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Far Cry 2

far cry 2 it`s on the way ... let`s make it welcome .... Smile

hope to be better than first ... becouse i like it very much ...

*sorry for my englesh (i`m from romania)

post here coments about far cry 2 or 1 ... anythink .... thank ... bye
Will there be Far Cry 2? I know that there is Far Cry: Insticts, but have'nt heard about Far Cry 2. Anyway, Crysis will be the best (from Crytek too, something like a Far Cry but it's something other)
Well I heart that it's going to be a good game...
I hope it will be really a good game...
I played the first on in 2004 when I got my X800 XT... fell in love with the graphics if not anything else. The multiplayer was a bit rubbishy it was filled with lag and too many versions of the game (no auto update) but I had an awesome time playing it on lan... setting traps for my friends, going out to little islands and stuff like that. Good fun.

what a piece of game that was!!
simply amazing when i first saw it. I have seen som videos on FC2 and it looks simply stunning. I would think a hardware upgrade is in good order when it comes out haha. FC1 could barely run smooth on my rig doubt the new version will......

Looking forward to its release!
Far cry 2 looks great. But all games do before it is released. Will normal PC be able to play it without upgrading? That is my question.
well i liked the first one a lot Smile
but to play far cry 2 i'll probably have to get myself a new comp because the one i have now probably won't be able to handle the graphics of the game Sad

well it's a time to get myself a new comp anyway Very Happy
FarCry 2?
The first one great with those paradise graphics. I never had play a game with graphics like that until I played FarCry.
I hope the second one would be as great as the first one too!
Pablo Diablo
I loved everything about the first Far Cry except the end livels where you faced off against the huge monsters, I found it to be cruely hard and unbalanced.
Far cry is due just after the summer this year 2008 its looking a fantastic game so far
The game will be entirely open-ended and non-linear. Instead of using individual maps, the game will take place in a sprawling nondescript land in Africa, with terrain ranging from savanna to jungle The gameplay area will be around 50 square km. Some members of the Ubisoft Montreal team spent 2 weeks in several locations in Africa filming and photographing native wildlife. The team will use the animal footage and environment photos to create an extremely realistic environment.

Also there are no health packs as in far cry but you have to health yourself,pucking out bullets with pilers.
I like Far Cry 1 a like Crysis and definetely I will like Far Cry 2. But as I heard, there will be no more pc games from Crytek because of piracy Sad
Far Cry was an amazing game. The story, the challanges, the awesome monsters, you can't forget things like that.
I can't wait for the second one.
Far Cry was amazing. I don't like FPP shooters at all, but that one was really great. Can't wait to play Far Cry 2.
I hope it has better multiplayer (for 2-4 players), I didn't really like it from the first one that much. Though, the single player was great.
But there's a lot more to FC2 than that: this is a more accurate simulation than a shooter has any right to be, with a full day-night cycle, storms and the sort of sunsets.
The huge playing area allows for any number of approaches: you can snipe a guard from a distance, leaving him injured in the hope that it draws his friends out, or you can barrel a car right through the walls, ploughing into the breakable scenery like a rubbish F1 driver.
As per usual, it's hardware requirements are going to read like those of a typical new machine... a year after its release. Crytek certainly aren't ones to let hardware limitations get in their way. At all.

That aside, it's looking pretty awesome. The idea of an African setting didn't do much for me at first. But after seeing what they're doing with it and the scale it's on... yeah, I'm interested!

It looks like something more along the lines of STALKER than the original. Only I bet it wont have the RPG overtones. Anyway, I guess we'll have to wait and see how the actual gameplay works. I'm hoping for something a little more in depth than the first given the more free form nature of it, but I'm not expecting miracles on that front.

All in all, I'd say there's a safe bet that it's not going to suck. Whether it's going to set the gaming world on fire in the way you can set the game world on fire, we'll have to wait and see.
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