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Sid Meir'sCivilization

I love the civilization series, namely Civ 2 and 4. I've found that it not only is quite fun, but teaches alot about history, and how the world works. While the gameplay is not accurate, elements of the game are based on real world events, people, places, and the like. Also, the game provides excellent background on the real life counterparts of each part of the game.
The best Civilization game is its current incarnation. Civilization 4!!! It even exceeds the standard set by the mighty and legendary Civilization 2 and adds spice to the long running and best selling strategy game of all time. Kudos to the developer of Civilization 4!

Now I'm looking forward in playing the very first expansion pack for Civilization 4. Can't wait to have it... Very Happy
Sid Mayer's Civilization is the game series that I play them all. This is briliant game from first edition. Original thematic and extremly playible scenario. I think Sid Mayer is the best game maker ever...
The only Civ game I've ever played was Civ 2. I think I actually tried Civ 1 for the SNES but it wasn't nearly as good as 2. I'm still not to big on turn based stratagy games though. Real time all the way for me. Smile
May be the best stratigical game i've ever played and i really liked CIV 4 we wanted better graphics but they made great things which are includes great graphics Very Happy
I've played 2 and four. Four doesn't run too well one my computer though.
I liked 2, didn't like 3 very well, and am still waiting for the 4th one to drop in price before I purchase it. I don't believe it will run on my current machine, so I might have to upgrade my machine to even play it.

Sid Meier is a pretty good game designer, but I don't know if I would say he is the best ever.
I love Civilization. My old school used it as a study tool for Social Studies/History. Like if the teacher had a sub or didn't feel like teaching they'd send us to the computer lab and we'd play that for the whole class period. I didn't like it at first because the game play is kind of confusing, but you catch on quick and now I'm addicted. Unfortunately my mom won't buy it and I never save up enough so I have to play it at my friends house who got it for Christmas. Sad
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