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Hot Potato Online

I would to present you another free game. I won't miss the trend and it's again a multiplayer game. (Eeeh, good old single playing time... where have you gone?! Razz)


In this game you are human who is trying to kill... or less violent - frag the other players

with fused potatoe bomb. The point of view is from top and you see the whole playground, which is nature and pretty beautiful, IMHO. So, when the games starts, the bomb is spawned somewhere on the map and your first task is to get it before your opponents. If you do it, then you're in attack position and you should hit the enemy player. This can be done just with holding and releasing the left mouse button. Beware, the nature have some strange abilities and especially the trees. When the bombs reach a tree it's bounces and change the direction, so you should carefully aim. There's other 2 objects which interacts with the bomb - the rock in which explodes and the lake where the bomb just falls and a new one will be spawned. But don't think that it's easy job to hit the opponent. The defensive players have a block ability And if you hit him the bomb will just bounce and won't explode. As I said the bomb have a fuse, so the timing is important, because it can be blown in your hands if you're holding it too much, or if you release it too fast, the other player even not blocking can catch the bomb and he's turn to attack. So even it's dynamic game there can be built an strategy. With a little help from rocks and trees, to hit the enemy from behind maybe you'll earn need points to win! Smile

The game supports up to 4 players, which can be splitted up in teams. That's my favourite mode of play and it's looking like rugby Smile. The developers are clever people and there's possibility to practice offline against a bot.

You can see a screenshots of the game at and if you like it download and have fun!
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