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12 classics comprehending :

We treat oneself , treat the staff , treat the colleague , treat the customer , treat the work , treat family , treat the friend , treat life, it is really so, behind the complicated thing is actually all simple reasons, worth seeing suddenly, is more worth thinking. So as to wish hard , busy every colleague , friend are happy!
1, Father and son two people undergo five-star hotel gate , see one luxurious import car very. The son says to his father not considering worth doing: ' the person who takes this kind of car, there will certainly not be knowledge in the stomach! ' father answers touching on lightly: ' the people who talk about such words, there will certainly not be money in the pocket! ' (note: Your view to thing, reflect your attitude with real heart too? )
2, After supper, mother and daughter wash the bowl plate together, father and son watch TV in the sitting room. Suddenly , the noise of breaking the plate came in the kitchen, then very quiet. It is the son that looks at his father, say: ' sure mother breaks. "How do you know? "She has not scolded people . ' (note: We is it is it watch with different standard people think own , so that responsibility people with tight often to come to used to, treat own Israel wide. )
3, Two visiting groups of Taiwan travel to beans peninsula of Iraq of Japan, the road conditions are very bad, all holes of the hole everywhere. Among them a guide is sorry repeatedly, say the road surface is like pockmark. Whether say but another guide poesy say to visitors abundant. Ladies and gentlemen, this road which we take now is exactly the beans pleasant dimple main road of far-famed Iraq. ' (note: It is the same situation, but different ideas, will produce different attitudes . What wonderful thing is thought, how is it think in you power to make decision to go. )
4, Equally third grade primary school students, say in the composition their volunteering in the future acts as the clown. What the teacher of China upbraided is: ' have no ambition, the child can't teach too ! ' will take the foreign teacher and say: ' wish you to bring laughing heartily in the whole world! ' (note: As the elder us, not only apt to require rather than encouraging , the definition that narrower definition succeeds. )
5, Whether among the Palace Museum , have one madam say to she Mr. impatient. ' I say why you walk so slowly. You always stopped to see these things originally. ' (note: Someone only knew that bolted on the road in life, the result lost the chance to watch the beautiful flower of both sides. )
6, The wife is in the kitchen stir-fry. The husband has been banging on all the time by her: A bit slower. Careful! The fire is too big. Turn over the fish quickly . Lift quickly , the oil has been put too much! A bean curd is whole and flat ! ' hey ' wife escape one's lips, ' what stir-fry I know how. "Certainly you understand, madam, ' the husband answers calmly: ' I is it let as you know to want just, I while driving, you chatter in next door, how is my feeling. ' (note: It is not difficult for the society to make allowances for others, so long as you would like to stand on the other side's angle and position looking at problem conscientiously . )
7, The reason fills a bus which carries all over passenger to advance fast along the downhill path , catching up with this car tightly in the back of there is a person. Whether one passenger stretch out from car window head come to chase people of bus say. "Brother ! Let it be, you could not catch up with! "" I must catch up with it , " this person says out of puff: "I am a driver of this car! "(Note: The efforts that some people must be very serious, because not if in this way, the consequence is very miserable ! But must go all out , the potential instinct will serve as one to show with the speciality unknown by the people at last. )
8, First originally so: ' neighbour that bring newly very hateful, last night right to come to jerk our doorbell when being in the dead of night, in the dead of night. ' second: ' really hatefulness! Will you have reported to the police at once? ' first: ' do not have. I am lunatics as them, continue blowing my toy trumpet. ' (it produces to be must reasonable by thing , can see a one's own one , answer can different when you and dispute in the face of the conflict first, think first whether to lose in the heart or not , perhaps can be forgotten quickly. )
9, Misunderstand for some day, Zhang drives in the path among the mountains, when he enjoys the beautiful scenery leisurely, suddenly a truck came in one's face, and full driver with black tooth Wei also turned down the window to curse to him: "Pig! "Zhang wants to wonder , it is the angrier to think of too , then he shakes and gets off the window to curse later : "You are a pig! "Having just finished scolding, he knocked a group of pigs crossing the road head-on . (Others' good intention of annotation explanatory note that don't be wrong, that will let oneself suffer a loss , and make others abuse. In the unidentified so before,learn not restraining first mood is the patient to observe, repentant purpose that in case that grow afterwards. )
10, The younger generation will surpass the older the little boy asks father : "Does the father always know more than the son? "My father answers: "Certainly! "The little boy asks: "Who invented the electric light? "My father: "Edison. "The little boy asks again: "Then why has not Edison's father invented the electric light ? "(Very strange, the person liking flaunting one's seniority is very apt to impose the somersault. The authority is often only an empty shell standing being tested, especially in the open era of this pluralism now. )
11, Needn't tense Xiao Ming swallow one light yuans of soap because of carelessness when having a bath, his mother phones to apply to family doctor for help flurriedly . The doctor says: "I have several patients who are here now, may rush to pass by half an hour later . "Whether little mum Ming say. "Before you come, what should I do? "The doctor says: "Drink a cup of plain boiled water for Xiao Ming, then jump hard, you can let Xiao Ming blow and steep and pass the time with the mouth . "(Take it easy, puts and puts a bit more relaxedly easily, why is life too tense ? Thing since already it happen, why it is for unrestrained one not calm in the face of. Is it not so good as relieved to worry, poor and tense as poor and happy. )
12, Key one a solid one heavy to is it hang at gate to lock, one iron set fee tremendous effort, it is unable to pry open it . The key has come, his modest body creeps into the lockhole, only rotates gently, it is locked " pa " that great one sound has been opened. The iron set is asked strangely: "Why so big strength of my fee can not be opened either, but did you opened it easily ? "The key is said: "Because I understand his heart most. "(Everybody's heart, like the gate locking, lets your even thicker bar of iron prize and does not hold too. Only care, could change oneself into a fine and smooth key , enter in others' heart, understand others.
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