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Image visualization issue

Da Rossa
Hi, could you help me in this? I'd like to view multiple images simultaneously, as show in picture below. I've heard that Photoshop CS2 can do that, then I instaled it here but I can't find the resource that does it.

It is the visualization of multiple side-by-side images, without having to open one by one and position it one by the other. I would be very tiring. Is there any way to load multiple image files in a directory to view the photos like in the following?

So, you basically want a strip? I dont know exactly what you are using this for, so I can't give you a good answer, but I know Game Maker can do this. I know it isn't meant to be used as an image editing program, but as long as you don't mind exporting as Bitmap only, it works....

Download Game Maker

Edit: You have to use the sprite editor and put all pictures as a frame, and then use File > Save as Strip (or ctrl+T)...but it doesn't tile them vertically. It can only make a horizontal strip. There is a bit of manual work involved here. I don't know what else you could use...sorry.

Edit 2: Yes Photoshop can do an excellent job. Use batch processing. Doh, dunno why I didn't think of that before.
Da Rossa
Hehe actually someone advised me to instal the heavy photoshop cs2 to do it... and I istalled... so I wouldn't like to install any other apps... but in PS CS2, how do I do it? I looked for the function but.. Sad
Go here:
It's a very good tutorial and it's what I used to learn how to do it.

Batch processing can do almost anything. You just need to devise a way to record what you want done. I'm not sure exactly how you would have the program figure out how to position the images.

Edit: I have found another tutorial through Good-Tutorials' RSS Feed. I haven't looked at it, but it might be of some use. Here's the link:
Da Rossa
I got it.

However, the job I'd like to get done is kinda easy; after all I don't want to modify anything in the images. Just VIEW them. The wanted function would only display them, a chosen number, maybe 12 or 16, to be shown in a same screen. Therefore I still don't believe that the batch processing function in PS would do it.
But I'll verify, thanks Shake!
May I ask exactly what you plan on doing with these images?
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