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Poem Inner Woods

A little something I wrote a couple of yrs ago, enjoy!

"My Inner Woods"

I begin this casual walk into the inner woods that
have roots to the very center of my soul. Where I
feel the gentle breeze of life as it caresses my
mind and heart as if they were leaves and branches
of the mighty oaks and the golden willows, making
them sway and rub against each other as if a string
quartet was playing on a damp and cloudy fall morning.

Like rain that falls into a lake, a mist forms
in my eyes which runs down my cheek towards
the roots of my inner lake, where I begin to
feel like I am one with all that is within me.
Turning my head ever so slowly from side to side
I look upward to receive all the sounds and
aromas of the natural gifts that are here to
soothe my restless heart, mind and soul.

I feel the rustle of the brush as the squirrel in my
heart rush within me to gather the fruits of life
needed to sustain me through all that awaits me.
The blue jay of my mind that warns of the ones
who wish to invade upon the sacred territory of
the inner peace that I strive for. The water of the
lake as it cleanses my soul when it washes the
shoreline with each brush of its tender waves.
The song of two loons coming through the mist
as they call out for love and understanding of each other.
To me there cannot be anything more warming
than the love of life that these creatures
of the innersole have found.

As I walk deeper into the mist, the sounds of the
woods become more alive with each step I take.
The sound of the leaves of the past as they
crunch beneath my feet, the birds as they fly
toward a path where inner riches are bountiful.
The lake as it settles itself into a calm that
only can be mastered with pure and positive thought,
and the loons as they cry out for each other as if
to merge and become one.

This and all that surround me now are the making
of a tranquil symphony that keeps me warm
with each passing moment along a path of
inner and outer beauty. The mist in my eyes is one of
true joy, for I have come to realize, all that nature
has allowed me to absorb, has made me whole
with my inner woods.

written by poet aka dlt
"A Poem"

A poem is but a nest of words built by the heart,
with loving care and sweet caress it get's it's start.
An inspiration from above, that comes to me on wings of love.
A happy singing melody, that speaks of things 'tween you and me.
Because of you I feel these things.
Our love gives me the building strings, and that alone now makes me sing a song of love that knows such joy.
A poem of love from the heart!
wow... nice poem~ Give the good works up Wink
"The Love We Hold "
There is not a day that goes bythat I don't think of you.
My heart belongs to you twenty fourhours a day.

While I am awake I dream of you being near, while asleep
I dream I am awake holding you in my arms.
My love for you has no end, and our lives together will last an eternity.

Yes at this time there are many miles that separate us, but only in body, not in spirit or mind.
Our hearts beat as one our souls have merged as none have before us.
My soul is yours, and yours is mine. We will live in everlasting happiness.

Oh I am sure we shall have our moments most couples do, But with the communication that we have, we will never go to bed confused of the
love that we hold for each other.

The love we hold is stronger than any I have felt before. You are my mate, the one I have waited for, the one who makes my dreams of true happiness come true.
All there is left to say is
I Love You !!!
"Souls Escape"

Today my soul has taken flight
Its tipped its wings at lifes dark night
its soared above the thunderheads and thumbed
its beak at fear and dread
The prison bars have opened wide
No longer will my hope there hide

My souls great mission now
will be to live forever happily
Regaurdless of who shares my life
Regaurdless of its pain and strife
Ill look inside myself to find
The answers for my shadowed mind

My soul will so escape this earth
as if a bird set free to fly
No snares to there encumber me
forever winging wild and free
There is no eathly thing so bold
to trap the freedom of my soul.

Poet dlt
My every thought belongs to you.
My God please tell me what to do
This awful pain within my chest
This longing to know what is best.

My love for you grows each day.
Please God I pray show me the way
The way to find some sence of peace.
To help my heart find blessed relief

I travel in a world of pain.
The hand that grips my heart remains
An ever present enemy to
peace of mind and harmony

Is there some chance for us someday
To join our lives and always stay
Forever traveling side by side
Joined at the hip there to abide?

I have to feel this can be true
That one day Ill reach out to you
and there our hands will so entwine
and Ill be yours and youll be mine

The love we share will grow each day.
Our roads will travel all the way
Along the same and steady path
Untill we know true bliss at last.

poet dlt
"This Love For You"

A vice now wraps around my heart and holds me in the vary part, that long has felt this love for you but knows now what it must do. To hope and pray and wish for things, can often bring such awful pain. To let you go is death to me, and all that I can really see is tears forever flowing, now till I can find a peace somehow. Oh please for give me for this thing that to my heart such misery brings. For I will love you evermore. For your forgiveness, I emplore, Oh precious friend my love for you will never end.

"My Friend"

A part of you has grown in me
together forever we shall be
Never apart maybe in distance
but not in the heart!
“Lost Look”
Wipe that lost look off your face, and replace it with a smile.
Take all those bad memories that cling to you, and forget them for awhile. Even if it takes
Leaving behind what is special to you, or saying to the ones you love a fond addio.
Always remember, enjoy life as it unfolds it’s self, because everyday there is a chance
For paradise.

I cherish the moments we spend together, and all the memories we have made.
I treasure all the kindness and caring that you have always displayed.
I wish everyone could have a friend as wonderful as you.
I know the meaning now, to say a friend is true.
“In Darkness”
I dream in darkness and hear the soft, slow cadence of my beating heart.
Will I ever find peace within its chambers or will I forever long for something I cannot have? Do I even know that which I seek or is it something unreachable in a void in space and time? I am alone and yet I am not lonely for the darkness covers me, soothing me gently, caressing my soul with warmth. So thus I’ll stay and listen to the soft slow cadence of my beating heart in this blanket of deaths
Second self that surrounds me.

“My Search”
I search inside my heart and soul to see if there’s some happy word to help this healing on its way and tell me what I need to say. I need to find some solace there for in my heart I truly care and find it oh so painful now to know that I have lost
Somehow the spark that fuels my poetry and brought me ever closer to thee. I know our friendship will remain and that alone helps ease the pain but deep
Inside this need still grows to feel your arms around me tight and keep me safe in life’s dark night. My search will ever onward go for in my mind 1 need to know the purpose
Of this love we’ve shared that cannot ever be compared to any that I’ve felt before.
Oh! There will be a struggling flow inside the heart that loves you so and now
Must sadly let you go.

“On Yearning”
So what is it that makes you yearn? That makes your being ache and burn?
For me it is thoughts of dim lit nights enfolded in your arms, held tight.
The yearning grips around my heart, so tightly holds the very part
Where life’s beginnings wax and wane to cause the most exquisite pain.
Oh, hopeless yearning leave me now, your gripping takes my breath somehow.
Release me, please, let me be free of this tight, burning ache in me!
“Special Days”
I looked around, and you were gone, my faithful friends of the
Past few years.
We have shared so very much, all our sorrows and our pain’s.
Along with all our
Hopes, happiness and dreams. I pray all good things come your way.
Here’s to friends,
And to all our special days

“Friends Are Like Angels”
Our friends are like angels who brighten our days.
In all kinds of
Wonderful magical ways.
Their thoughtfulness comes as a gift from above
And we feel surrounded by warm, caring love.
Like upside down rainbows their smiles bring the sun.
And they fill ho hum moments, with laughter and fun.
Friends are like angels
Without any wings,
Blessing our lives,
With the most precious things.
Yet some more of your brilliant poems. You should enter some high-paying competitions or something. Seriously.

Keep up the good work.
Ty very much Hogwarts! Actually, time to brag lol, I have been in two online contest and two in the city. Finished 2nd and third online, made a little cash not much and the ones in the city top 10s in both. I do it for the pure pleasure of writing even though I am sure I have my critics, as in style and such. To them I just say, I have my own style, like it or leave it, its mine. Again thank you for the kind words and keep eyes opene, more coming soon!
“New Life”
New Life is a wonderful feeling to the heart,
It breaths fresh air into the soul of all those it encounters.
Here in my graying years, I have had come into my life
A breath one that I have dreamed of being
Her soul is the freshness I have waited many moons for.
To me this new life consists of two unknowing souls that were
To be found in the vast plains of space and time.
Souls where they were lost in their own spaces with only dreams
And stars to show them the way to a time and place
That has life aligned with the center of the soul.
In years that were thought to be spent alone
Each passing breath I find this new life with you.
More then I could have dreamed or even thought possible
No more do those feelings enter this soul of mine, for
With you by my side, new life can breathe once more.
Fresh breath, refreshed, and bright heavens have lifted
Me to new heights of enrichment in this soul
I feel complete now that our two souls have merged as one
Into a life that will be treasured and cherished with
Love as we step through Time and space of this New Life.
With all my love and spirit to keep this new life alive!
I share my breath with you, as long as the stars and moon
Rise and set, my love is yours for now and forever.
New Life is a wonderful feeling to the heart.
The walls are tumbling down.
My defenses are being breeched.
I thought i was safe and gaurded,
somewhere i couldn't be reached.
I am scaired, alone and shaking, thinking
' why does it have to be me?'
I can hear him coming down the hall,
yes only him, but yet i am still afraid.
I want him to leave, to turn and run, from
his steady yet silent raid.
I stand as he rounds the corner,
i turn and start to run.
My heart is pounding in my ears
as my legs start to go numb.
My knees buckle, i hit the ground.
And my pounding heart is the only
sound. I feel him stand behind me,
I try to stand and leave. He grabs
me by the shoulders, it's getting
hard to breath.
The tears start to flow and he
asks, "why do you cry?" I answer
"because being alone has kept me
safe, and now your by my side."
"I will not hurt you," he says to me
as he looks into my eyes. The
tears start flowing stronger as
he sits and holds me tight.
His touch feels so warm as he
whispers "please do not fight."
But I can not let him just take me,
though i want to let him so bad.
My head keeps filling with theese thoughts,
I think I'm going mad.
I worked so hard to keep myself distant,
from falling again so fast. I built
my walls and barriers that I
thought would always last.But the
walls are slowly falling. My defenses
growing dull. And I brace myself for
an impact that I know is sure
to come.
Sitting here on this crisp morning in late Spring, I look out at the wonders that surround me. I’m sitting on the banks of a lake set in a valley between the high cliffs and majestic mountain tops.

Although the grass is a new fresh light green on the tops of the cliffs and hill sides, the tops of the mountainsare still packed with now melting snow. There is a herd of goats grazing atop one of the hillsides. A few of them butting horns, sending echos throughout the valley below. The kids are hopping about exploring the land that is new to them.

The water from the melting snow flows into gently flowing streams that empty into the lake below in the form of great waterfalls. The sun has just topped the horizon on the far side of the lake, casting reflections of the red, yellow and orange sky into the water. There is a light misty fog that is gently rolling off the water, ready to disappear for the day.

Along the banks of this hidden lake grows a variety of evergreens, with their dark green branches of needles glistening with the early morning dew. Nesting in the branches of these trees are pairs of birds singing their songs of praise, to the world. Swimming along the clumps of tall grasses and wild flowers are geese that have returned after a long winter, and are now followed by their goslings. They glide through the icey cold water, dipping their heads underneath from time to time, to catch a bit of breakfast.

As I take in these wonderous sites I can not help but to close my eyes for a while and thank the Lord for this special gift he has given to me. This is a place I will always hold dear to my hear, if only in my dreams
When I think of my love for you,
My heart aches like never before.
Good ache or bad, that is yet to be known,
for I know you not, that wind has not yet blown.
Yet as I lay in bed at night,
it's as if you are there holding me tight.
Your warm hugs, your soft touch,
Your gentle gaze and the beating of our hearts.
All of this seems so real,
but yet when I awake,
You are not here.
Some day I hope to for this dream to be true,
to hold you, and to be held by you.
to wake in your arms and gaze into your eyes.
Knowing that this was meant to me,
a love lasting forever and an eternity.
I am assured that the day we meet,
I will know you by the look in your eyes.
For it is said that our eyes our the windows to our souls.
When I see them what do I hope to see?
Why of course the man I feel next to me
when I sleep at night, or even when I am awake
walking along the shores of a lake.
Can your eyes tell me this?
Is it your soul that takes me to a place of bliss?
Until the day when I am to find you,
I hope that you too can feel as I do.
A love like this is like no other.
One day we will find each other.
Very interesting language.
"poet" is very artistic.
And now I relax and I'm in your apartment again.
Now I've made mistakes and the bottom drawer holds them.
I don't impress my mother, a lot of the time. I seem to impress you.
I survived, but I don't know how much longer I can really survive. I drove here and that was alright, you talking to me like we aren't completely familiar souls, talking me through traffic as I sing my first out loud. And eventually it is alright, you touch my face. You can't believe each other. And my friend from high school is waiting tables at the restaurant I meant to go to, we kiss across the table, we take the tequila shots down and when I throw my head back my hat falls off. We eat off one another's plates without permission. We are sloppy. You push me against the glass door as we are leaving, and pull me into the space between buildings. And that is a thrill, I shriek. I laugh so that the people on the sidewalk wonder. We hold hands and run and the man on the stoop of the coffee shop smiles as I drag from my cigarette. And we get another bottle of bloodwine. And I am beautiful, again. I open the window.
We fall asleep.
I awake from some dream about Heath Ledger, who was going to take me sailing on autopilot. I told him, "People find you attractive, in the movies." He responded, "It's because I have large breasts."
You are so much better.
We have a minidisaster, we must be serious about this. How I'll be your date. How we'll make a date. How I'm not too easily offended. And I love that you are practical.
And in the morning, we are so used to this after ten days. We eat dry cereal out of the box. We wash our hair. I put on your underwear. I buy you Starbucks.
And try to solve my problems... slowly. Traffic. Being led back to you. Brilliance.
I am waiting for the phone call from my doctor. I am in your smell and the warmth and the soft light in here.
I am going to the Wisconsin Dells, to a hotel. To take my sister out.
I don't know how much longer I can really survive.
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