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Man Utd finish 2nd, Arsenal steal 4th

Well Man Utd won 4-0 at home against Charlton to confirm that they finish 2nd, thank god no Champions Leauge Qualifying Smile .....Liverpool won 3-1 away to Portsmouth.

Arsenal won 4-2 against Wigan and stole 4th place because Tottenham lost 2-1 away to West Ham...cant believe this...Spurs fans must be heart-broken...and Arsenal must be overjoyed...

Other Scores from todays EPL matches:
Fulham 1-0 Middlesbrough
Aston Villa 2-1 Sunderland
Blackburn 2-0 Man City
Bolton 1-0 Birmingham
Everton 2-2 West Brom
Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

If only Man Utd had beaten Chelsea, they could have been champions. But good to see Chelsea losing last two games...
What do you mean steal? It's a long season and Arsenal beat Tottenham
Yeah Arsenal definitely deserved it.

Now how about van Nistelrooy leaving before the game.

I sure hope Man U finds a way to keep him.
Arsenal beat Wigan by 4-2, not 4-1. Anyway, its good to see Newcastle's mini revival towards the end of the season. Now they're in the Inter-TOTO cup. Hooray! But well, that spells the end of Shearer's player career.

Well well, just hope that Newcastle manage to get a good manager soon. Roeder seems to be doing an excellent job. Let's pray that the silly newcastle chairman gives him a shot as the actual manager. Cheers! Smile
Yet ! Well done, Manchester

Anyone know that where will van Nistelrooy go ?
Does he really confirm to leave the game ?
I feel pity for Tottenham. Some of their players got food posioning before the match Sad They work so hard to get a place in champion league.

I guess Van Nistelrooy got very chance to sell away. He can't just do that to Alex Ferguson. Players who against Ferguson, most likely leaving Old Trafford. History tell it all.
Yeah.. Go ManU.. Atleast next season, they won't have to go through qualifying for the Champions League.. That really takes it's toll on performance in the beginning of the season and if ManU are gonna mount a serious challenge in the premiership, then they can't afford any distractions..

Pity about Ruud.. must have really pissed off Ferguson to be treated like this.. But, I think ManU gotta strengthen midfield..

All in all a good final day. Sad to see the end of Highbury.. Sad
Well Arsenal took the 4 place because goal of Benayoun.. what a goal from this good player.... and I think that for the football, it's better that Arsenal will play at the Champion's and not Totenham..
sorry for the mistake of Arsenal result, edited it.

And Arsenal did tyoe of steal 4th place, I mean they were 5th or below for most of the season, and at the last day, they managed to finish 4th.

Ruud van Nistelrooy's Man Utd career is surely over now, although I hope it isnt. If he does leave OT, then I hope he just goes back to PSV, not any other European club.
It would have been impressive for Chelsea to win the last two games. But when they last won the match it was enough to win the Premiership. No need to win many matches when you have already won enough matches to lift you a cup... Very Happy

I hope to see them lift up the next Premiership again!
Well, Chelsea will continue to dominate english football as long as Jose Morinhno is the manager. They still have room for improvement and will definitely get better. Getting one or two strikers will do the trick.

As for Ruud Van Niesteroy, heh heh, goodie good if he leave Man U, silly Man U is gonna be weaken. Haha, he's really an awesome striker. Oh well, It'll be great if he can move on to Newcastle, take over the retired Shearer. And that will be simply AWESOME. Haha. Owen and Van Niesteroy playing side by side, isn't that fantastic? Heh heh.

Anyway, we'll await what happens to Ruudy. Cheers! Smile
VN is going to Leeds. ^__^

I don't think he will leave..well I hope not.
Hhhhhmmmm, coincidence that the nearly the entire Tottenham team gets food poisoning before their game which they only have to draw to get 4th place???

I dont think so, Arsene Wenger surely has something to do with this lol, oh well, good old united still up there (my favourite team).... although, I'm picking us to go one place better during the 2006/2007 season..... Chairman is already saying that there is going to be a lot of money spent by us in the transfer window, he said that a transfer similar to Rooneys hype and skill would be likely
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