestions or comments please reply.

Thanks to everyone who is helping,

thanks for the comments, they helped a lot. Anyone else have anything to comment on?
why is ur navigation wheer your footer is supposed to be????

by the way if you wana add my link to your links ection... plz do and use banner......

link to my site ...heres the banner:

what do you suggest i do to make it look more professional?
Whell the website is not loading!
well your website is good

background is dark also good

loading time is little bit longer time

right hand side show affiliated links its good ... Embarassed
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