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my HUGE download site

It's alive! (some reason, the Frankenstein quote is so relevant... more on that later).

I have a pretty generic software download site up now. It can be found at

If you are looking for ANY software, I am pretty confident that you can find a good shareware or freeware application. The site hosts a database of over 17,800 programs! I actually wrote some code to do the importing . The software is all imported from the ASP PAD file repository (ASP="Association of Software Professionals" .. PAD=Portable Application Description XML files). I should have a bigger number when I am finished importing the PADs. PAD sites allow developers to quickly list their software at multiple sites.

I am currently developing the site to filter searches based on completely FREE / Shareware / Trialware, etc. Also, the look and feel of the listings is going to be improved. I am adding database tables / fields to allow for download tracking and developer advertising ("featured" programs). I am also taking some code that reads / creates RSS feeds.... so, this "creation" is a real Frankenstein of code.

I'd love to hear what you think about the site.
So, the design is simple and coo, but I think the buttons are big, I think you can rezise them (smaller means professional to me).
yea, i totally agree, smaller text on those buttons (and maybe the same font you used in the banner for "... a better way to find", like a taller sans_serif).

other than that, looks good. definetly need a heaftier search page though, there's just too many apps, it'd take eons to find anything.

also, maybe a 5 star rating system would be nice entered by users?
Yes I too have the same suggestion about the buttons

Also, try merging the ads,

They stand out too much and the bright green does not suit the background, totally..
I made the buttons much smaller. It is possible to overlook things like that when you have a dual-monitor set up that combines to make a 3200x1200 desktop. Thanks for the critiques.

Hey undoweb, that's a beautiful animated chinchilla!

scorpio wrote:
...Also, try merging the ads,

They stand out too much and the bright green does not suit the background, totally..

I have changed the background color to match the light blue rather than that bright green. I just went with the colors -- seemed like it might be an eye-sore, and I guess that it was.
its a very well organized site...
Layout is nice. You don't have add specific charset in that site. Page could also be made without tables. There is something at page width, because I can see bottom scroll bar. Logo is pretty nice.
SamiTheBerber wrote:
Layout is nice. You don't have add specific charset in that site. Page could also be made without tables. There is something at page width, because I can see bottom scroll bar. Logo is pretty nice.

I have been looking at my styles.css for the problem that causes the bottom scrollbar, but I am a bit new to CSS. I am reworking a lot of the content as well - specifically around reducing the number of tables that are in the original code.

I just added the charset info for most pages - thanks for noticing that detail (good eye!).

Now, I have to get back to work on those search options (unless I intend to lie Shocked about "better way to find and buy software").
Ok, the search filtering is working pretty nicely. I had to add a bunch of PHP code to keep the program type persistant between pages.

The filter can be changed while searching - and the search is maintained (ex: search for: "iPod" Matches: 148 - filter for Shareware: Matches: 136, filter for Freeware: Matches: 8, filter for Demo: Matches: 3, filter for Commercial: Matches: 1).

Now "...a better way to find and buy software" is true. It will even get better once my next bit of advanced filtering code is worked in.
You got a lot of stuff on your site, nice Smile But i don't like the layout, messy..
I am working on improving the layout, but I don't know what aspect you find messy? Go ahead - be critical, I can take it. What's messy, and how might you improve it?

My goal is to make this site as good as it can be - which download site has a less-messy layout?
Tomppe wrote:
You got a lot of stuff on your site, nice Smile But i don't like the layout, messy..

Yea, i agree... That will drive many people away, try an html toolbar or something along the lines.
Your site looks prety good. I would center the content div (because on larger monitors, your content is left, and the bars are right, leaving lots of blank space center screen). So push them together by centering them. Your site looks good, maybe a more work on a large header could make it even better.

The only problem I see with your site is, why would anyone want to use it? What is unique about coming here vice , or even just visiting the PAD site? For your site to grow, it will need to distinguish itself somehow, not just do the exact same functions as everyone else.

There are two ways I could see it grow. 1st would be to get a good group of editors who could write reliable 'editor's reviews' (seperating it from -- where everything seems to get good ratings), or a really strong user feedback system.
I just completed code that displays similar programs (on any "products-####.html" page, like

The code looks at the keywords for the source program and queries to find other programs that have the same keyword. It compiles a list, ordered by score (most-matches display first).

This is a pretty nice feature, I have to boast. Consider searching for any type of software... seeing a list of a few similar software titles would possibly help you to find EXACTLY what you want (especially from a large list of possible matches like we have at BetterWindowsSoftware - 29456 titles and growing...).

Also, for anybody interested in creating their own nearly-FREE hosted software download site (get hosted with FriHOST, of course), I wrote a utility that allows 5000 free submission attempts, but you can register for $25. It will import the list of PAD files into your PADkit website - all of the info is on my Auto PAD Submit utility page. You could alternatively purchase a pre-populated database for a bit more $$$$.
Ok, it's been a little while since there were any major changes to the site.

Search Filter Improved!
The search filter now has more options. Once you have some listings (for example: Windows 2000 between 200kb and 500kb) from any initial search, or from our category browser (such as our Audio and Multimedia category), you can use the new filters.

  • Filter searches by Operating System
    This filter should benefit you if you are only looking for software for Netware, or MS-DOS, or Mac OS X, or other hard to find operating systems (currently supported operating systems: MS-DOS, BeOS, Linux, * all Mac, Mac 68k, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Win3.1, Win9x, WinNT, WinCE, Win2000, WinXP, OS/2, OS/2 warp, Palm OS, Unix, java, Netware).
  • Filter searches by File size

These options are not part of the primary search form yet, but you can assume that by the time you read this forum post the search form will also let you select your operating system and file size needs.
A very well done site, just like (maby the new one?).

But the text on the buttoms are to small, fix that.

And maby try to remove some ads, In my eays it was to much of the bad but also much of the good Very Happy

8/10 to your site!

Best regards
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