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New usb 2.0 pci card, how do i connect the front ports?

I just bought a PCI Usb 2.0 & firewire combo card from ebay
(prob my first mistake Smile

I want to hook up the usb port on the front of my pc case to the new PCI card, but don't know which pin is which on the new card? There are no obvious markings on the pci chip to tell me a brand or anything, so google searching hasn't helped me. The driver cd which came with it has drivers & not much else.
I've written to the seller, but being a large seller from hong kong & i don't hold much hope of a useful reply.
My last resort will be blindly plugging them in the same way as my motherboard connects, but i don't want to risk blowing up the chip...

This is it...
Most of the time it only fits in one way. If it fits two ways, your computer won't be blown up just by misconnecting a port (I'm not 100% sure, but if it's just a connectioncable from the port to the card I guess it won't). If it's really dangerous than most of the time the pc doesn't boot when you turn it on because something is connected wrong and by that you know you did it wrong...
But there is always a little chance it blows Confused so if there's someone else with the same card...

There might be a tiny white or some other color arrow, or a number "1" pointing to where you should plug in the right hand side of the cable.

I don't think it should matter that much, if you can't find that just guess and check. lol. Rolling Eyes
You know something ? That's the EXACT same card that I bought for this PC about a year or so ago (on eBay, surprisingly), it's one of the best things I done to this computer, I'm almost using all of the USB ports on that thing. I even have a USB card reader inside of this PC (another great upgrade made) and it's connected to one of the internal USB ports on there. To me, it was a great bargain to get that card on eBay as they charge up the wazoo in the retail stores to buy such of a similar thing. Commonly, they don't even have the ability to get that many USB ports. Be proud for what you got. If you were to get it in stores, you would spend a fortune. Trust me on that.

Besides that, I done a similar hack on my 3rd Custom PC to get the front-panel ports to hook up properly (since there's none on the motherboard). I took this digital camera photo just now. It's a bit of an ugly hack (probably the worst I've ever done on a PC lol), but hey, it works. Very Happy There's no window in the case, so you cannot see it without the side panel taken off. Take note that it's a different USB card, not the same one that you and I have in different PC's. In that PC that I'm referring to now, I got a miniature 4-Port USB hub and plugged the 2 front-panel ports into it (since the card only supports one inside the case). Since the front-panel ports are 4 pins, I hacked it together by using 2 cables to make them from 4 pins into an actual USB port. I stole those from other card readers that I put in other PC's of mine.

I have this one diagram from one of the PC's that I've built (I built 3) that might help you. Dunno if it will or not, but it cannot hurt to try. It may be a bit unclear to read the photo, but this is what it reads on the USB section :

Red = +VCC
Yellow = -D
Green = +D
Black = Ground

Oh well. Razz Good luck with your hack.

- Mike.
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