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Do you read E-BOOKS

Do you read e-books
 65%  [ 25 ]
 31%  [ 12 ]
Don't wanna tell you
 2%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 38

I read lots of e-books. I purchase them and start studying. One thing I like about e-books is I can search very easily and i make notes just by copy paste.

I love E- BOoks Do you >> ?? Very Happy
I read a few E-books. I mostly only read free E-Books, because if I pay for something, I like to have a hard copy of it. The only E-Books I buy are programming books, makes it easy to copy/paste code out, and search through it.
I read and use many e-books. It is very useful when you are using reference e-book. It is easy to search what you want. However, I would perfer hard copy for leisure book like fiction and magazine.
About half of a 128MB Memory Stick for my Palm Pilot (Sony Cliι) is nothing but ebooks. I love it, since I can carry the entire lot with me anywhere and because they won't deteriorate the way regular, paper books will here in Honduras.

My "library" contains a bit of everything, including Spanish and English Bibles, some Bible commentaries by John Calvin, some writings of St. Anselm, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Last of the Mohicans, Les Miserables (unabridged), ARRL Volunteer Examiner Manual, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and a LOT more (a LOT of text will fit on a 128MB stick!).
I DO READ E-BOOKS. lot of information in small kbs.

really very interesting.

i recently downloaded BHAGAVAD GITA AS IT IS.

need to read it but no time.

i am planning to download a software to read the e-book for me so that i can listen Laughing
Hi. Very Happy

In My library I have only IT books.
I just can't get enough of IT books. Whenever a new version of a language is out on market I start waiting for the books on it and with the release of book I start reading it.
It has become my hobbie Now.

BUT the only problem with me is I can't read it totally.I leave one book in between and start reading another. Surprised
I find it too hard to read ebooks. Paper forever!!
Of course paper is easier to read and comfortable in my opinion

That did not stop me from having ebooks.

I have currently, over 1 gb of ebooks alone ranging from everything to everything
NO, I dont read Ebooks. It just can't replace a real book. A real book has style, Ebooks haven't!
Sometimes I read e-books on my psp, it's very handy and you can take it every where without carrying books! But at home I read real books. I love both!
I love to hand Ebook copies of the real books I own. It makes it so much easier to find that quote you're looking for Smile

The beauty of it is, you can find most books online (illegally) for free, but if you own a copy of it iRL (that you paid for) then it's legal for you Wink
i don't read ebooks because i'm trying to NOT destroy my eyesight. they really really hurt my eyes compared to a nice non-glowing regular book. Plus, the smell of a book is seriously SOOO deliciously good. mmmm book smell.
Mumpay wrote:
i don't read ebooks because i'm trying to NOT destroy my eyesight. they really really hurt my eyes compared to a nice non-glowing regular book. Plus, the smell of a book is seriously SOOO deliciously good. mmmm book smell.

WHAT DO U MEAN ? Rolling Eyes

You Read books or SMELL THEM Very Happy
I don't read a lot of e-books, very little actually. Like some others here, I prefer the hard copy in my hands when I'm reading.

No, you don't really smell books, but it's the whole 'experience' of being able to feel the book, etc.
I've got a lot of e-books... but if i can find a book in the library i don't read the e-book.. I also like feeling the book in my hands, but there is also a more important reason;) I read speed;) not so speed as the people from different courses, but at about 900 words/minute... and I can't read so fast, when i read an e-book:]
No, I don't read e-books.
I have never read an e-book, although I think I read like a short story from a web-site I visited that was some sort of e-book. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a good web site to get some e-books? I might give it a try.
They're brilliant! I read a Carl Sagan book as an e-book once just to get myself acquainted with them, and they're really easy and fun. I just lay down next to my laptop and click to switch the page whenever I need to. Convenient, anyway.
hellrahul wrote:
WHAT DO U MEAN ? Rolling Eyes
You Read books or SMELL THEM Very Happy

You mean that you don't smell books? You are missing an integral part of book reading.
Try to go into a library with closed eyes and just smell. It is absolute heaven. I sometimes pause at the entrance to smell and then end up smiling, but I wouldn't suggest you start making a fool of yourself in public. Smile
Try it. If you're lucky you might even find that a specific book has a different smell than most and then when you smell that smell you'll remember that book. (By the way, only good books have specific smells. Wink)
I think e-books defnitely represent an interesting new fronteir for literature, at any rate the issues present in Fahrenheit 451 can be eliminated, and instead of books being passed down by individuals who fear the physical destruciton of a book taking a work of literature can become as simple as downloading to a USB flash drive. However, I still haven't used e-books broadly enough in my life to warrant complete advocacy of this new system.

There is something about that physical presence of a book that I find completely entrancing. Walking into a used book store for example. There is nothing greater than that initial smell of yellowed pages, the ink of millions of words flooding your senses as you try and orient yourself in the presence of hundreds of worlds. And what books carry, the scraps of papers, annotations, a presence on your bookshelf, things like that can't be replaced by what I might percieve as the practical and expressionless face of technology.

I agree, ebooks can be useful, but for sentimentalists such as myself, the glow of a computer screen just insn't quite the same when you're sitting in fornt of a fireplace on a cold winter night, with a mug of coffee, and a good book.
only when I cant really find the book I am looking for eagerly.and I never bought an e-book to be honest.
I've read the entire book, a translation of "Return of the Condor Heroes" by Jinyong. It was split into two books with 10 chapters in each. Definitely if you don't want your eyesight to go or feel like your eyes are going to explode, reading from a monitor will do just that so I think you should minimize it as much as you can. Print the text if you can. I miss the good old days when I had 20/20 vision.
Well. I read this.. but I dislike it. I only read it when I can't found the real books, and I JUST READ A FREE E-BOOK Very Happy

[hey, don't tell anybody, I vote for : I won't tell you]
Naaah... I spend so much time with computer and if I read e-books that will kill me. Nope.. I won't do that to my eyes and body! Smile
i'd choose a "real" book anytime for the very simple reason that you can read it while lying in bed. it's also a lot less stressful to the eyes. Shocked
Alpha Dude
I'd read an ebook, if it contained something interesting.

Incidentally, this is a website I found, from which just about anyone can publish there own ebook OR Hard copy for absolutely FREE. You get 80% of all the profits (I think - though should check the T&C before using)
I'm totally hooked onto reading e-books. But to tell the truth I'd rather have a book in my hand. The feel is different. I don't know if many would understand me but I miss the smell of books while reading e-books.

But I hate reading from the computer so I prefer my cell phone. I read the last two Harry Potters on my cell phone and also The Bourne Identity.
i dont mind reading from a screen - i just dont read much so i dont use e-books haha.
I sometimes read e-books.
The merits are
1. you can read it in front of your computer without moving
2. easy to copy and take note

demerits are
1. you can't really feel the book that much
2. your eyes get more tired..
I do read ebooks, but I don't like them even remotely as much as real books.

The only ebooks I read have to deal with programming or other computer topics. That way I can read something and go right into applying the information I aquire. I often get more fatigued reading ebooks though. Staring at a computer screen for hours on end really does a number on you.
I occasionally read free e-books, but I wouldn't buy one. I prefer 'real' books much more, for the same reasons everyone else has no doubt by now pointed out above.
I love the idea of ebooks but I can't stare at a computer screan reading tiny letters for more than 30 min and sometimes I like to read for more time.
I like to read ebooks but i can spend a lot of time, i rather prefer to read a real book bc the feeling is still on it,, like touching it, etc, i read ebooks and i decide if the book is worth of buying it
Although I have some ebooks and read them but only when i have to . Its really a hard job looking at the screen for hours and hours. I usually stand this when its really important. and well i am amazed that people like reading ebooks i thing there is no replacement for the hardcover.
kany wrote:
Its really a hard job looking at the screen for hours and hours.
Good point. Personally, I never read eBooks on my PC, but only on my Palm Pilot. There, I can view them more comfortably, and cen set them to smooth scroll at my own reading speed without having to change the pages manually. Of course, it still doesn't replace the tactile experience of a REAL book, but it's good for having some things to read easily accessible in one's pocket.
well this is my 100 post

e-books are easy to download and occupy less space but hard copy is better if ur free and lying on bed paper book is good but if you cant buy or have less money and want alot of books it is better to have e-books.
i read only IT books
if i want to read a novel i prefer 'hard copy'
ebooks are nice, but i prefer books more.I have to sit near my pc for reading my ebook(i dont have laptop or PDA)while i can read a book almost anywhere. Smile
hellrahul wrote:
Mumpay wrote:
i don't read ebooks because i'm trying to NOT destroy my eyesight. they really really hurt my eyes compared to a nice non-glowing regular book. Plus, the smell of a book is seriously SOOO deliciously good. mmmm book smell.

WHAT DO U MEAN ? Rolling Eyes

You Read books or SMELL THEM Very Happy

your eyes in pictures are looking with glasses i think and if he want to smell books to eat them you definantly have destroyed your eyes with e-books .
(no intend to offense at all , if i hearted you i m sorry )

just kidding Wink
Jakob [JaWGames]
I prefer reading regular books. I am reading very much on many different places so it isn`t very practically to only be able to read by the computer plus that as many already have said it is much harder to concentrate longer times on a computerscreen than a regular book.

We also have a big library not long from here so I always have books to read Wink
I read on ebooks too. And since I have a Palm I am able to bring them anywhere. Smile

I have to be honest though, having paperback has its own magic when you can feel the paper and smell its scent, especially of a new published one. Smile
yeah, I read the jinyong novels online, cost too much to buy, but addictive stories. Once you start reading, you can't stop.
Captain Fertile
I tend to use eBooks only if they are very short or if they are designed so I can pick and choose the information I need as I need it.

When it comes to novels or books where you have to read it from page one right until the end I really prefer good old-fashioned wood pulp and cardboard books.

Reading an eBook on screen (or even printed onto paper) is missing something that you can’t get any other way than actually reading a physical book

– Like sex with an inflatable doll (I imagine! – just imagine, honest), you complete the act you set out to do but its not the same as the real thing.
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