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Is Three6Mafia Evil ??

I probably have already ate the brains of some people with this, but I would like to hear all yours opinions...
I'm pretty sure some of y'all don't even care about hip-hop and it's artists that are played on radio, but here I'm not about the genre - I'm about the listeners.

Not a while ago, since 36 Mafia's music awards, to be exact, a rumor was running around saying that they was satanists. Pretty interesting facts have been popped out:

1 - 36 Mafia... Already 3-6 gives 666 which is It's number.

2 - It has been said that they smoked out a sheet from the bible somewhere...

3. On their hit song, listened by alot of kids now, "Stay Fly", a chick is chanting in the back. It sounds just like mumbling, but people say, after listening to it well you can hear "You my lord, You my god, Lucifer" and etc...

4. Their record label is called "Hypnotize Minds" and the logo is far from being good... - a grim reaper. ^^

I'm not really bothered about what is going to happen with them. But do you see this as a threat to the young people (12-17yo) who mostly listen to these songs played on radio everyday? It could be a smart way "he" found to hypnotize the listeners and then bring them to the dark side (who knows? maybe some years later, after establishing themselves in hip-hop industry, 36 mafia will release songs with another, more harmful subject than smoking pot?)...

This touches the listeners alot, if it really is true that 36 Mafia are satanists thrown in the industry of the most popular music now to break ppls minds. And this band is pretty known now, and is one of most played bands on hip-hop's radio...

So what do you think? Could this be the way I see it and a threat to the listeners or these are just coincidances, or people are just "hearing things" in this band's tracks?
I listen to hip-hop, so that's going to influence me to worship some guy with horns. No, I'll have to look into that, thanks for the insight.

I doubt it though.
u sure?? hiphop satanics.....can't be true. Who's gonna worship them anyway?

But u're points there could be accepted. I'll check it out.
Noo, I dont mean that Hip Hop is evil, I meant 36mafia.
Other hip hop is fine, but I just found those things in the song so I decided to post it to get your opinion..
hehe...sorry for the confusion
man i highly doubt this is true

Ever since I can remember,
I've been poppin' my collar-
Poppin' poppin' my collar.
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