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A Fools Poem

With each rising sun I feel the pain of the love in my life that I have lost.
One that I swore to God and myself I would protect at any cost.
With the things that I have said and done I can only be branded a mighty fool.
For they can never be reversed I know this now to be ever so true.

I feel the love I have always had for you from the start.
As I write this I only can wonder why I tore it so far apart
I have come to realize that the total lack of respect that I have shown.
Will condemn me to a life in hell, which has me traveling it very much alone.

Little did I realize how inconsiderate to your feelings that I had become.
Till you showed me with your silent wisdom and you’re unforgiving shuns.
I know that the heart and soul between us has been forever broken.
Since to long now has passed since that phrase has been spoken.

I do not nor cannot condemn you for the actions that you have taken.
For there is no one to blame but me now that I have finally awakened.
With heart filled feelings I do at this time wish to emphasize.
That I truly love you, and for all the wrong I have done I do apologize.

I have prayed to God in hopes of fixing the damage I have caused,
But alas not even the almighty one will return any of my calls.
Now I live with the knowlage of the pain that I have caused and of the loss
for the person and the love I swore to protect at any cost.

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