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favorites gone....again?

Hey everyone... i have a problem here this computer has been running poorly... but something has made me even madder now...
i had like 20 favorites in firefox... and IE
one day get up to check mail.. no favorites at all
this made me mad...
but i just went to each site and resotred it
but i had login info. and FTP info... etc. on my favorites *again* i had everything backed up
so i did that and next day every favorite gone again
i resotred it
and today ALL GONE AGAIN.... Mad WTF?
this thing goes so slow and screws up alot and now favorites getting removed by themselves?
first off... i have formatted awhile back performace still sucked
here are the specs.

intel P4 2.4Ghz
256MB of RAM
OS windows XP Home

if you need more info... just say so please help me out here
first the usual: virus + spyware check

if all that comes clean, time to dig in:
were your Firefox, IE or both IE as well as FX bookmarks gone?
did u install any extensions/add-ons recently?

you can (and should) backup your favorites every few days...i've learnt the hard way Razz (running a script now to backup every week or so to local drive, network drive, webserver + gmail....never know when 3 out of the 4 wont work!)
thanks, I have ran a virus scan and spyware and it was clean
i only use firefox but before i used internet explorer some of my old favorites were in there
ummm nah i left firefox the way it was
Have you checked your profile? In the folder 'Documents and settings' are folders for all users on your pc. ('I'm the only user': yes, but xp doesn't know that) Check if there are folders with yourusername.001 or .002 etc. If so: there's a problem with saving your profile-info and you can find your old favourites in one of these folders.
Maybe it helped.
Other one: create a free page on frihost and put your links there so you have them worldwide available for yourselve. Note: write your frihost-site on a piece of paper or remember it Wink

Good luck!
yep i checked wan't there... =(
and this morning it blue screened i managed to get it back
by safe mode and system restore and now its even slower and more unstable...
would more RAM make it any faster?
i have 256MB
256 should be enough for xp to be stable. I guess there is a software problem, and it looks like a damaged windows-installation or a virus/spyware. You could try saving your xp-activation-info (there is a way to put it on a disk, but i'm not sure how you do that. Should be on google) and all of your documents and do a repair or a reinstall if volume-control (right-click on the drive, properties, extra) and spyware/virusremovers don't work.

But maybe someone has another idea?

Yeah this thing is seriously messing up bad now...
withen this week it has blue screened aboout 5 times
the safe mode and system restore fixes it though
would XP media center edition crash less and work faster?
i hate redoing these things i only have CDR's so backing up everything BLOWS...
could the hard drive just suck? the whole thing is very quiet though... i have tried to defrag it said it didn't need to be defragged. .... who knows? =</
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