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to make web site

My hooby to make web pages. I am really happy when I am dealing with designs. Actually I am new in this work, but I will improve myself.
I also love website creating. I own It is fun for me to mess around with HTML and create some pretty awesome things.
I make websites as well mostly as a hobby... working on one for my art work now!
My family wants me to become a graphic designer, but I don’t think that I am that good.
They know that I enjoy sitting in front of the computer and make different homepages (most I just make for fun so nobody sees them).
But if I get a job where I have to make homepages and draw I bet that I will get tiered of it and in the end maybe hate it. So I choose to have it as a hobby
one of my favorite hobby is designing the websitw, becoz it takes lot out of me becoz that is the only way i can earn money from my website. Thanks for some people who helped me in learning web designing. Basically i came to know about web designing after so many days, i did not know mcuh about this but few of my friends pushed me to this and now i cam running a website which is very well done. But guys if u want to take up designing website then dont loose confidence , always stay positive at your work, becoz creativity never dies.
Well, I started designing websites about 3 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. My design knowledges are mostly self-learned. It took very long though, you'll have to be patient and willing to spend endless time and effords.
making website used to be my main hobby.
It was when I was really young though.
I was pretty good and i cannot do those things anymore.
Well anyway I'mplanning on starting over again.
when I look at great website it gives me inspirations.
i started creating webpages when i was 20 years old. actually that was just part of my curiosity if i can do even just the simplest page. i watched a frnd a make his page using dreamweaver... lated i just found myself searching over google on how to make webpages... i started making codes on notepad and started saving them on my HDD and slowly making adjustments on it till i got the design that would satisty me... until now i am still trying keep things better, always making adjustments on my designs...
My hobby is creating webpages too! I enjoyed making a layout and coding it by myself... I started doing it since last year and I improved a lot!! Laughing but my designing skill sucks though..
I love to create web site.

But I like Programing more that creating a design(website or whatever).

So I'm currently working on Php and language.
Can you show us your webpage?
I used to make my own websites but that time there was no CSS and PHP and all those fancy things.
I didn't have the time to make my own websites since about.. 3 or 5 years ago because I entered medical faculty.
Now I'm in a long holiday. I guess I can make a simple and clean one. Doesn't have to look so great like others, what's important is nice and simple for me and has the thing I need the most for it.

Now what I'm confused about is because I have no idea what to put in my websites. Anyone have any idea?
I also enjoy making websites, as it excites me. I'm not the proffesional type only cause I use WYSIWYG builders.
I also creating website, i contribute to many sites. is one of them.
i mainly design with photoshop - its so easy that way, then i use tables in dreamweaver and add my scripts and that stuff.
I have just recently started making them, I started off with WYSIWYG programs but am learning how to make them in PS now.
I also love to arrange websites the most fun part is by arranging the designs the tables or blocks adding some extra features like shoutboxes, registration forms etc... thats what I like about web developing.
I like reading posts like this even though sometimes it makes me feel, not so much stupid, but slow. I'm a late starter in this and have only been doing it for a couple of years now. I really enjoy making sites and hope to learn some of the other languages.
I like to make webpages.I am already new on it but I wanna improve myself as soon as possible..
I'm also interested in designing web pages but I don't have so much time at the moment so I put web pages on vacation.
as you at the top writed, i also like to make websites, but am not so good yet but... em... i will get better Smile .... i hope!
this website bad i did own one but does not work any more
i make websites for fun like you...when im bored whip up a design to killtime..or just make some time to try it.
There is a certain satisfaction of finishing a website. I think in total i've only actually completed 2. The other ones were just fun to try Razz.
When making a website, I enjoy the design process and research for content. The programming would come in later. Surprised

But truly, the brainstorming part is the most enjoyable.

And when the site becomes live and starts to run on its own and traffic grows... it feels like your baby is getting big. LOL Laughing
i like creating a wwebsite to php and htlm ar for me my whole world Razz

i help alot people with theyr sites

i am creating now an torrent site Razz
I love creating websites also and have done many for friends and more recently started getting paid for doing it.

My own one is quite big at I havent got into buying domains for clients yet, but I may do later.

The starngest request I received is to do one for a friend who reads Tarot cards. I am currently doing it and there is some interesting stuff there.

Captain Stupid
I like creating websites... I hope to work for the microsoft corporation when I get out of college.. I make a lot of websites for my clans.
I'm interested in designing web pages so I am creating a website with Flash, php and html. Very Happy
I dont use flash because although it looks nice and makes a nice intro it is more difficult to use it with keywords for the website. You cant register it with a search engine cos it doesnt allow these keywords.

Unless of course you have found a way around this problem.

honestman wrote:
I dont use flash because although it looks nice and makes a nice intro it is more difficult to use it with keywords for the website. You cant register it with a search engine cos it doesnt allow these keywords.

Unless of course you have found a way around this problem.


Search engines are not able to trace / track Flash application on websites. If you really want to have high traffic to your site via search engines, coding progams are still the best way to go, like HTML.
Yes html does provide the best option, however, being a non-techy I cant manipulate html code so i just stick to plain old website design without the fancy stuff. My best is just a few twirly things and animation on the site to give something to look at.

i'm currently making one for my dawn of war winter assult clan..... gotta post alot of fings on forum b4 i can use frihost... lol o well i'll get there eventually
i love to creat websit but i am not good at designing web pages so i use some free cms like xoops,phpnuke...
i realy enjoy doing graphic design, like logos , corporative names , slogans , and everything about it , and well sometimes is great when you get paid for do what u enjoy the most,,, my hobby which i dont get paid for is drawing, yes i do draw horses, abstracts, and yes nudes ...artistic ofcurse...(when i get my web ill post my drawings here k)[/img]
I am not so good in Designing but I think i can learn it with much trying and read tutorials
I like to use website as a tool for promotion, I think it may be a very powerful tools, do you agree?
I use photoimpact to make my webs, it is not common, does anyone also use it to make the website?
I'm the web master for my band's website. Web design has always interested me so monitoring the site is a nice hobby.

I am not particularly experienced in web design so at present I am finding plenty of ways to improve the site each time I learn something new.

My latest challenege is trying to use flash title bars in MS FrontPage.
Unicycle Street UK
i love making making websites bu tits hard to get noticed in a sea of piczo and freewebs :p but i only design, crnt code ot save my life
i'm a newcomer. i'd like to study how to create a website.
DJ Gr3y
i like to working with flash it more fun then working with php or html or other
Even I'm into web desgning & love tweakin & twisting HTML. PHP in my humble opinion stands out as compared to the rest counterparts in terms of Dynamic linking!
I've designed websites of various Travel Companies & educational Institutes. My domain is eye candy websites!
I simply love designing!
I do too, it's an awesome hobby and the best part is seeing the result from your own coding. Programming is also another hobby of mine but that kind of goes with web making
imera wrote:
My family wants me to become a graphic designer, but I don’t think that I am that good.

I love Graphic Design! It's my major. Very Happy
My hobby is to design and create websites. First I started with html, then used some html page designer and now learning JavaScript, CGI, PHP to develope my skills. My first site is
I like to build www pages also . I know language enough well HTML.

I Thank,
I salute,
Merth Jerbeises.
I enjoy web-designing very much as well... Starting Flash, again; I like: (x)html, css, php, perl, python, xml, javascript... still working to improve myself, but I will create my own website when I am prepared to go through with the theme(My own/authored open-source program repository). Starting C++ very soon. Good luck to all of you in your own web-design endeavours.
When I have time and having a sudden gush of creative juices, I would usually do some web design myself. But eversince I got to have a job that actually creates the website (which entails doing the front end and the back end as well), I rarely have those moments of having creative juices that I want to use. Maybe because the back end is stressing me more.
I realized as I was browsing this topic that I'm not really a hobbyist but anyway... I enjoy coding in CSS and XHTML, you can see the websites that I've made in my sig.
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