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Grandma Drops Baby Off at Wrong Address

OMAHA, Neb. - What started out as a possible child abandonment case in Omaha on Wednesday turned out to be a misunderstanding, police say.

Police received a call from a woman who said another woman she didn't know had driven up to her home, handed her a baby boy and a diaper bag and left.

It turns out, the woman was the baby's grandmother and thought she was dropping the baby off at day care, but she had the wrong address, officers said.

Police said the incident was a misunderstanding, and no charges will be filed.

The infant was placed in foster care for several hours until his mother showed up at police headquarters Wednesday afternoon after seeing pictures of her baby on television news. Strange News

This is very interesting. If the grandmother thought she was dropping the child off at the wrong address, what was she doing with the child in the first place? If that was me, I would have atleast checked the address or varified if it really was a day care. Very irisponsible there of the grandmother.
Umm so she just leaves the baby there. The lady she left it with didint even stop her when she was trying to leave the baby there. She could at least call her back and ask her why are you leaving the baby here. There was way more things that the lady could have dont to make sure that it was the right place. If someone came by my house and left a baby I would of give it back and ask her what she is doing.
Perhaps she's just got bad memory? What she thought was right turned out to be wrong. Slightly comical, but then again a serious situation. I was probably dropped off at the wrong address at birth. Ah yes, now everything makes sense.
Do I smell a case of Alzeimers in the air?
I believe the grandma must be in a hurry.

If I made such mistake and lost my baby, my husband probably would kill me. Crying or Very sad
Good Grief!!

I hadn't heard of this one until I read it here.

Makes me wonder what on earth was in their heads. I mean who doesn't make sure that whoever is taking care fo their child knows where they are supposed to take it.

Did the grandmother know nothing? I mean thats a huge mistake to make and no one in their right mind would accept a baby at the front door like a parcel delivery!!

I am amazed...totally amazed.
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