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NBA 2006 MVP is Steve Nash! Does he deserve it?

Steve Nash has been awarded for the second consecutive year in a row with the honors of MVP. Does he deserve it? I think he does... but if you think he doesn't who should have?
I do beleive Steve Nash Deserves this title. I my sound biased because I am Canadian but look at all the facts, stats, etc.

If anyone lese deserved it maybe Shaq (same as last year). Don't forget MVP does not mean the best player but the most valuable to his team. Shaq could win it every year and it would not be unwarranted. I do beleive that Steve Nash not on the Suns makes that team a non playoff team or a bottom seed at best, I do not think the same of Miami. Dwayne Wade is a great player with or without Shaq, and they may not be as good as a team without Shaq but not as bad as Phoenix without Nash. Nash makes players around him better, Shaq just takes double teams to let other players that are good get better oppurtunities. Nash creates, Shaq creates.

Go Nash!
He's a consistent performer, and I haven't seen him have a bad game in a long time, so why not?
he was pretty good but he doesn't have a superstar looking...He is a god player,may be the best point guard etc but not a superstar..But i think MVP must be a Superstar...
Well, Yea he deserves it, He is a great player, he can do points, make Asist's and arreange all the team and he is a leader in his team.
He surelly deserves the MVP.
A MVP should prove he has the biggest impact on his team, so I think it should be Steve Nash. Because they lost many games without Nash.
selim06 wrote:
he was pretty good but he doesn't have a superstar looking...He is a god player,may be the best point guard etc but not a superstar..But i think MVP must be a Superstar...

That is ridiculous. Why should you have to be a superstar to be MVP? If it the biggest superstar trophy Kobe would win damn near every year. He is the best point guard in the league and might be the most valuable player. without him the Suns are trash. With him they are top 5 in the NBA.
I definitely think Nash deserves it but I wouldn't have argued if it had gone to LeBron or Shaq.
bryan shaw
Steve Nash is a good player. I'm rooting for the Mavs this time thought, so I don't like him very much. >Razz. He does deserve it though.
I really don't think that Nash Deserved the MVP. Granted he is a very good player and can carry a team I don't think that he is the Leagues MVP. MVP is supposed to be given to the player that was the Most Valuable to their team out of all of the teams. I think that is sometimes overlooked when the Award is given out. A lot of times I think that it is given to the player that people like the most at the current time. Anyway my pick would have to be Lebron James. He was the guy that was the catalyst for everything that the Cavs were trying to do on both ends of the court. He was responsible for shutting down the opponents best player. In addition to this he was often times called on to bring the ball up the floor and with him not being a true PG that is a huge responsiblity. I belive that he was one of the leaders on the team in Assists and he was at the top if not the top scorer in the league. In addition to all of this he was also able to lead his team in the defeat of the Detroit Pistons in the playoffs, the defending champions. So, in conclusion I would have to say that the voters made a mistake in the selection of Steve Nash as the NBA MVP.
i dont think steve deserves the mvp especially twice in a row i mean look at the other guys like for instance wade he did alot for his team and look where they are now in the finals and the suns arent or u can look at kobe i think he did much more than steve nash in the struggle to keep his teams playoff hopes alive but i just hope he doesnt win it again next year
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