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How to Upload Web.

Hi everyone,
I am Sarat. I requested webhosting and it was accepted. But when I try to go to my site without Frihost, i.e., just type the URL to Internet explorer, nothing that I want to come does come. If I type, the name which I chose, all that comes is FRIH name and all sorts of search topics. And if I type, what comes is - "Welcome to Frihost. To upload your site visit public/html directory" - something like that. And if I go to DirectAdmin, that page, where do I go to upload my site? Which is the public/html directory? How do I access that? And is the control Panel and the DirectAdmin thing the same? Please Help. I hope what I have typed is clear and doesn't look like complete rubbish. Please Help.
saratdear, you need to go through some of the tutorials posted in here earlier! look at the stickies at the top of most forums for useful information

in a nutshell, you have to upload your pages (HTML or whatever) in the public_html folder...this can be done either through DirectAdmin, or logging in with an FTP client.
when a user opens up IE (god forbid) and types in, the server automatically looks inside the public_html folder for the file to serve.

Hint: create a file called index.html, as the server also automatically tries to serve this file when no specific file name is specified.

thats the most newbie-ish answer i could come up with.
you really should read the tutorials in here as well, they're a treasure trove if information

and also learn to use google to your benefit!

This site has all the details about directadmin.

Read it and read it fully.

This clears almost all doubts for a newbie.
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