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best DVD ripper?

wat's the best DVD ripper you have ever used. any recommendations??
I use DVDShrink when I want to copy a dvd and use CladDVD.NET when I want to rip the movie to my computer. Both very good programs.
As far as a pure "ripper", I'd have to endorse ApplePie and say that DVDshrink is by far and away the bext ripper that I have found, and I did experiment with quite a few of them. DVDShrink gives you the capability of actually modifying slightly what you rip, and the compression of it. For further editing though, I use a whole emporium of programs, as this is a can of worms, once you open it....
The only problem with DVDShrink is that the authors are no longer upgrading. It's still a pretty good program though. I've been doing a lot of online research for DVD-ripping also and a lot of people are saying DVD Rebuilder is the best out there.
thanx for the info...i would look out for DVD Rebuilder as well.
DVD Shrink. It's free and poweful.
I haven't tried DVD Rebuilder yet, but as I mentioned DVD Shrink is a wonderful product. I should also point out that upgrading is not an issue. I've not upgraded it once since I installed it, and it still functions as quickly and efficiently as any other packages that I have tried.

I should point out that I have been playing around with DVD ripping, Authoring & Encoding for quite a long time now, so the number of packages that I've experimented with in various fields there is fairly significant.

As this is only a minor segment of my interests in Video, then my only concerns with this part of it are Speed and Efficiency. As both of my needs are met, and haven't been surpassed yet, then I'm happy.

The only concern I would have for the future with no upgrades would be a compatability with some of the newer formats coming out, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when it appears.
Auto Gordian Knot is v good. U can find it here:
And tutorial:
As many people, I use dvdshrink which i find is great. I don't know whether it is the best, but i recommend it.
DVDFab Platnium Best one so far. It auto converst/Burns to fit 4.3gb discs even if its DVD9
While DVD shrink will not back up every move, it does a great job. Though you must have Nero installed to get the most out of the program. Also it is a little flaky if you do not want an entire DVD backed up. I like to kill some of the previews on some of my DVD's, and DVD Shrink is not the best to remove that.

I highly recommend DVD Shrink but just be aware it is best for backing up full DVD's.

Remember if you only back up the movie part you get better video quality as you do not have to squeeze all the junk back in after you decompress it.
I use DVD decrypter or DVD Fab Decrypter and DVD Shrink
Bones wrote:
I use DVD decrypter or DVD Fab Decrypter and DVD Shrink

I use DVD decrypter too.. it works simple and fast.
I use DVD Shrink to rip and DVD Decrypter to burn. (backups, of course)
Again, very easy to use and I have never had a problem with those two.
Best of all they are both freeware.
The only time I have had any trouble with DVD decrypter at all is some of the newer movies that are pressed by Sony use ARccOS protection, which dvd decrypter won't rip. dvdFAB decrypter will

This is typical of Sony, I can understand them wanting to protect their movies, but at the same time, they have to understand that I want to protect my $30/movie investment by making backups..I dont have a huge movie collection, but at about 100 movies, that is in the neighbourhood of $2500-$3000 worth of movies...I'd hate to have to replace em
Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to have to spoil your fun, but...

Strictly speaking these DVD "backup" programs are illegal in most countries because they knowingly bypass copy protection systems implemented on the disks. I'm going to -close- this thread since it is covered by the Frihost Terms Of Service, specifically:
Frihost TOS wrote:
A) The following is strictly forbidden on our servers
4. Hosting, linking and content related to warez, mp3's and all other illegal files.
7. Content related to hacking, torrents, peer to peer, cracking and serial
10. Any other action related to illegal activities.

Sorry guys!
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