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Help me improve it!

Alright, first off here is the link to my webpage and incase you didn't notice, the links don't go anywhere (,yet). Obviously, I created it after many grueling hours of learning flash animation, and is my first real webpage, although it is far from a webpage at this moment. The things I want to improve on it, but don't know how and would appreciate some help on are as follows:
1) How can I make the website to be a dynamic (adjustable) size, so that is will change its size to match the user's window size?
2) How can I get it so those buttons I have actually go somewhere, (i.e. a link to another website/flash docuement/movie/picture/etc.)?
3) How can I get the blood dripping down to be more natural, unless you thought it looked natural?
4) How incredibly damn sexy is the webpage?
5) Have you read any of the questions, or did you skip them and just want to tell me how bad my site is?

Thanks in advance, although I only think I will get two comments and one of them will tell me that at least I tried my best. Thanks.
you need to do some coding on the actual website, such as adding a background color and a specific title. Remember though, search engines can't "see" what's in your flash animation. So it might be good to have some HTML/XHTML content also.
Ok Jeff, first of all i would recomend u add <body bgcolor="black"> as you can see that is within the body tag of your site. Next I would center the flash by adding <center>...</center> tags around the flash element.
also u will nead to add meta tags for search engines later.

Next we nead to edit your .fla. Each button you have will nead to add an action this is done by selecting the button then clicking action then you can enter the action script for the link.

if you nead more help just send me direct questions and i will do my best to help u.
I'm curious why you feel the need to have a flash animation. It looks okay, but it gives very little information about what your site is about. Right now it appears to be something about death or a Nazi concentration camp. When I see your front page, I want to know what kind of information I can find there. Also, the animation seems sleepy. Everything moves so slow, if the links had worked, I would have been long gone. In the end, I would skip the animation, concentrate on the design, and save flash for what it is best at: specific elements within a website, not making a website.
nice effect..

but the links aren't working. It's too bare Wink
I would recomend you to learn HTML. It is very simple, once you get the hang of it, and you probably will have answers to all or most of your questions.

I do agree, though, that the animation thing on the front page is just too much for too little. Don't get me wrong, it is very good work... It must have taken you a long time, huh? Designing frame pics isn't too fast either. But you probably don't know much about that. Wink

If I was you, I would stick to a stable picture. And if you really wanted that exact picture, I can help you out...

Go to a search and look for a .gif animator. This isn't recomended to use a whole lot on your site. Only use it if you really, really want the picture to be animated. Now once you have downloaded the gif animator (I got a free download and the software is like 10 years old.) take frame by frame pictures of the original animation and save them as pic1, pic2, etc. Or whatever you want to name them. Put those pictures into the animator and save the final picture as Picwhatever.gif.

You will then have an animation picture that should resemble what you have right now. That was the long part, here is the hard part:
You will use an image map (HTML) for your links. That will take care of your link problem.

I can't tell you how to make the 'blood' look more realistic, but I can tell you how to make it dynamic. When you use the width and height atributes, instead of giving them a hard number, give it a percent. So, instead of saying, width="100" say width="10%". That's assuming your monitor contains 1000 pixels. But there is the reason for the dynamity.

4) not too sexy, but it is ok
5)I read all of your questions, did you read my answers?
Looks nice, but as someone said try to ad <body bgcolor="#000000"> or change the size of the backround image and then center the texts and links with <center> .. </center>

Maby u can find som help here..
I like the background graphic, nice work.
The title animation is ok.
I really dislike the nav button animation, it makes my eyes hurt. The button rollover is fine, just the moving text is distracting.
I am a big fan of black and white, I like red also.
Overall it is good, not sexy though.
I think there is room for major improvement to your site - however you dont seem talentless - the "graphics" work on the page is actually quite cool, and your page could be sexy - it just needs some work.

Technical stuff:

- Center the content
- Change the bgcolor
- Include a META section and a TITLE, and preferably some text content for the searchengines to look at

Aestethic stuff:

Get rid of most of your animations - having stuff fly in from every angle isnt cool or sexy - its pointless and looks amateurish - i would perhaps do the animation like this:

1 : Background
2 : Title fades in
3 : blood spills over ttitle
4 : Links fade in


So...your question on dynamic not sure flash can do proabbly need to get your hands dirty with some HTML and CSS for that OR...(you might wanna do this), you could use a javascript redirect to detect what the users resolution is and send them to the flash page which suits their monitor


What is your page about??? - dont expect anyone to watch your flash animations if you dont tell them what their reward is! A couple of sentences on the first page is minimum.

I hope this was helpful...if i need to help you with anything i've written above, just PM me or something, and i will gladly assist you.

I'm 90% sure there is an option in Flash Pro 8
Publish Settings - Maybe under html, let's you select a static size or one that will change according to browser size.

It doesn't actually change the flash size, just the display in the html page. If you make the actual flash window too small, it will resize and look choppy (pixelated) in a bigger browser window, so you have to balance file size and quality.
I see a few of you say to put some content in a meta tag. I've been reading about meta tags. Just a bit of info to round off the edges:

meta tags arn't 100% garunteed to be even picked up by the searches. There are many search engines out there that do not register meta tags. But placing content inside a meta tag couldn't hurt any.

By the looks of your site, to me it seems that you want a some what menacing mood to go with it. Black background, less movement, more description. I really would go with that image map I was talking about earlier. But a map won't work if your site becomes bigger. Right now, there are only three links. When you actualy get some content in there, I'm pretty sure your site will grow. When this happens, your image map may get a little crowded.

A little tip, keep your pages balanced. A natural tendency for human beings is to look at a page from left to right to left to right. The letter 'Z' is what I was taught. Keep your pages (when you get more) in a constant template. If you make your site dynamic (as in not linear), you will have links on every page. Remember when adding links to a page, keep the links in generaly the same spot on ALL of the pages.

- UC
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