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World Series of Poker

Well, its on every year and its exciting to watch. Famous players are made and they all play at those poker sites online. Discuss.
Too much luck is invloved for me to really consider this a "sport". Most of the great poker players are gifted in the math category I give them that but it's extremely difficult to say it is a sport.. Going into a Poker tour you can't even make a close guess as to who the last people will be. Now I do love poker, I try to play as often as I can with friends from work. Still not great at it, just giving away my money really Razz

On a side note, anyone read that story about the 18 yr old who dropped out of school at age 16 to be a professional on-line poker player? By the time he hit age 18 he owned like 3 new cars, and millions saved up. Crazy stuff!
Eh, I know there's a lot of money to be made in gambling circles (just by the nature of the beast) but there do always seem to be the same players returning time after time at the Final Table of various events - WSOP and World Poker Tour etc.

Also there's the emergence of a lot of new players who have come from the online world but many of them don't seem to reappear much at new events - they sort of make their showing and then disappear again.

So I'd have to say that there is more to the game than just pot luck (pardon the pun) but there does seem to be a certain person who will do well. A risk-taker? A carefree person who doesn't mind losing large amounts? Someone with an uncanny ability to analyse people and able to second-guess best? Or just someone with incredible mathemathical skills?

Who know, I like poker, but I wouldn't call it a sport. To me, sports have an inherent athletic component to them.
Oh and also, I can never quite understand how people can just declare themselves professionals in arenas where there are no set standards - i.e poker. I understand being a team sport professional (you are employed by a 'company' -the team - and paid a salary and, therefore, can call yourself a professional). But otherwise, any man and his dog can just say, "My job? I'm a pro." Doesn't quite cut it with me.
yea this alot more luck in poker than skill in my opinion. I seem to see some "miracles" on tv when the poker is airing. When someone has the hand one, and a 4th spade comes out to give him the flush...i mean come on now lol.

Is there a link to read about the kid who dropped out of high school for the professional poker?
Sure, here he is. And about the on-line ppl who show up once and are gone..i bet they see that there chances of winning are way better on-line than there..just a guess.

but the link to the teenage-millionaire-school dropout is

pretty cool story.
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