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Computer running

I don't knwo why but my computer is running really slow. Could someone telll me how to make my computer normal speed. I have tried using antivirus
it happens, its usually because you have used up a lot of your hard drive space, or you have a virus, im pretty sure that you've used up a fair amount of space, if not pc's can go slow after a period of time, i suggest u defrag it

"Start", "All Programs", "Accessories", "System Tools", "Defragment"

sometimes it can run if an excessive amount of programs are running, check ur task manager for the PC usage, if its at 100% u may just need to end some tasks or restart the PC.
Thank you so much mate
if not it might be ur anti virus software that is slowing it down, i had norton and straight after i disabled it the pc was running quick again Very Happy
Ray Salamon
Also get Spybot Search&Destory, as well as Adaware, cos you may have a lot of spyware/adware on your compy, making it that much slower.

I've seen McAfee hold a computers running percentage at 100% over known conflicts within their software. I looked it up online and sure enough many people were having this problem, so I installed ZoneAlarm's free firewall, and Avast Antivirus (Also free for personal use) and the computer is running much better now.

Note: ZoneAlarm and Avast Antivirus also conflict and cause weird behavior when online, so i suggest installing ZoneAlarm first because Avast checks for this issue and disables it's features that cause this conflict on installation. Just read every pop-up that Avast gives you in the beggining and make sure to turn off conflicting features so that you don't run into more problems.

The solution just might be FREE!! my personal favorite way to do things online. Hense my presents here on FriHost. Long live the FREE internet.
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