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Indie Music

Okay, so I know people from all over the US, and I must say, Indie music is really a niche thing. Some people love it and some people hate it. The smart ones don't bunch it into a big category, but rather decide upon certain bands.
Personally, I don't like a lot of Indie music, but I don't know a lot of what's out there.
Post some good songs/bands if you will:
Very Happy..

I do think so Razz
Hummm... I'm currently playing in a band defining itself as part of the indie trend by its members. For me it doesn't mean anything apart from telling people we do not have a record deal... Basically we are playing rock music with some electro influences.

You could find all style of music under the indie banner. Just surf on myspace for a while...

I almost forgot (not) you can check the band on myspace: smir
9/10 NME
Nobody really knows what 'indie' is, how do you define it? I'd love to know
9/10 NME wrote:
Nobody really knows what 'indie' is, how do you define it? I'd love to know

indie stands for independant
Just log onto, and check out the thousands of spaces from indie music bands.

As far as I can gather, if your music is vaguely rocky, or punk rocky, or folk rocky, or just rock like, and you want to stand out from the commercialized and crappy rock bands and artists (avril lavigne *cough* *cough*), then you call your genre 'indie'.

There's at least 5 'indie' bands in my school...(and they all suck).
indie stands for independant
what just one singer? or independant from everyone else or?!
Independant from any predefined genre on the music scene. You know how HMV put anyone they can't classify (like Kate Bush) into 'alternative'?A bit like that, but cooler.
9/10 NME
shinnoyami wrote:
9/10 NME wrote:
Nobody really knows what 'indie' is, how do you define it? I'd love to know

indie stands for independant

Yes, but there are indie bands on major labels
British bands at the moment who are pretty awesome:

The Longcut
9/10 NME wrote:
shinnoyami wrote:
9/10 NME wrote:
Nobody really knows what 'indie' is, how do you define it? I'd love to know

indie stands for independant

Yes, but there are indie bands on major labels

True, and I think nobody really knows what it mean anymore. There is apperently a documentary on the subject that as been released. I cannot find the title of it... Maybe somebody will know
I have noticed that when people refer to 'indie' nowadays, they refer to the true type of music that thay are listening, for exaple i love hip-hop.

and i've followed some artist since their indie, days, but they were signed to a major label, and they didn't change their style AT ALL, so to some people they are still 'indie.
in fact, most of bands where 'indie' first. then grow up, become famous and start to define her style, start to limit himself and leave the 'indie' label.

i prefer 'indie' rock by the freshness, although is difficult to find good 'indie'
Is indie more like a kind of band, like amateur, or can it actually be classified as a real genre? All the "indie" music I hear is sounds alternative.
according to google this is what indie means:
Is hard to define as it covers a broad range of music style. Generally Indie music referred to alternative music and groups could get on with making truly original music and not pop music aimed for chart success.

a pop group not affiliated with a major record company
an independent film company not associated with an established studio

In the context of popular music, the term indie (from "independent") is often used to refer to a number of genres, scenes, subcultures and stylistic and cultural attributes, characterised by (real or perceived) independence from commercial pop music and mainstream culture and an autonomous, do-it-yourself (DIY) approach.
here are a few web sites that host indie (independant from any major record label) music. You can find songs/music from pretty much any Genre you desire. Some of the sites require that you register to vote/rate songs, but most all of them allow you to listen with no effort on your part. supported by American Idol

these are just a few of the larger ones. There are alot of sites of this type.
Hope this helps in some way.
Indie today refers to a music style, but dates back to when most bands who played in this style (alternative, some with punk roots) were not associated with major record labels, and were therefore independent. There are some very famous "indie" bands who are on major record labels today, such as The Strokes, the Flaming Lips, Hot Hot Heat, and Radiohead (just to name a few). Indie has become more than just music though, and is a lifestyle and style, relatively popular today and epitomized by stores such as Urban Outfitters. True indie lovers though are generally more liberal, politically speaking, and therefore wouldn't want to be associated with Urban Outfitters (given their support of Rick Santorum), but that's another subject all-together.
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