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Fathers Visit

As he feels all of the spiritual wonderment
That surrounds him; the soul’s eye sees the past
More and more with each passing moment
Of a life forgotten so long ago

He looks around the room which he has found
His very soul in the center of and sees a painting,
Very mystical is the feeling sent to him.
Could it be the face of one forgotten?
The one he has seen in his minds eye for months now?

As he approaches the vision hanging on the far wall,
Of this brilliantly blue and white room.
The image in his eye becomes clearer with each
Step, so clear it seems as if he has been here
So many times before.

Is it the image of a man, one that
Shed so much love and light, with all who
Have crossed the path on which he traveled
For such a short period of time.

Closer he draws; the warmth abounds in his soul
And the tears that now have formed to wash away
All the lost time that hasn't been shared for so long,
Now has reconnected from the flow
Of these two misplaced souls.

While standing in front of this figure
That he now knows is so familiar, the
Connection has now been completed, one
That both have traveled towards for years.

The light around the image fades the face
Brightens, the tears still form along with the
Bright smile which always has been so comforting.
He feels the arms of love wrap around him,
And the words come to life.

"I Love You Son" and with no hesitation the response
Given with another hug and kiss,” I Love You Dad, take
Care and God bless", dad fades into the shadows of the
Blue, the warmth becomes one with the light of white which
Will burn for many more that cross his path in this life!

In Loving Memory of ones we lost to soon

Though your light burned short,
The brightness of your luminace
Shall burn bright within us all
For the touch of your rays will
forever light the paths we travel.

With tears of love and of admiration
We move forward with the memories of
The life you shared, the love you held
and the beauty of your soul.

Mere words will never replace
what we all have lost in our lives
nor can the tears wash away the
pain that we must now carry
Always hold them In Loving Memory!

As I awoke from my slumber.
This buning fire with in my soul
has drawn me to a place where,
very few have gone.
This fire which I speak of just
grew and grew.

Till one day when the fire got to
intense, I burst into flames and
as I crawled to go hide away, for
the pain brought so much sorow.
I can see through the smoke and the ashes,
a hand !

A hand that i have seen before, I grab the hand
for I knew it was there to help
as it has always been.

As i rise from the ashes and dust myself
off, I see a friend, not just any friend
mind you, a honest dear friend.

As the ashes settle down, and I see that
shell no longer has a part in my life.
I have come to the reality of life, knowing that
I have a friend.

You know you can rise from the ashes,
but the embers are still warm.
So that is my look on things, most importantly,
romance. The fire will burn you, but the ashes
will settle down,
and the ambers will keep me warm.
We all have great passions that so enrich our hearts,
the joy of these can not be matched by the
passion of love that we all need in our lives.
The passion is like a river running through the
mountains, each curve and turn of her majestic
journey, makes the passion grow all that much more.

As is the journey for the passion of love, filled
with the curves and turns of our everyday lives.
The Faith I hold in this passion brings joy to many
hearts & souls, for that is the only place that I know
that this passion of love can truly grow.

With the passion of love and the passion of freindship,
I creat these words that ring so true. That one day all
will know the true passion of love, and hold the Faith
that they too will feel the power of the rushing river
as it flows over the mountains of love.
dlt poet
" Many Times..."

Many times I sit here
wondering what
tomorrow may bring,
maybe a smile
when the telephone
rings, for just the
thought that it
maybe you, since
there is no one
else who can
chase away my blues.

Many times I have sat
here and wondered
what your doing now.
Knowing the love I
have for you is more
then just a dream,
but is a reality, for
in my heart there
is no greater joy.
" Another Place Or Time "
As I sit here and ponder what life has in store.
I look back and wonder, could there have been more.
My mind gets racing when I think about us,
and the thought of you leaving, leaves me in the dust.
For as I ponder what might have been,
in my mind, if only in another place or time.

I know there is always a chance, for the connection
we feel, for the love in my heart is so very real.
Life is short, on that we agree, just once
we were able to know what it means to be free.
For as I ponder what might have been, in my mind,
if only in another place or time.

This story is short, I know this to be true,
for the love that I have will never make me blue.
With the head of a rose, and my dolphin too,
I know in my heart that I loved you.
For as I ponder what might have been, in my mind.
If only in another place or time !
Fathers Love
In this crazy mixed up world, once in a while you come across a sight that sends a warm feeling through your entire body and soul. Just such an occasion happened to me on an early spring morning as I was returning from a family outing in mid Michigan.
As I traveled along Route 61 headed toward Interstate 75, the car which I was driving came to the crest of a hill in this vast area of farmland. Off in the distance I noticed a tractor rolling along toward me at it's usual speed of ten miles an hour. Usually this would not grab my attention as it did on this day, but it was one of the older tractor in the area. The closer we got to one another, the clearer it got, that old girl had more then one passenger riding on her faded coat of red. When I reached the point of being about ten yards away, much to my surprise, there was a young lad sitting on this older mans lap. As I slowed to wave, as is the custom in this area of rolling fields of corn and wheat, I noticed the old man leaning over the boy talking to him.

As I drove by the both of them looked up and waved and smiled. The young boy looked as if he were in heaven, the older sat up looking like a proud peacock with his feathers in full bloom, as I am sure his fathers father did when he went for his first ride on the very same tractor oh so many years ago. As they went over the crest of the hill that i had just traveled, I could not help but feel a glow come over me. What a special moment I have just witnessed, the passing of the guard in the true American fashion. Only God knows whether or not the young lad will follow the same path that his ancestors have taken.

When I finally reached Interstate 75, some twenty miles down the road, I still had the thought of the two bouncing along the road on this wonderful day. I began to think about my younger days, and the thought of my father and I riding on the same tractor and thinking of what he might have said to me. Many thoughts came to my mind that day, none more important than the lesson of treating your fellow man and women with respect, but more important to treat your family with the same respect and love.

I can only hope that when my kids and the kids of their generation grow up that they have learned that family and friends are the most important people they will ever have in their lives. I spent many years on the wrong side of this notion. If I have any regrets about my life it would be that I did not realize how much family truly means, and no matter what little surprises come around the corner, they will always be there if you need th
" The Doors Of My Mind"
Life was so much easier when I kept things locked
behind the doors deep inside my mind.
The emotions I keep trapped there have no where to go,
except on these pages that are so revealing of who I am.

They have been trapped for so long,
they are more a flaw then they are an asset.
When open, it leaves the chance of losing
family and friends that were ever so close,
but now are gone oh so far away.

Once let out, it is hard to close those doors
from where these emotions flow and overwhelm me at times.
The need to share these emotions with someone
special seems to be more then I can ever handle or control.

My fear is the pain will never go away,
for with the doors that are open to these emotions,
they just add to tear me away.

My pockets are lined with copper,
my heart with gold,
these doors I speak of are my heart and soul !

Poet dlt
I have spent many nights wondering of your love.
In my life I never meet anyone who makes me feel like I can rise above it all.

My life is full of the love I feel for you, so much so that I spend many sleepless nights thinking of you.

" This Love For You "
A vice now wraps around my heart and holds me
in the very part that long has felt this love for you
but now knows what it has to do.
To hope and pray and wish for things can often bring such awful pain.
To let you go is death to me and all that I can really see,
is tears forever flowing now 'til I can find a peace somehow.

Oh, please forgive me
for this thing that to my heart such misery brings.
For your forgiveness, I implore.
Oh, precious friend my love will never end.
it's your own texts?
yes these are all my own writings I have been writing since I was 12 years old, very much a passion of mine. Been in a few contest and won some awards which to some extent is gratifing. In some cases on my web site I add graphics I make to henhance the mood of the words. Thanks for the post. Have a great day!
"The Wind"
As the wind blows I feel your love surround me,
I feel your sweet caress of your heart and soul.
I think of the many times we spend sharing a love that can
do nothing more then last an eternity.

As the wind blows, I hear the sound of birds forever growing
as does the fire that you have set ablaze in my soul.
There has been many times I heaved dreamed of the day,
when my true love would come my way.
On the wind of love, I am in heaven with my eternal star.

As the wind blows by, I realize a kiss on its gentle breeze
hoping it makes it's way to you.
I feel inside something more than just a need to hold you,
in my arms for now and eternity.

As the wind has proved that things can last, our love
grows ever so fast.
You are my heart, you are my soul, you are my life,
and one day I hope you will be my wife.
And one day the wind shall come, to bring you to a new place
that you can call your home.

As the wind blows these words to you,
All I have left to say is,
I am in love with you !
children as single parents.

"The Pain In Their Eye's"
They get their clothes, and their favorite toys, knowing
that mom should be on her way.
They are such a glow, such great hopes, that the lies
have stopped for they believe her now.

As they pack their stuff for a week end of fun,
they just know in their hearts moms on her way.
As the time goes by, as do the cars,
the hope slowly starts to fade away.

They have been here before, and now they know,
that mom is not on her way.
The pain in their eyes, when they go off to bed,
as I wipe the tears, and kiss them good night.

All I can think and all I can say is,
God, it hurts to see,
the pain in their eyes.
Some pretty powerful poems here. Keep up the good work and keep on posting! We need more poems Smile
As time passes on and the gray of my life slowly takes its toll on my soul, I think of so many things. The passing of my father at a time I needed his guidance the most, the friends that have turned and walked away, and the lost loves in my life. With the loss of so many hearts, it has finally started the graying of this heart of mine and weighs very much on my mind. All have a place within me. Some that I am glad I hold onto, others I hope and pray will go away, but to my dismay the pain lingers to this very day.

I see myself as a man with no destiny, no true happiness that I can hold on too, I have tried to move on only to be caught in more heart ache and pain. With the sounds of the birds and of the wind, the walks in the woods or even to travel down the stream that will always and forever be a part of my Impossible Dream. One that is out of reach, but there to tease me at every turn.

From the adoring eyes of one so young, to the southern belle who tried to put the swing in my life. Or the one who took my heart and filled it with false light only to extinguish it, and now the one who holds this graying heart at the moment of my life where much of nothing makes sense. Why do I inflict such pain and turmoil into this life of mine? Is it to punish myself for what I have done in days gone by? Or is this truly the work of a spirit greater then any mere human can comprehend?

I see these thoughts as never ending, and I feel the pain grow in my soul with each passing year. To these questions I have no real answers, just the pains of knowing that the graying of my heart continues without reason.
" I Have Met "

I have met some
wonderful people
in my life, but none
as special as the
one that has done
wonders for my soul.

This is why I have
dedicated this special
page to you my love.

I truly know the love
that I feel for you will
last an eternity.

I send my love and
admiration to you,
for God has given
us a gift to share.

A gift of love that
I treasure every
moment, and for
that I am truly
grateful, and for
us this dream will
become a reality.

From my heart I
wish you all my
for with out our
dream, we are
just an empty shell....
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