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More like a short story Possible Dream

Possible Dream By: Poet dlthomas

The dream of living high on a mountain top is one that I have and always
will hold close to my heart. I can just imagine living the rest of my life
at fourteen thousand feet where the eagles can soar high above a tree-
filled valley which has a crystal clear river that flows by for my viewing pleasure.
You know the one I mean, the one that winds its way through the gold
and the flaming red of the aspens with the everlasting greens and browns of the
pines as they sway in the wind.

Then on a frost filled fall morning, you can find the deer grazing along her yet
not frozen banks, getting ready for a long cold winter.
Then out of the blue, old man winter comes to lay his first blanket of snow
and ice on this wondrous valley of mine which adds spectacular whites
and grays to the ever-changing beauty of this place that I wish to call my home.
As the days get shorter and the nights longer the hills and valleys fill with
the pure white powder of his icy breath. As time passes on, I stare
out the window and wonder if the old man will ever loosen his icy
grip on this land and allow life to return and flourish in this valley of mine.

When he finally does begin to let go, the melting of the ice and snow
starts the run off of spring which feeds the river with its pureness and
brings life back to this valley that surrounds her banks. As the spring
becomes warmer, the true beauty of this land begins to blossom once again.
Now while the colors of the wild flowers start to unveil their glorious
bouquets of reds, purples, yellows, and pinks, along with the greens of the
grass and of the trees as their branches fill with the leaves of a new
life I sit here on my porch swing and ponder what a beautiful sight this is.

As I sit I hear a screech rise from the north. It is from the golden eagle
that is attempting to secure a meal for her young. As the mouths of the
newborn chicks hold open for their first taste of this life, I can see mama
as she floats above the nest which is only a stones throw away from where I
am sitting. I can only hope that this scene which will continue
until it is time for them to soar on the same winds that their parents have for years.

Now as I look towards the southeastern corner of the valley that spreads
beneath me I see the true beauty of motherhood unfold before my eyes. A
doe lies there struggling to produce her first born. As I begin to turn to the west
she suddenly stands and there on the ground I see a fawn
struggling to stand for the first time. She then receives a gentle nudge from
mama's nose and suddenly the baby is standing on four shaky legs. As
the young one takes her first steps, she is now on her way to exploring
this magnificent thing we call life.

Now comes the time of year when true life is at it's fullest. When the
music of this land starts to sing in the gentle warm breeze. The sound of
the water as it pushes away from the side of the canoe with each stroke I take
up this glorious river of blue. The songs of the birds as they travel from tree top to
tree top. The sight of the deer as they prance through the fields of wild flowers
that the rain and river feed daily.This would be grand music to anyone's ears,
along with the most spectacular sights that mother nature has to offer. What a wondrous feeling this would be to live this dream to it's conclusion.

There is only one thing that could make this a perfect dream. That would be someone special to share these wonderful four seasons with.
Sitting on a porch swing with arms around each other. Holding on as tight as I do to this dream of mine.
Many might say I am foolish or even crazy for believing in this Impossible Dream. All I have to say to them is without dreams what
would we have left except a shell of a human being that has no hope for a better life. All I can hope for is that everyone has a dream that they can chase after, for this is what keeps the human soul
Aive !
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