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File hosting for third parties

Hi everybody!

I've been developing in localhost a really thin and small app built for file uploading, much like imageshack, though with some characteristics thought specifically not to waste too soon too much bandwidth and processor resources:

1) Every single file gets killed after 24 hours of being uploaded

2) Every single file gets inmediately killed if is reported as violating copyright.

3) No file 2mb+ gets into the system

4) Thanks to a small CGI I wrote the system allows only .pdf, .png, .gif, .jpg, .swf and .zip. This way, if you rename asdasd.exe to asdasd.gif and upload it, the system forbids you by setting a cookie AND banning your IP.

5) Every file gets gzipped and gunzipped on the fly

Then, given that I provide a tool to avoid copyright infringing and that I do any single possible check to prevent exploitation, can I upload it and promote it around? It's just for the alpha and beta stage, I'll probably move it to another hosting when it gets to be released to the public.
Mod Hat;

It is NOT allowed to be used here at FriHost, however, if you wish you can make a thread about it.

Member Hat;

I'd be interested in trying it out, if you do create a thread about it then could you please post the link here, thanks
As soon as I finish the debugging phase I'll upload it as a closed beta for 10-50 individuals in waves of 5 and post a nice thread about it.
Please remember that you cannot use it on your FriHost account
That's a DAMN BIG setback...can you personally recommend me a hosting with similar characteristics (no ads, mysql, php and ftp access)?
polarBear wrote:
That's a DAMN BIG setback...can you personally recommend me a hosting with similar characteristics (no ads, mysql, php and ftp access)?

Unfortunately, other free hosts and most paid hosts aren't as good as FriHost. Also, I am not going to recommend our competition. The best advice I could give is search Mr. Google

***Note that you may be allowed to test the script here, although this is a maybe.
polarBear, file hosting is not allowed on Frihost. I doubt other free hosts will allow it either. Or at least they won't when your website gets more popular.
Hmm... Crying or Very sad ok.
polarBear wrote:
Hmm... Crying or Very sad ok.

I can recomend you a cheap paid host if your intrested PM me. And wumingsden is right I dought you will find a better free host or one that is half as good as here.
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